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The Final Countdown Part IV

Posted on Tuesday, 5th of August, 2014 @ 5:35pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Forbidden Forest
Timeline: Tri-Wizard Tournament 3rd Challenge

Lindsay grabbed the nearest vine and began to follow Barney's example.

Half way across she dropped her shoe. A pale, thin hand reached up and grabbed it, pulling it under the water. "Hey, that's mine!" she yelled. If that was what she thought it was, she didn't want to call for her shoe in case something else came along with it. So she let her other shoe drop into the water as well before dropping to the other side. Someone would pay for those shoes. They'd cost her a pretty penny. Well, they'd cost SOMEONE a pretty penny. She couldn't quite remember the boy's name, though. Oh well. She'd get a new pair soon enough.

She turned and started to run down the path, then stopped. This was not going to work. With a muttered oath, Lindsay spelled herself a pair of running shoes and quickly put them on.

Following along the same line of vines that Lindsey used' Jacen swung his way across, landing on the other side with a thud, he quickly chased after Lindsay, almost certain she'd get into trouble.

Jennifer carefully swung through the trees, her passes from vine to vine not as graceful as she would have liked, but it was a trick she'd yet to master. Still, she finally made it to the other side an began to run down the path after the others.

Barny caught Jennifer, and then Reg, helping them to land safely. By the time they were situated, Lindsay and Jacen were well past them on the trail.

Jennifer didn't care so much that they were behind. She was glad that the three of them were doing this together.

Barny wondered where the other one of the Salem people were. He hadn't seen them at all since the start.

There was a loud SPLASH in answer to Barny's query. The third Salem champion fell into the water and was quickly drug under the water.

Jennifer turned away from the water. "Come on, guys," she said, jogging down the path.

After running for a while, Jacen caught up with Lindsey, "damn that sash of yours, you look like you've just apparated in"

"Good," Lindsay said, preening a little. "I want to look good when I win the tournament."

She turned and ran ahead, leaving Jacen behind. The only way she was going to win this thing was alone.

Jennifer caught up to Jacen and slowed. "Hi," she said, pausing to catch her breath.

Jacen shook his head, "I don't know why I put up with that girl" he said, turning to Jennifer, "you're lucky your team are friends"

"I am," she admitted, smiling at Barny and Reg.

"Family, or family to be at least. The ties that bind and gag." Barney said with a chuckle. "The other guy is like uncle fester, but my cousin likes him. There's no accounting for taste or lack thereof."

Up ahead there was a loud scream followed by an explosion, then a string of epithets.

Jennifer sped up, coming around the corner in time to see Lindsay disappearing into the woods, draped over the back of a very angry-lookign Centaur.

"Help me, you stupid girl!" she shouted to Jennifer. "This ogre wants to have his way with me!" The Centaur just snorted in derision. "What do you mean, no? I happen to be a beautiful girl. Any boy would be proud to have me as his girlfriend and all you can do is snort! Let go of me! You don't deserve me!"

Jennifer pulled out her wand to help, even though she half wanted to leave Lindsay to her fate, but it was too late. Both girl and Centaur were gone. There was another ear-piercing scream, and then silence.

Jennifer turned to Jacen. "You'd better stick with us, it's safer."

Unsure what to do, Jacen looked between Jennifer and the direction Lindsey had just been taken, "I'd love to, but I think I should go rescue the cheerleader before she gets herself killed by saying something she shouldn't. I would appreciate some help, but I know Price wont let you do something dangerous"

Barny's shoulders slumped, "No, she'll go whether Reg lets her of not... And so will I, no matter how much of a... witch she is." Barney took off after the errant duo.

Jennifer looked to Jacen. She really disliked Lindsay, but she also couldn't leave her to the Centaurs. She didn't dare look at Reg. "Come on."

There was another loud scream, followed by a loud thud. Jennifer didn't wait for the others, but headed off into the woods after the sound.

She didn't have to go far. In a clearing was a very angry Lindsay, dumped in the middle of a prickly thorn bush. Jennifer couldn't help but chuckle.

"Don't just stand there," Lindsay bellowed, "Get me out of here!"

Running past Jennifer, Jacen jumped out into the clearing landing in a crouched position. Slowly standing, he readied his wand while keeping an eye on what centaurs he could see, "release the witch....please" he said, watching for the slightest provocative move

Barney watched, wand at the ready, he pitied the Centaur, who was simply dealing with a really rude intruder. "Careful, It's his territory, we should just apologize and tell him we will take her with us so she's out of his hair."

That had been Jennifer's plan. She turned to the Centaur. "You heard him. We're here as part of the tournament. IF she's allowed to complete this last challenge, she'll go back to Salem and never return to Britain again." She glanced over at Lindsay and grinned. "Or you could keep her and wait for all her relaties to come looking for her. I really don't think you want two dozen humans just like her running around, do you?"

"That's the best you can do? These cretin want to rape and murder me -- or worse -- and all YOU can do is threaten them with my FAMILY? Cast a spell or something! Turn them into pudding or something equally vile." She uttered a few colorful metaphors, then added, "Or don't you know how to do any real magic?"

Jennifer was temped to walk off and leave her at that point, but she really didn't want Lindsay causing any further trouble by making the Headmaster come to her rescue, so she simply smiled at the Centaur. "See my point?"

(To be continued...)

Lindsay Penny
Salem Champion

Jacen Targaryen
Salem Champion

Lindsay Collins
Hogwarts Champion

Barny Collins
Hogwarts Champion


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