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The final countdown Part I

Posted on Monday, 26th of May, 2014 @ 8:13am by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Edge of Forbidden Forest
Timeline: Tri-Wizard Tournament 3rd Challenge


The champions took full advantage of the time they had to warm up and stretch out before the challenge officially began.

Lindsay stepped behind a bush and changed out of her pristine dress into an equally pristine pair of snug-fitting pants and t-shirt in Salem brown and gold. She pulled her hair off of her face with a headband and then slipped on a pair of running shoes as if she already knew what to expect.

She walked over to Reg and gave him a slow, passionate kiss. "For luck, lover," she whispered.

Jennifer didn't even raise her wand as she silently cast a trip spell, causing the Salem girl to fall into a pile of leaves.

Barny was stretching as well, deep knee bends and stretches. He wasn't sure how Jen and Reg would do. Jen wasn't carrying as much muscle as Reg, but Barney worried that outside of quidditch, Reg hadn't done much exercise to begin with, and since they weren't playing quidditch this year, that Reg might have gotten a little soft. Jen he could carry if needed, but Reg, not so much.

Lindsay got up and dusted herself off, pleased that her magical sash kept her clothes pristine. She would get that Collins girl. Or, better yet, she would get Reg, and then she would get the girl. What better revenge than to seduce the bookworm's boyfriend?

She glanced over to Reg, who fortunately hadn't noticed her disgraceful fall, and then began to stretch out for the challenge.

Reg stood in silence for a moment. This was like any other challenge to him, and he would treat it as such. First he had to get himself into the same state of mind he would use when he was about enter a Quidditch game. He looked forward at the forest and began repeating to himself softly, over and over again. "This is yours. They can't touch you, Price. You got this. Take no prisoners. Take.. no... prisoners." He finally took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, as he began to slowly stretch. He hadn't been playing any Quidditch as of late, mainly because his team no longer wanted him, so it had been a while since he stretched. However, it was just like riding a broom. Once you've been on one, the skill is there till your in your grays.

Rasputin slithered with Tribble to the front of the stands. The energetic Boa had found a way to roll himself in the school colors. It didn't look very flattering, but by the look of him, it was safe to know what he was going for. He coiled up slightly and raised his head, balancing the furry ball onto top of him. "Do you sssee them, Fuzz? Do you sssee them?"

Tribble let out a joyful squeal, bouncing slightly, then stopping when she realized she might lose her balance. She was pleased to see Jen had made it this far.

"Alright!! Go Reg! Go Jen! Go... umm... really weird looking cousssin of Jen!" Rasputin let out a yell, that would only come out as a series of hisses. "You three can do it. Make Hogwartsss proud! Your number one! Your number one! Your number-" The snake and Pigmy Puff suddenly found themselves being lifted from their position. "Run for your life, Fuzz Ball! They found usss! Quick... Essscape pattern Gamma!" Tribble let out a screech in response. "What do you mean you forgot what that one wasss! What kind of a navigator are you! That'sss it. If we don't die, your fired!"

Rasputin and Tribble, soon found themselves face to face with Reginald's mothers. She gave them a wicked smile proceeded to walk with them to the private VIP boxes.

The Boa suddenly went into a panic. "Oh no, Fuzzy. It'sss Ssshe-Who-Isss-Alwaysss-To-Blame! Run for your furry, insssignificant life! I'll protect you with my tail whip attack." Rasputin's tail only moved so much and didn't seem to have much momentum behind it. "Dammit. Why did I have to have that last over sized rat before coming down. Damn you and your tastinessss!"

"Hello, Rasputin." Veronica said with a wicked smile as she finally reached the booth and sat down in her chair. "It seem's you found yourself a friend. Or is it a tasty treat?"

"Tribble isss not a tasssty treat! Ssshe isss my friend and you better put her down or I am going to bit your nossse off!" Rasputin hissed back, even though the words fell on deaf ears. Tribble let out a squeal as the snake replied. "I know ssshe can't underssstand me, but it makesss me feel better!"

Artimus, finally looked over to Veronica, having heard the hissing and slight commotion. "Veronica, Dear? Did you find something to play with?"

"Yes, my love. I seem's I ran into our son's pet and its next meal." Veronica replied unimpressed as she looked over to Artimus.

"That hideous reptile is still alive?" Reginald's father spoke with a slight scoff as he leaned back in his chair, looking over to Reginald and the other contestants.

Veronica looked back to Rasputin and let out a bit of a laugh. She then placed both Tribble and the snake in her lap and faced the contestants with her husband, but Rasputin made it difficult for her. Constantly squirming and making it difficult for her ro keep him in position. Finally she let out a sigh and said, "Artimus, if you please."

Artimus smirked devilishly as he snapped his fingers and his three white raven's flew down and landed on the rail in front of her. They each looked at Rasputin and let out a soft and menacing squawk, which caused the snake to stop moving.

Rasputin looked nervously forward, almost like he was paralyzed and spoke slowly and softly. "Don't move, Fuzzy. If we don't move, maybe they will fly away." Tribble then let out a squeak, shaking slightly. "No... sssudden.. movementsss. Play possssum... uhh.. Pygmy. Jussst. Don't. Move."

Tribble let out a high-pitched squeal. It was loud, long and ear-piercing. The ravens, not pleased with the noise, flew away.

Veronica put her hands over her ears, which gave Tribble the perfect opportunity to roll onto the ground and under the robes of one of the witches. She whistled for Rasputin to follow her, hoping the snake would understand what she meant.

[To be Continued]


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