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The Final Countdown II

Posted on Tuesday, 22nd of July, 2014 @ 6:40pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Forbidden Forest
Timeline: Tri-Wizard Tournament 3rd Challenge

Veronica put her hands over her ears, which gave Tribble the perfect opportunity to roll onto the ground and under the robes of one of the witches. She whistled for Rasputin to follow her, hoping the snake would understand what she meant.

[Continued, back at the Forest]
At a nod from Heartseed, Maggie walked to the center of the path into the forest. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that, although you've been allowed to enter the forest, you must not divert from the marked path. The creatures of the forest have agreed to leave you along as long as you stay on the path. We do not wish to write your families and tell them you died because you were foolish." She paused to look at each one in turn. "As throughout this competition, you will be awarded points based on your timely completion of the task, your sportsmanship and your fair play. Cheating will not be tolerated." At this, she looked meaningfully at Lindsay when she said this. "First champion to complete the course without penalties will get 500 points. The second, 300, the third, 200. Points will be awarded -- and deducted -- as necessary. Champions, on your mark, get ready, go."

Barney took off, his longish legs striding easily over the uneven terrain. He set a moderate pace for himself, but his self-set training regimen had him edging into the lead.

Jennifer wasn't far behind. Barny's pace wasn't too fast and she was quite happy letting him take the lead.

Lindsay chose to keep pace with Reg. Or, rather, just ahead of Reg so he could watch her as she ran. She let her hair fly over her shoulder as she was told it made her look better as it bounced across her back and drew attention to her backside.

Maurelle's face was stricken by a sinister smile as she oversaw the teams race towards their goal. Little did the unsuspecting students know Maurelle had paid a visit to their destination tainting the fountain containing the port key to the finish line. A simple portus charm had transformed the water into another port key which when touched would transport those who touched it to a place far from their destination.

I hear Bolivia is nice this time of year.


Jennifer fell back to third place behind Barny and Lindsay. At this stage of the race, she was fine with that. It allowed her to watch them and see what happened and how they dealt with it.

She heard Reg not far behind, but didn't dare turn her head to see how he was doing.

After a few turns, she saw what looked like a large set of monkey bars.

Barney looked around for where the trouble might be, he had a little time till the rest of the Hogwarts people caught up and this was a team competition. He couldn't see anything through the low trees over the monkey bars.

Lindsay didn't wait. She climbed the metal ladder and began to swing her way across the metal bars, using her body's momentum to help her move faster.

Half way across, a monkey dropped down from the trees and hit her hand with a coconut. "Ow, you cretin!" she yelled at the monkey, letting her hand slip off the bar so she could scramble for her wand.

Just as she reached it, the monkey bit her other hand and she let go with a cry, dropping to the leafy ground. She looked around frantically for a way back up, deciding on a nearby tree. What she didn't notice was that she'd dropped her wand in the fall and it still lay half buried in the leaves.

Jennifer heard the cry as she reached Barny. "Poor Lindsay," she said, not the slightest bit sincere in her comment.

Reg saw Lindsay, since she took the liberty of keep a pace ahead of him. What Lindsay didn't realize was this was more help to Reg than it was discomforting. Since her pace was just far enough for him to see her than he could take advantage of knowing what was coming up and reacting quickly since he had advanced knowledge by her reaction. With that in mind, he took out his wand and held it out in front of him.

"Expecto Patronum!" The snake formed at the end of his wand, flying just a bit ahead of him. Reg directed it above the bars and timed it just right so it would be above him as he crossed the bars. The plan was to have the Patronum slither its way above the bars and protect him from the falling coconuts and monkeys so he could make it safely across.

It worked just as planned. The King Cobra Patronum slithered just above the bar as Reg crawled under it. The monkeys threw the coconuts and, as planned, the translucent king cobra took the variety of the hits, allowing Reg safe passage through. With a laugh, he leaped off the last bar and made a run for it when he hit the ground, picking up some slight speed. As he ran passed Lindsay, he yelled out "Thank's Princess. I owe you."

"So why aren't you doing anything about it?" Lindsay muttered. It was easier at this point to simply head to the end of the monkey bars and climb up. She reached for her wand to use a spell to make everyone think she'd completed the challenge, but her wand was missing. "Accio wand," she said, barely a whisper. Her wand flew to her hand and she grinned. It would take more than a droped wand to stop her from winning this competition. She cast a spell to make everyone think she'd completed the challenge and then dropped to the ground, sprinting to catch up with Reg.

Jennifer watched the antics. Then she created a large pile of fruits, nuts and other monkey delicacies and waited just long enough for the monkeys to notice the feast. Then she, herself, hurried across the bars.
[To Be Continued]


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