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Final Challenge Saturday Part 3

Posted on Tuesday, 5th of August, 2014 @ 6:18pm by Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Madam Margarita Lopez & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Lotus Blossom
Edited on on Tuesday, 4th of November, 2014 @ 3:17am

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: During 3rd Challenge

Peeves poked his head out of the wall and blew her a raspberry and disappeared again, but there were no more shenanigans.

She wanted to leave the boy to the Professor, but she was a nurse. "I'll take the boy with me. He needs some blankets and a slow fire."

She flicked her wand again and James rose up and hovered in the air. "Come along, young man. Let's get you warmed up."

She turned and headed out the doors, the frozen boy floating behind.

Edward sighed, the mess was gone, but the students were scattered about, the food was mostly a mish-mash of mixed up items. That fairy was a menace, and he was going to have something special lined up next time...

The larger one had taken a dislike to that little Boy and put him in ice. Lotus Blossom had to take more care, she was using the various trays and pitchers to giver her some cover as she moved. No reason top be turned into an Ice Sculpture. She had managed to use most of the chaos to get very close to her target, the prize for the risk she was taking.

Those elves were not very kind in the Kitchen, she had not been caught in a bad position as yet and when the threat of being magically attacked makes her stealth much more important. She had just a few more steps, for one of her size on 9 inches it was easy to mingle into the background.

It was in a small server thing, several of them wrapped in a silver covering in a neat red mesh bag with a funny tie string around it, one of a few so she thought she might get away with taking it, it was on the table for consumption. SHe quietly slung the bag over her shoulder and with a low flying course moved under the chairs neatly in a row.

She did not want that crazy being with the ice magic to catch her.

Percival noticed the thing running stealthily under the chairs. He tore itself away from his stolen prize, a whole turkey wing that had been dumped off the table during the food eruption. Oh, if he'd only been able to haul away that nacho sauce, but it was too gooey, he'd had to have been happy with lapping up what he could, well that and the chunks of burger and the hot dog that someone had slipped him earlier... and the bits of snack cheese and... Well it was quite a haul today. He sprung forward in chase of the fairy, turkey leg firmly in mouth and no honest idea of what he'd do if he caught her.

"Oh No." Lotus Blossom said as she flew faster, all she wanted was this delicious bag of treats, she had not done anything and here was a creature following her with Turkey leg in it's mouth, well at least it was not a faire. "Come on..." She motioned. "if they catch us we will be in trouble." She urged and pointed to the crack of the doors. "That way if we hurry?"

She had an idea, too bad it would not let her ride on it's back, that would be less strain getting her 'treats' away and who would dare stop something like Percival? Besides his movements would be a good distraction while Lotus Blossom used it to fly at low level out of the great hall.

Fiona crawled out from under the table and used her wand to clean herself off. Stupid little gnome. She was pleased to see that most of the Great Hall was now clean, so she took her seat to see how Barny was doing.

The trick that girl used was amazing; that a 'Growing Stages One' could have such a useful type of magic to vanquish the dirty things was amazing. Lotus Blossom flew up to hover right in front of Fiona's face. She wore a bright smile as Lotus Blossom was impressed and it was easy to discern that message to Fiona. With a sweeping motion Lotus Blossom gestured to the clothing and then a snap to express the magic, then she clapped to show the message of genuine respect for her magic.

In clapping Lotus Blossom dropped the bag of treats, she dove slightly to catch it again and hovered near the girl's face and with a friendly salute darted away to use the chairs as cover again.

Fiona laughed merrily at the fairy and clapped back. She was amazed at how well the small creature communicated. She watched Lotus Blossom for a moment, then turned back to the globe to watch Barny.

Now where is that cat?

Percival reached up with a paw, attempting to bonk Lotus Blossom out of the air.

Lotus Blossom was hit like an anchor and stopped from forward motion, she had no pain in her wings yet she could not keep her course as she had been snagged, a feeling she had experianced and did not like. The cat got her, she used what strength she could muster and pushed herself forward... The bag of chocolates ripped open andf all the chocolate ships went all over the dirty floor, she had lost her treasure.

Her bottom lip trembled as the tears welled up in her eyes. "BAD KITTY..." She scolded before darting off leaving little faire tears while vanishing through the doors. She took an upward flight to a lofty position before curling up iand she did not want to cry but she lost her treats, why did that stupid have to be so mean?"

The worst part was her knowing that Tiger Lily was lauighing at her despair.

Percival snorted and sniffed at the wrapped things, they smelled disgusting. Then he stared up where the flying thing had gone. He wished he could fly. He'd have to talk to his mistress about it, maybe she could do something for it.



Margarita Lopez

Professor Edward Asquared

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Fiona MacLeod
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