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Final Challenge Saturday Part 2

Posted on Sunday, 27th of July, 2014 @ 12:48pm by Professor Edward Asquared & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Madam Margarita Lopez & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Evil Minion Clearance $9.99 & Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Lotus Blossom

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: During 3rd Challenge

"Oops..." Tiger Lily did a mock 'surprise and embarrassment' before she took flight, not caring what the bowl hitting the globe and onto a table shattering the wooden thing. "Too bad I could not get Peeves to bring a bag of chips..." She jumped up and took flight as even a dense child would realize to look up. "Go outside and play or something!" She made a straight line flight out of the Great Hall.

"Chips?" Peeves said, flying past Tiger Lily. "I got chips." He came back with a bowl of freshly-cooked chips and dumped them over the mess.

Keesha grabbed her books and ran for the entrance. "Not again!" she cried, intent on not becoming a target.

Fiona dove under the table to wait out the fray. It wouldn't be long before one of the professors intervened and she could go back to watching Barny compete.

A small Garden Gnome popped up next to Fiona, under the table. "YER MOMMA IS SO MUGGLE, SHE BROUGHT MAPLE SYRUP TO A QUIDDICH MATCH BECAUSE SHE HEARD THERE'D BE QUAFFLES." A high pitched voice said from it. Promptly, a bottle of syrup exploded above her head. It disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.

Fiona let out a squeal. If she ever saw that gnome again, she was going to give it a healthy dose of moldy fungus.

There was a lot of strange noises from the gather place of the cute children, Lotus Blossom peeked into the hall as there was a sludge dripping from the roof; well a globe covered in nasty smelling stuff. Lotus blossom sneezed as something filled her nose and it was not 'Pixie Dust' so she shook her head and using her hands tried to wave the strange and fowl dust from her. The sprinkles were also getting on her white dress, she let her lower lip pucker as she was becoming a mess and she did not like it. She then caught a smell she could not resist. She started to move along the edges as the kinds moving about would cover her approach.

Now it was nothing much in the scheme of things, he was just going to the Great hall with the girl he met the other day, she had her book back and when he saw her in Herbology Class the subject the champions thing was being shown in the great hall. Maxwell had thought of a good game of Golf, well driving a bunch of Golf Balls into the forest to practice his drives but then Kairi had suggested they go together.

Kairi came almost flying down the stairs. She had been left behind again, at least she would be meeting the little 'Red Robin' before she would head into the Great hall. She half slid down the banister rail and dropped to the floor at a half run. She stopped a few steps away to smooth out her robes and walked on over waving.

It was a school wide thing; so not like they were actually doing anything special, the guys had razzed him about having a 'date' but then he was young and nothing he had read in books defined this as a date. It was an open gathering and he was just walking there with her and maybe sit at same table to yell over the crowd to one another.

Definitely not a date.

"All ready to go?" Kairi said cheerfully. "Time to go and cheer on the school, competition after all..."

Robin opened the door for Kairi and the whole turbulence of noise hit like a wall, he looked in and instinctively pushed her back a bit.

"That does not look good." Robin warned.

"Not another food fight!" Kairi groaned. "hang on, I know a good place outside. Nice and quiet." She grabbed Robin by the arm and dragged him out the front door and off towards the lake.

"I-I thought we were going to watch the competition, y-you know food fights don't last long?" He was resisting but not at the same time.

"In there? That mess will take forever to clean up! Far better out here..." She took in a breath of the fresh air. "Besides it was getting stuffy in there."

Professor Asquared's face was getting redder by the second. His usually immaculate italian suit was plastered with guacamole, maple syrup and "Ahcoo!" Pepper. He brandished his wand taking aim on the fairy that had been working with Peeves and a ball of white gas streaked towards her, but unfortunately hit the one student, James, who froze solid where he was like a living statue. He took aim again and...

Peeves dropped an entire bowl of salted chips on top of hte Professor, cackling gleefully as he disappeared through the wall.

Margarita put a hand on his arm. "Professor, your blood pressure. Besides, you can't go attacking students -- not during the final challenge, anyway. I think you should clean up the mess so that we can get back to watching the tournament."

Edward looked at her, "I was aiming at that fairy... or Peeves." He forced himself calm, "The boy should be ok once he defrosts... He pointed his wand at the globe with a swagger and the debris came off it as if it had been water, showering down on the students, "Oops..."

Margarita sighed and pulled out her own wand. With a flick of her wrist the goop disappeared. Another flick and the rest of the food was gone. "You should know better than to spell a ghost." She raised her voice so she could be clearly heard. "Peeves, enough for today or you'll be doing bedpan duty for a week."

Peeves poked his head out of the wall and blew her a raspberry and disappeared again, but there were no more shenanigans.

[To be continued]


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