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The Final Countdown Part III

Posted on Sunday, 27th of July, 2014 @ 1:25pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Forbidden Forest
Timeline: Tri-Wizard Tournament 3rd Challenge

Jennifer watched the antics. Then she created a large pile of fruits, nuts and other monkey delicacies and waited just long enough for the monkeys to notice the feast. Then she, herself, hurried across the bars.

Barney took the monkeybars by running over the top instead of swinging under them, although he was carrying 3 passengers by the time he jumped off the end of the bars. The chittered angrily at him and ran back to the bars and trees.

Reg was surprised he was in the lead. A slight smile formed on his face as he looked behind him for a split second to take count of where everyone else was. He could see Lindsay struggling to catch up and Jennifer with Barney slightly behind her. As he turned his head forward he wondered what was next. The Patronus saved his butt for the moment, however that was only because he knew it what was coming and had time to think. Now that he was in the lead, he had no time to prepare or plan. Good news, whatever happened to him would give Barney and Jennifer some fair warning. At least he was able to help them in return.

Jennifer paced herself. The last challenge made her extremely wary of what was to come, so she was happy to stay behind Reg and Lindsay. It also gave her a good chance to keep an eye on the other girl. Jen trusted her less than she trusted the traps she knew would be ahead.

As she rounded a bend in the forest, a large stone wall, reminiscent of an ancient castle wall, blocked the path ahead. "Challenge two," she thought to herself. She slowed her pace and carefully noted the surface of the wall and the surrounding area. There was a faint sheen on teh wall about half way up. Whatever it was, she was sure she didn't want to pass through it. So she began to look for a way around.

The trees were thick, as was the underbrush. There would be no passage that way. Thick vines hung from the trees, making Jennifer wonder if they, too, were part of the trap. What would happen if you used them to climb the wall? What would happen if you cast a spell and levitated yourself to the top? She ran through all the possibilities as she approached the others.

Barney caught up and continued to the wall, but hung back a little, perfectly happy to let Lindsay go first, though he wondered what had happened to her team mates. Letting her go first didn't matter if the rest of her team didn't finish.

"Cowards," Lindsay chortled as she passed the Hogwarts champions.

Jennifer wasn't going to let her win, but she also wasn't going to climb the wall, sure there was something wrong with it. So she grabbed a vine and began to climb it instead of the wall. She'd climbed ropes as a child, but it had been a while and it took her a few feet to get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, Lindsay cried out, "Eww! Troll bogeys!" She rubbed her hand against her shorts, pleased that the slime magically slid off and fell to the ground. "That's just too gross for words!" she called to whomever might be listening and continued to climb, being extra careful to not stick her hand into a thick patch of slime.

This gave Jen a chance to catch up.

Then, Lindsay put her hand on a dry patch of wall and froze. For several seconds she pulled at her hand, but it didn't move. Now she wished she hadn't complained quite so much about the Troll bogeys.

Barney took another rope, and began worming his way up the rope, looking out for more monkeys or anything else that could get in the way or attack.

Standing at the bottom of the wall, Jacen watched the others climb, more to the point, he watched how they were climbing. The vines seemed to be the best option, but nohing in thesr challenges had been this straight forward. Pulling out his wand, he pointed it at a point about halfway up the wall, "asendio" he said before being lauched from the ground up.into the air. As his momentum began to slow, Jacen reached out and grabbed one of the vines.

Lindsay reached into her pocket for her wand, but it wasn't there. She felt her pockets with increasing panic. Where was her wand? She couldn't lose it now, not when she needed it most. "Accio wand," she yelled. The force of the spell caused the wand to shoot out of the leaves and race straight towards her, hitting her in the head. "Ow, you stupid wand!" She reached for it and barely caught the tip. A quick spell and her hand was free. She heard Jacen and used the same spell to get to the top of the wall. "Ha!" she shouted, pleased that she was at the top.

On the other side a pond large enough to swim across covered the path. Lindsay paused to consider her options. There had to be something wrong with that pond. This time, she was going to let someone else go first.

Shaking his head at Lindsey, Jacen finished his climb and saw what was beyond, "and you thought troll snot was the worst part" he said as he began to think about ways to get across this new obstacle. Ice? No that's too predictable. levitation? No, that would leave someone behind.... he thought to himself.

Barney looked down at the pond, which appeared quite deep, there, did something just move under the water? He looked ahead and saw more vines and started swinging...

Lindsay grabbed the nearest vine and began to follow Barney's example.

[To be Continued...]


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