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Wind under our wings?

Posted on Monday, 22nd of December, 2014 @ 11:43pm by Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Lotus Blossom

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Garden area.
Timeline: Prior to 'Crying Lady'


Lotus Blossom was bored, the 'In Growing Stages Ones' were all migrating as usual in groups, she wanted to be more sactive but the Elves had put shutters to keep her from the kitchen; rather mean of them actually, so she had to be content with the berries. Sweet as they are nothing compares to that chocolate thing.

She was not in a mood for acorns or any of those low hanging veggies that she could have partook of, she sighed as she had no one to play with or anywhere to really go.

Then she saw the Bird, a Kingfisher, a very pretty bird that was out for a flight. It was a small bound to take flight she came out of the trees to have a type of intercept course; birds are fun as they can play in the air.

"Tag you're it..." Lotus Blossom said as she 'brushed/pet' the bird and continued flying in a playful way. "You do know how to play tag right?" She stopped to hover for a second.

Maya was out, stretching his legs and wings while Kairi was off at one of her 'class' things. Suddenly he saw the little pixie come up, pet him and ask about playing tag.

"Most birds know how to play tag..." he warbled. "just never played it with one with butterfly wings, like you." Maya was sometimes a bit simple in the language department but got the point across. He had to be with Kairi. Maya did a spin and tickled the pixie with his wing tip feathers. "It be you" he warbled before diving for the grand oaks near the lake.

"They are fast wings..." Lotus said with glee as she chased her playmate.

The one thing she learned is arms close to her petite body to cut down the drag; she needed a bit of speed if she wanted to get this bird while in it's element? The thing was to gain a little more altitude; the best resource in any game of flight, she would get slightly above him and then she could figure how to dart about.

The trees would give him some cover but he would fly near the lake, to be confined is not the nature of a bird, it might hide a bit but the open is where a bird is most comfortable.

She did a half roll to get the position for the swoop; diving in a sloping angle to touch the back of the Bird and an almost 'Snap Roll to gain some speed and distance towards the trees, she was at home in either place.

"Your Turn Birdie, see if you can catch Lotus Blossom..." She squeaked.

Maya went sky high and rolled in a dive, spotting the little pixie and moving with some speed too. Maya increased the dive and came over the top of the pixie. The bird did a barrel roll tagging the little pixie in the process and shooting off ahead, banking a little to his left.

"Tag..." Maya warbled. "Try and catch me this time."

No Pixie could match the speed of a bird; the fact she had arms and legs out of proportion for effective flight. She would have to think her way; the way to best find a bird was to get above the as that is where Lotus Blossom could manage the extra speed needed to catch the bird.

The flight was seeming to leave her in the dust yet Lotus needed to dive towards the ground to get the speed she wanted to surprise the Bird. She gained speed and seemed to miss the tail feathers of Maya, she used this extra speed to arc a bit under the bird.

"TAG!" Lotus Blossom reached ahead of her to touch the bird.

Pixies are not as fast as birds they are also not able to slow down like a bird. The speed of the dive had thrown her past her point of control, she hoped the little bird might forgive her for being a little overzealous?

"Ow.." The bird warbled. "You all right" He asked of his playmate.

"Need to work on my turns I think." Lotus blossom laughed. "Not quite as agile as a bird I guess."

A high scream echoed out of the Hufflepuff girls dorm. Maya went into a dive, doing his best to catch the pixie and take her along for the ride. "Kairi!" He sang ahead. "Something's wrong!"

"Hey..." Lotus Blossom was caught by the shoulders and suddenly not in control of where she was going. "Hey I -I didn't do anything I found the Chocolate sitting in a common area, I swear!"

Maya dived to the open bank window of the basement Hufflepuff common room and dorms. There was Kairi and not looking very happy at all!

"AAAh! Somebody put my colour change ink all through my brush!" Kairi's usual dark brown hair had a multitude of different coloured streaks through it from the ink in the brush. "How can I go to class looking like this?!"

Maya popped up onto the window sill with a very soft warble, dropping the little pixie off beside him. "This is not good, Kairi is nice, who would do that to her?" He warbled softly. "She has always looked after me."

"I-I believe you..." Lotus Blossom said as she used her wings more as a helpful guidance to the window sill.

Lotus slipped outside to partly hide herself from the 'Growing this Kairi person thing. She was yelling like the House Elves and that always meant trouble for Lotus Blossom.

"I'm scared..." Lotus Blossom hovered just outside the window.

"Don't be. Kairi is never mad for long. She's just very upset, her being here to her is what the people call 'lucky' sometimes she thinks that will run out. She feels like she is not all that special. 'I'm not really like the others'. She talks to me because so many of the others won't. At least with her stone we understand each other." Maya sang.

Kairi burst into tears and flopped onto the bed. "I don't know any spells to make this go away!" she cried into her pillow. "I look like a Rainbow mess, the others will laugh at me for sure! If any of the Slytherins see this....I'm practically dead! What do I do?! This will take forever to wash out!" Kairi sobbed into her pillow, with all of her spell books by her side and none of them were any help.

"She's so sad." Maya warbled quietly. "Maybe if I sang for her she might cheer up?"

Lotus Blossom peered over the Window sill, the poor girl in growing was sad, she had an ugly mess in her hair, this was not going to make the Bird happy. It sang a sweet tune and Lotus hovered out of sight. The House Elves had thrown things to wards Lotus with a word 'Shoo' that had to mean get out, so Lotus was not about to let herself be seen.

Maya took off out the window and circled around starting to sing for Kairi. That was when he noticed the bag that Kairi was always taking the sweet treats from was outside the window. He dived to pick up the string and bring it back into the room.

He perched on the bedside, dropping the bag in front of him with a warble. "Look what I found!" He sang cheerfully. "You still look pretty to me, like other Kingfishers." He warbled trying to cheer her up. Maya rummaged in the bag with his beak and pulled out the chocolate drops and put a couple on Kairi's pillow. "Don't be sad. Others may think your hair is pretty too."

"Thanks for trying, Maya." Kairi said, sniffing. "I'm not in the mood for sweets right at the minute. If only I knew a reversal spell for this. Otherwise I'll be washing this out for the next three weeks!"

Maya shifted the Chocolate behind him. Two of the drops rolled off the bedside and stopped beneath the window sill.



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