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The Final Countdown Part V

Posted on Monday, 25th of August, 2014 @ 7:22pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Various



Jennifer was temped to walk off and leave her at that point, but she really didn't want Lindsay causing any further trouble by making the Headmaster come to her rescue, so she simply smiled at the Centaur. "See my point?"


One of the Centaurs looked at Lindsay, then back to Jennifer. "Take her before we change our minds."

Barney sighed in relief, but still held his wand at the ready, not to use against the centaurs, but against Lindsay, in case she started flapping her gums again.

Bowing his head respectfully, Jacen quickly walked forward and cut a hole in the thorns, "shut up, keep quiet, and follow me" he said to Lindsey before turning and heading back towards the others.

Lindsay was about to give him a piece of her mind, but wisely shut up and followed him. It didn't keep her from muttering under her breath about how rude the Centaur had been and how Jacen had done nothing to protect her from him.

Jennifer said nothing. She bowed to the Centaur and followed the other two, trying very hard not to laugh out loud.

Barny nodded to the Centaur, making a peace symbol at him, "Peace out." and then followed Jen out of the thicket.

Lindsay was out of sight by the time Jen got back to the path. She looked at Barny and shrugged. "Well, at least she'll be first to the next challenge. Come on, I want to at least see what she does."

She hurried down the path, careful not to get caught by any branches or trip over any roots.

At last, the path opened onto a small courtyard. Grass grew between the stone slabs while others that had once been to a cottage or some structure, lay in scattered heaps indicating where a building of some sort used to stand. In the center of the courtyard was a fountain, bubbling cheerfully amid the ruin. Balancing on top of the water was a crystal sphere.

Jen looked around carefully, wondering what the nature of this particular challenge was. Her eyes kept drifting back to the sphere. There had to be a reason it was up there.

Lindsay had circled the fountain three times, looking for something to help her get the globe. She'd already tried a number of spells, all to no avail. That meant the globe was important and she had to have it before the others got to it. She glanced at Jen and frowned. That stupid girl again. When this tournament nonsense was over, she'd fix her good.

Reg finally ran into view. "Jen?" He sounded long winded as he came to a stop in front of her. "Give me. A. Second." He ran his hands through his hair and combed his sweaty hair back with his fingers. "Didn't think I would make it passed that one." He let out a laugh, then smiled slightly.

She gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. "I'm glad you made it."

She walked closer to the fountain and signaled to Reg and Barny to come over to the side of the fountain. She had an idea that if the three of them worked together, they could reach the sphere.

Lindsay watched them and realized she had one chance to get the globe before they did. She'd participated in track and field back at Salem and particularly loved the pole vault. So, she looked around for a suitable staff.

Jennifer stood on Reg and Barny's shoulders and carefully reached for the sphere. "Another two inches and I should have it," she told them.

Just then, with a warrior cry of "Li li li li li," she came running into the courtyard, stuck the pole in a crack in the rock and vaulted towards the globe. It didn't need to be pretty, it just needed to get her there first.

However, just as Lindsay touched the water, she, the water and the fountain entire disappeared. A second later, the globe crashed to stone courtyard floor and shattered into pieces.

Jacen arrived just in time to watch Lindsey disappear. Giving an annoyed grunt, he slowly made his way down to the fountain, "a portkey? They're really throwing every trick they can at us arn't they?"

"Looks like it," Jennifer replied, climbing down off Reg and Barny. "But shouldn't it return? I mean, what about the rest of us?" She looked around to see if she could find another portkey. "I can't think why there would be just the one." She picked up a piece of broken glass and looked at it. "Make that two. This was magicked."

"Well, the point is to win isn't it?" Jacen asked, "maybe the champions left behind have to signal to get out"

"Really? The point is to win?!" Reg said quickly, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked around a bit. "Typical American." He said softly as he shook his head a bit.

"Well, the purpose IS to win," Jennifer said quietly. "But we have to do it with sportsmanship and we have to work together."

She finished her second lap and came back to them. "I think now is the time for the four of us to work together. I can't find another portkey. Does this mean we need to find our way back to the castle?"

Jacen shrugged, "maybe, but if the Tournerment was over, wouldn't someone tell the rest of us?"

"The yank has a point, Jen. Until we are told otherwise, we should still continue like it is still going. For all we know this can be something else to throw us off. Lindsay could have easily grabbed a port key that was meant to appear as the one we needed. For all we know, the one to end the Tournament could still be lying around as something we wouldn't expect." Reg paused for a moment and looked around, before looking back to the group. "Since its more important for you all to win, maybe you should start looking."

(To be continued...)

Hogwarts Champions
Barnabus Collins, Gryffindor
Reginald Price, Slytherin
Jennifer Collins, Gryffindor

Salem Champions
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Lindsay Penny


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