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Getting started with the girls

Posted on Thursday, 7th of August, 2014 @ 11:14pm by Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Collins' room


Tiger Lily flew up through the window, the fact it was open did not matter all that much; just made it easier, the fact it was the time that the 'meddling children' had classes meant no one should bother her in this regard. Flittering about she landed on what was a bookshelf, why these strange people had an obsession with books to do magic; Magic is natural and to make it complicated with words and actions just seemed like planting several seeds in the same hole; you get a mess.
Then she saw it, an attractive statue that had flowing hair, the paint of it accented the face and teh dress of a princess like figure.

She pushed it off the shelf. "Oh how sickly cute are these creatures?" Tiger Lily asked herself with a gag.

It hit the ground and the head snapped off, rolling a few inches away.

She walk along the bookshelf glancing at the books, the strange symbols were meant to be significant but it was lost on Tiger Lily. She lowered down to the desk and like a stage and she had to peek at the things the girl found important enough to have on her desk? She moved about looking at things , flipping through the loose paper on the desk and picked up the quill pen with some effort , nearly knocking over the ink, stopping it with her foot from tipping. She put the quill back and decided it was time to change. She had looked here enough.

A small box sat on a table next to the bed. It was made of wood with a pattern inlaid in white stone of some kind. Next to it stood a small clock in a glass case. The gears whirred as they moved the hands of hte clock. The large hand reached the our mark and it began to chime softly.

Tiger Lily moved from the boring desk towards the bed; she noted the 'thing' that stood there, it was making a noise and she plugged her ears and flew away from it. Tiger Lily hovered in the center of the room slowly turning as she pondered where and what she could do at the moment? She had a plan when she came into the place. She moved along the room.

A small ball of fuzz rolled out from under the bed, chirping at the flying creature. The doll breaking woke Tribble from her nap and she watched the fairy with interest.

The thing called a dresser was more of a platform she could venture upon and get a good feeling about what she needed, it was simple and to the point. The small box that had the sparking things in it, she did not like the 'treasure chest' of sorts. Tiger Lily did not like the way things were panning out; this box would not give her what she sought; she needed to know this student diffrently from all the others and Tiger Lily did not want duplicates between the girls.

Tiger Lily came to the mirror on the dresser, it was with the reflector side down. She walk along the handle like a tight rope then along the mirror then off. She tripped over the brush and fell down, she kicked it with all her anger and might... it moved a little. She stood over it and tore at the bristles a bit. Then with some aggitation she flew off towards the window. She had other places to go.

Tribble made a loud, whistling sound as the creature flew towards the window, trying to alert someone to its presence. Sadly, neither Jen nor Rasputin were nearby. When she was sure the creature was gone, the Pygmy Puff went over to her pillow and curled up for another nap.

[Later, Anderson and roommate room]

This time Tiger Lily came into into the room, she had the small satchel with her this time. She flew up to that book case things again, the shelf above a desk. She walk along it looking down at the papers all along the bookcase and up to the funny things that were shiny and showed some odd shaped ball. It was some trophy, this girl had several of them trying to look like shiny cups. They were important to this girl to have collected so many.

She took a deep breathe and a good grip on the stem of it before her wings began to flutter faster as she used all her strength to move it, she had to lean really forward to let the ground pull on it and help nher gain speed to get it out of the windown. She strained as she focused on her target and she could see what was beyond it, she gauged the distance and it was not what she wanted, she strained and gained a few inches and then te base scraped the window sill and then she let go...

"CATCH ground..." She yell, not that these creatures would understand.

She fluttered over to the bed, nothing really here, she pad up to the pillow and pushed to test how soft it is? SHe sat on it and decided it was not all that great. She took flight to the dresser, she was more mindful this time. She walked to the small bottle of the smelly squirty stuff. It was a fun thing that could really throw things into a tizzy, like a person she had seen she moved the bottle and squeezed it like she was trying to squirt something flying at her.

That was enough of that as she walk along the top and being careful not to trip on that reflections device again, but the brush was another story and she stubbed her foot on it. Her temper flaired and she tore at the bristles pulled at it. SHe would get what she needed and then leave; 'No pain , no gain...' they said in the halls. Her foot hurt so she must have gained something.

She fluttered to the opposite dresser; limping a little as she was more careful to step around the brush; she knelt beside it to see how soft the bristles were compared to how soft they looked. She ran her fingers in it and smiled. This is fun when she thought about it.

SHe flew over to the other desk and sat on the cap of the Inkwell and rubbed her foot for a bit. She look at the pen, the quill resembled a billowing feather and grace of the bird, so pretty...

The pen sail out the window.

Tiger Lily felt better now as she had so much fun she had to do something else, she noticed that thing they use to clean and some crazy people used it to fly.

The pen was gone and so why would the girl need ink with no pen? She twist with all her little might to get the cap off. This was lighter than the trophy, she flew between the wall and broom before pouring it in the bristles so it would soak in but not get to the floor. Then she flew to the window and threw it out to break on the ground below to watch it shatter on the ground.

"Time to fly I did what is required." She said as she took flight out.


Tiger Lily
Evil Minion


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