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Trying a Triad of Trouble

Posted on Sunday, 7th of September, 2014 @ 12:45am by Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & First Year (H) Rowan O' Kean & First Year (H) Alantra MacDonald

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning
Location: Hufflepuff dorm


The ladies Dorm was such an easy thing; it is fortunate that Tiger Lily is female and able to pass easily into the rooms. Standing on the doorway she look at the room; three girls would make it so much easier for her.

She flutter into the room and to the first bed, this one had a slightly more familiar scent; she had smelt it before at some point fro close range. This emall perch for a bird. Tiger landed on it for balance while she look around. Much more of a simple room than the others, it would seem the newer beings had little and as they aged more room and fewer people in each came with advancing.

Tiger did not really care as she started to lower her feet to the nightstand; easy enough with her wings. She walk along the top; the small smelly bottle was there in a pretty bottle. One squirt and Tiger shook her head at the strong flowery scent. Her grimace expression showed her disgust at the vain attempt at creating natures scent to hide the stench of these creatures in Growing Stages.

She tripped over that thing with bristles; she kicked it, but softer as last time it hurt. She ran her hand along the bristle and they were soft as her hand came up with the shed hair in her hands. Another grimace and she moved along. There was a pouch with a sweet smell, it was the unmistakable smell of Chocolate; oh how 'that Lotus Blossom' loved this stuff; the melting of it in the mouth and almost sensual allure of the taste.

It would not be so good after being thrown out the window.

The bed was another story, it was made well, the mattress had some softness to it, nothing to compare with the Lounging chair of vinyl her Master had for her but it did feel better than some of the beds. The cute stuffed animal was kicked aside as Tiger Lily did not like the pretty thing. She wanted to do more to it but with three to check about there is not time.

Flying a short distance to the next bed she found it a bit harder; far from Tiger Lily’s comfortable resting place. She bounced on it slightly and pulled the sheet from under the pillow. She jumped slightly to the night stand. It was not all that different from the others. There were the smelly; or masking scent, type thing as usual. Tiger Lily could not get into those large boxes that came with these females and the males. Then she saw it, the small bottle with the quill, it was a pretty one again so like that ‘javelin thing’ Tiger Lily threw the pen out the window. She moved to the pillow case and held it open as she pour the ink on the pillow but gently put the case upon it so not to make a mark. The thought of the girl waking with a black patch on her face made Tiger Lily laugh.

She went back to the table and landed; took a step and tripped over the Brush things again. Screaming in frustration she got to the bristles and started pulling at them and more of the shedding was in her hands. She hated the feel of this stuff, it was falling off the females and she would need to really wash her hands after this.

This girl was no better than the first one.

The last girl had a bit more to offer in the fun, there was some kind of that flying thing, much more odd than the one with ink that made the girl crash; a ‘high five’ for luck in how well that trick backfired on the girl. Not having a lot of time left she flew to the flying thing and started bending the end bristles of the thing so not to be really obvious but then how this might affect it was anyone’s guess? She frayed as many as she could easily reach and quickly mess with; a couple broke shorter and Tiger Lily tossed the frayed ends out the window.

Flying to the night stand she landed and clapped her hands in the fun she would have hearing of what happened to that one? She took a step and tripped over that stupid Brush type thing yet again. “This time she was mad; all her toes were stubbed and throbbing. She tore into the brush bristles and the hair came out again.

“Disgusting!” She screeched.

She got an idea, she flew to the nearly empty Ink bottle and brought it over to the First Girl’s brush; Kairi or something, her Brush with the black bristles would drink the ink well and leave a long blonde skunk like patch in her hair. This was getting better and better. Flying to the door Tiger Lily would throw the Ink down to the ground once out of the kitchen. She went ou the door laughing at what kind of fun this was and how proud her master would be with her.

“Ta Ta girls.” She smirked before taking flight.


Tiger Lily
Evil Minion

OOC: NB: just did a check on he Hufflepuff Dorm and common room location is in the castle basement/ cellars with secret entrance off the kitchens.


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