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The Final Countdown Part VI

Posted on Sunday, 31st of August, 2014 @ 4:52pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen

Mission: September 1 A new Beginning



"The yank has a point, Jen. Until we are told otherwise, we should still continue like it is still going. For all we know this can be something else to throw us off. Lindsay could have easily grabbed a port key that was meant to appear as the one we needed. For all we know, the one to end the Tournament could still be lying around as something we wouldn't expect." Reg paused for a moment and looked around, before looking back to the group. "Since its more important for you all to win, maybe you should start looking."


"Alright then POME, what do you think we should do? You clearly think you're better than us 'Yanks' so why don't you mean the way" Jacen said, getting annoyed with Price calling him a Yank

"Weren't you listening? This tournament is more about working together and less about winning each competition. So far, your girl Lindsey, has done nothing but put you and her in the wrong light. Doing more on her own than with you and your other champion. What do you think the judges are gonna look more on? The fact that she made it here first, or the fact that she made it here not caring about where YOU were the whole way?" Reg snapped, shoving Jacen slightly. "Your acting like a typical Yank? Focusing more on one thing than the whole picture. This is a Team Tournament... not an individual one. Why do you think three champions were chosen instead of just the usual one? If you want call it a quits then go. No one is stopping you, but one of the major things we all learned about magic is nothing is ever as it seems."

"I'm not giving up Price, I'm willing to work with you to figure this out but as it stands right now, they might as well declare Hogwarts the victors as your team is the only one still intact" Jacen said, matter of factly, "but maybe we should leave such arguments until we're safe. Where do you think we should go from here?"

Reg looked at him and finally extended his hand. "Agreed." Once they shook, he looked around at the others. "We need some kind of outside help. Does anyone know how to use their Patronus Charm to send messages? If we can get a message to Fiona, she can ask around and get back to us until she figures out whether this is part of it or not. Until then, we should stay together. Two by twos. There is not telling if that Port Key trick was a misdirection. So far all the other challenges have had some kind of thing to stop us. So far, this section, hasn't revealing anything dangerous so we don't know if that was it or if its still to come. For all we know, we might have to tangle with dragons or dementors. Or both. So, its important to at least stay together, just in case."

"Of course. We learned that in DADA," Jen said. "I've been practicing. Haven't you?" She pointed her wand and a white mist appeared and formed into a snake that slithered towards the castle. "Now, I suggest we have a good look at the ruins to see if there's anything we missed." She headed over to a large pile of rock and began to poke around for anything of interest.

Giving a sigh, Jacen walked over to the fountain and sat down infront of it. Placing his fingers together, he began to take slow deep breaths. He'd found in the past that taking a few moments to clear his head and relax helped him to think more clearly on the task before him.

{Great Hall]

The snake slithered up to Fiona. "Lindsay is gone, the fountain dried up and the globe broke. Did we miss something?"

Fiona turned to watch the professors in the room who were taking quietly and heatedly amongst themselves, gesturing from time to time to the globe that showed Reg, Jen, Barny and Jacen searching the area for the next clue.

She figured she didn't need to ask to tell that there was definitely something wrong. She cast her own Patronus in response and turned back to watch both the champions and the adults.


A small, ghostly Scottie ran up to Jennifer. "The Professors are in a right kerfluffle over what happened. I don't think the globe was supposed to break."

Jennifer turned to the others. "I've found nothing. Apparently the globe wasn't supposed to break." She shrugged. "So, it looks like we need to make our own way back to the castle."

Jason walked out from behind one of the delapidated walls of the courtyard. He'd been shocked when the whole fountain had gone poof and the portkey had shattered. He had watched as the contestants had bickered, but settled down. "Actually there are a few nasties nearby, so you would do better to follow me, we're actually quite near the pitch."

"The Quiddich pitch? Do you keep spare brooms there for your games?" Jacen asked, figuring they could call for the brooms and fly out of here.

"Yes, but doesn't that violate the challenge?" Jennifer asked. "Or does the fountain disappearing mean the challenge has been compromised?"

"A champion did it before. Harry Potter called for his broom during his first challange and there wasn't any blowback"

"True, but I wan't talking about calling for a broom, I was referring to following the grounds keeper," Jennifer said. She wasn't much of a Quidditch player. She much preferred puzzles and books. "But I do agree with the premise that we should get ourselves out of this."

She grinned at Jacen. "So, as it looks like we're one team now, what do you propose?"

"Well, I'm not sure what kind of charms are in place, so I wouldn't recommend apparating. Maybe calling for the brooms would be a good idea" Jacen answered, more thinking about ways for them to get back to the castle that worrying about the fountain, but just than something struck him. What if there were other fountains. "But than again" Jacen started, putting his thoughts into words, "maybe there's another portkey around here somewhere. I mean, what would be the point of just one portkey if there are three teams. Maybe we would look for another fountain or something similar."

"I've already searched the immediate area. There's nothing here. But if we keep going down the path, we might find something else," Jen said. "Come on, as long as we stay on the path, we should be fine."

She glanced to the grounds keeper. "That work for you?"

Wolfe just nodded.

They carefully followed the path as it meandered through the forest, looking for another portkey, but found nothing. After a while, as the grounds keeper said, they came out near the quidditch pitch.

Jennifer shook her head. "Let's go back to the Great Hall and find out what happened."


Hogwarts Champions
Barnabus Collins, Gryffindor
Reginald Price, Slytherin
Jennifer Collins, Gryffindor

Salem Champions
Jacen Targaryen
Lindsay Penny


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