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The crying lady (part 1)

Posted on Monday, 22nd of December, 2014 @ 11:32pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Third Year (H) James Lowell III

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Gryffindor


The sound of sobbing could be heard in the halls, the Lady in the Portrait's voluminous crying could not be avoided. She was usually a more happy person but on this day she wanted nothing to do with anyone as she was crushed.

Maxwell was moving along the corridor heading back to get a book that he forgot in his room. All he had to do is ask for entry and then he would only be a few moments late. He really did not need the binder so much as he wanted it. The sounds of her tears were distressing to Maxwell as he rushed down the corridor to see what was going on?"

He arrived at the painting and the Lady was so engrossed in her tears she did not notice the boy arrive on the scene.

James was helping Griffindor boy carry some supplies to their dorm when they saw Robin standing at the painting, "Gee, I've always thought that kissing the girls and making them cry was just an expression."

Kairi was on her way to Herbology class, that she would have with Robin from Griffindor. She came down the alternate path to what she usually would, just so she could meet up with him. As she came around the corner of the landing all she could hear was somebody seriously crying and there was Robin and another boy right by the portrait of the Fat Lady. The poor lady was sobbing her heart out! That was when she heard the kissing the girls comment. As she got closer she looked, the Fat Lady's prized necklace couldn't be seen!

"Would you have a heart, James! It's obvious to anyone who actually LOOKED at the Fat Lady that something OTHER than a kiss from a First OR Second Year has upset her!" Kairi nudged James for the comment just as much as to move him out the way to get a better look at the Fat Lady.

"Poor Fat Lady, If she keeps crying at this rate, the painting might get flooded and nobody from Gryffindor will be getting to their common room or to the dorms any time soon! Looks like we may have to try and find it. Cheer up, Fat Lady. I'm sure everything will be okay. Right, Robin?"

James raised an eyebrow, "It was only a joke, Kairi. I'll try to help find the necklace too. "

"I've never really been sure of what boys consider a joke. Things like bubble gum in hair, I have never really seen as funny. I would think the first step is to try and talk to the Fat lady but something tells me she's crying too hard right now. Anyone got a handkerchief?"

The crying was almost to an 'operatic' fashion and level but her voice seemed to give out before it could project. Maxwell listened to the attempted wailing, one word was distinguishable.

"Her necklace...! Maxwell exclaimed. "That is missing?"

"Something is wrong with her voice?! That's not normal for her. Fat lady can sing a lot louder than that. I've heard her when I've been coming out of our common rooms. Something is really wrong here. What do we do? This castle is huge, how do we find one necklace?"

"Well, it should at least have to be in one of the paintings, though, right?" asked James.

"There's a problem with that idea. The Fat Lady can move between the paintings. I would have thought she would have looked through them all by now. I've heard the Gryiffindors complain as I have gone downstairs that the Fat Lady was out of the painting which meant they couldn't get in. I think we have to look outside of the paintings. She wouldn't be that upset if it was just lost in a painting and she could get it back."

James pulled out his wand and cast a spell to create a handkerchief, and was happy to see he could actually create it inside the painting. "Here, umm... ma'am, use that, if you can stop crying long enough to talk to us, maybe we can help you?"

"S-S-Some-One has taken my ..." She started to cry again but surprisingly quieter as though she did not have a voice left. "They stole my..." She put her hands to her bare neck. "N-E-C-K-L-A-C-E..."

Maxwell had his hand under his chin as he tried to ponder not only whom but mostly 'How' the Necklace was stolen from a painting?

Jennifer walked up to the others. "What's going on?" she asked.

"We seem to have a rather big problem for the Gryffindors. The Fat Lady has lost her necklace and is understandably rather upset about it. Nobody can use the password with her like this, so no Gryffindors can get into the tower. It seems she has been crying so hard she barely has a voice left." Kairi explained. "That's about where we are at. We can assume it's not in a painting, the Lady would have it back by now if it was."

(To be continued...)

The Fat Lady (NPC)
First Year (G) Robin Maxwell
First Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh
Second Year (H) James Lowell III
Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins


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