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Time for owl post, again! (part 1)

Posted on Sunday, 30th of November, 2014 @ 5:25am by Professor Penelope Fortescue & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Collins residence?
Timeline: End of July

Professor Fortescue sat in her new office, the office of the headmaster preparing her start of term notices for the schools prefects. Jennifer Collins and Reginald Price were selected as head boy and girl for the following school year. Professor Fortescue prepared her congratulatory letters and placed the shiny new head boy and girls badges in their respective envelopes before sending them out with the owl post.

Jennifer's parents had spent the summer on a world cruise, which meant that she was house sitting while she was home from school. Normally, she wouldn't mind as it meant she had the summer to herself to read. But what made this summer special is that her parents let Reg stay with her.

As a special treat to her family, she and Reg spent a good part of the time remodeling the house. It also meant that they finally had some time to be together.

The two were sitting in the drawing room when two owls flew into the window in tandem. One dropped a letter on Jen's lap, the other on Reg's.

Jen picked hers up and looked at Reg. "I wonder what this is about."

Reg shrugged slightly. He looked over to Rasputin and Tribble who were making their own fun in front of the television.

"Ssso.. Let me get thisss ssstraight. They boarded a ssship... went on a three hour tour which then crassshed... and are now ssstuck on an isssland?" The snake looked over to Tribble, who purred in response as he looked back and yelled. "Thessse people are idiotsss! Do they ever get off?" Rasputin looked back to Tribble who let out another purr, one a bit softer and sad stricken. "Ssservesss them right. Reg! If sssome ssstupid yank offersss usss a three hour boat ride. Run for your life. I am not ending up on an island."

"Yes, they do get off," Jen corrected. "And then they go ack, but this time they turn it into a type of resort so people can stay there. They were visited once by the Harlem Globetrotters."

At Rasputin and Tribble's looks of complete bewilderment she added. "They're a famous basketball team...never mind."

She picked up her letter and carefully opened it, choosing to pop the wax seal rather than break it. She read the letter twice, not sure she understood it the first time. "Reg? Did you get the same owl?"

"I wouldn't know. Any message from the school I automatically assume its bad and don't bother opening it. At least I can always say I never read it." Reg replied with a smirked as he picked up his letter and walked over to her. With a smile, he handed it to her and let out a light laugh. "Here.. you can open it."

She gave him a mischievous grin and carefully popped the wax seal on his letter. She read it over carefully and grinned. "That's what I thought."

She took both letters and casually walked out of the room. "Goodnight, Reg."

Reg shrugged and sat down on the cough, with Rasputin and Tribble. He looked over to the TV as his mind began to wonder. "It was a bad thing, I know it."

"I can't believe thisssss. Thisss is the most awkward thing I have ever sssseen. Televisssion isss ssso obsssurd." Rasputin blurted out in an angry tone. He coiled up and looked over to Tribble with a vicious shaking of his head. "People actually watch thisss crap? Ssssome guy walksss into a blue telephone box and travelsss through time and ssspace. That I get. But this yank ssstuff. Sssome blonde wigglesss her nossse and sssuddenly ssshe isss a witch? Oh no. Burn her at the ssstake. Yankee Televisssion isss ssstupid beyond all belief."

Reg looked from the TV to the door Jennifer walked out of and raised a brow. "She is gonna make me chase her, isn't she? She is gonna make me chase her all over the house just to find out what was in that letter." He paused slightly, looking off again.

"And her husssband. What a moron? HOW DOESSS HE NOT RUN AWAY!! Thisss isss the mosst insssulting thing to everyone in the witch community. Tribble. Get me a pen. I'm going to write a letter to Ministry. I demand something getsss done about thisss!" Rasputin yelled as he looked over to Tribble who replied with a purr. "What? What do you mean, rerunsss? What'sss that?"

"Let it go, Rasputin." Reg sat up with a sigh as he shook his head slightly. "Damn that girl." He began to head to the door. "Okay! I give up! Whats was in the note, Jen."

Tribble began to chirp the tune from I Dream of Jeanie happily as she stepped on the TV remote to find the old show.

Jennifer ignored the conversation between Reg and Rasputin. he was intent on getting to her room and hiding the letters from Reg before he got curious and came looking for them.

When she'd found a nice, secure place to hide the letters, she changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed, pulling the covers over her head and tried very hard to fall asleep before Reg found her.

(To be continued...)

Headmaster Penelope Fortescue
Prefect Jennifer Collins
Prefect Reginald Price


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