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Wind under our wings? (Part 2)

Posted on Monday, 22nd of December, 2014 @ 11:43pm by Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Lotus Blossom

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Hufflepuff dorm


Maya shifted the Chocolate behind him. Two of the drops rolled off the bedside and stopped beneath the window sill.


Lotus slowly rose just enough to get her shoulders and arms in the window, it was worth the risk for the prize. Two of them... she had to delight in that.

She remembered something, having a gift meant Lotus Blossom had to give something back.

"See other growing one with spell to clean things that spilled on her?" Lotus told the bird while clutching the chocolate. "She made mess just vanish and she was all clean again." Lotus had lowered so only her head was above the sill.

Maya flew over to the sill, dropping off a couple more chocolate drops for the little pixie. "Thank you, Blossom of the Lotus. Kairi calls me Maya. We must play again sometime. I will see if we can get some help for Kairi." Maya rolled the drops over to Lotus Blossom. "For your help and the fun." Maya warbled softly. "See you soon."

"Thank you." Lotus thanked as her eyes glittered with the look at her reward.

Maya returned to Kairi's side. "Maybe one of those in higher year can help. Someone who knows how to make mess vanish? I can always fly and pass message along, just like Owls do?"

"Maybe....I'd just have to remember who and think of a place I can get to without being seen. Somewhere any student can get to."

"Pretty girl." Lotus Blossom said. "Always clean, long hair and one of the older people in growth."

"Maybe the bathroom would help.... Maya who were you talking to?" Kairi asked, a little confused.

Maya had forgotten so long as Kairi had her stone she could hear every last chirp and warble as though it was her own language. "Blossom of the Lotus, pixie.... good flyer." Maya replied.

"Pixies are usually nasty.....are you sure about that?"

"Never mind about who I was talking to then, we need to fix your hair." Maya sung, hoping to change the subject for his new friend's sake. Later when Kairi wasn't looking Maya left a present on the sill. A dinner of sorts for a pixie with a sweet tooth. there were about six, maybe eight of the chocolate drops and the sweet sultanas covered in chocolate. That many would be a feast for a little flying companion.

Lotus Blossom lowered her flight slightly; why had the growing one said Lotus was mean; it was like the House Elves who were always trying to do her harm when she took some of the unused Chocolate from the bowls before the washing of said bowl. SHe did not take what was cooking just what the Elves did not fully use.

"She is like the elves..." Lotus Blossom pout.

Fluttering away for a large leaf she came back with something that was more suitable for the haul, putting the leaf down she quietly moved the treats quickly onto the leaf. She tied it and the words sank into her.

Lotus had enough of all this, everyone being mean to her and all; she just wanted to play and be friends. She took flight and made a straight as an arrow flight to hover just before Kairi and with a small tear on her face put her hands on her hips looking the Kairi person in the left eye.

[I am not mean...] Lotus said loud jingles like harmonious bells on a tree and stuck her tongue out at Kari. [Maya nicer than you Growing Kairi.] while not able to speak to most humans she could mix her facial expressions and gestures to strangely get her point across and then blew a rasberry. [Manners is what you should learn for one who tell you how to fix your hair.] Pointing to the streaks in the girls hair was obvious to her point despite her faire folk voice.

Kairi's heart sank, shaking her head. She moved over to the sill and called after the pixie. "Sorry, Lotus. Our professors tell us that pixies are supposedly mean. Come back again soon and thanks for the advice."

She turned to Maya. "Let's start leaving some treats out for her as well. Show her we can be friends."

Lotus Blossom banked slowly away, taking her leaf as she passed over the sill. Lotus Blossom did not want tro lose her valuble haul despite being on a course to exit the area. She had enough of the Growing ones, they were mean to her as well, almost as bad as the cat that tore her bag of sweets, she hoped Maya would not get in trouble for giving Lotus Blossom the treats as she flew out into the air towards the forest tree line and the small nook in the tree that she had made her home.

Maya traced the path of the pixie, warbling a soft tune to get her attention. "You are still welcome, Blossom of the Lotus; Kairi will leave the sweet things out for you at night. She knows you are my friend and thanks you for the help. Take care, Little Wings. I'll see you soon for 'Tag'."

Lotus Blossom stopped long enough to wave before Darting away.


Kairi Scorchleigh
1st year, Hufflepuff House

Belted Kingfisher - Kairi's 'Familiar'

Lotus Blossom


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