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One 'Hairy' Predicament (part 1)

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of January, 2015 @ 6:37pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Various
Timeline: Post 'Wind Under Our Wings?'


It was rare for Maya to have to fly inside the castle, but this was an emergency. Maya was like the other 'owls' in that sense. It was not a rare thing to help pass notes along for someone like Kairi. Maya swooped high enough to see all of the students in the Great Hall, hoping to spot the one that would help Kairi. One of Kairi's friends had said her name was Fiona. He listened to the 'chirpings' of the others and found some of them mention her name. Maya dived down and landed in front of the girl. Motioning for her to take the note.

it read:


I know we really don't know each other and have different classes and all, but I have a real dilemma. Someone has put my colour change ink through my hair brush and now I have one case of rainbow hair and a brush to clean up with no real magical knowledge of how to do so! The best I could do was send my Kingfisher, Maya to pass this note along. If you are willing to help me can you meet me in the girl's bathroom as soon as you can. I really would rather the higher years and the Slytherins not see me like this!

Thanks in Advance

Hufflepuff House

Fiona read the note a second time, feeling sorry for the other girl. It was a nasty prank to play on anyone, especially one of the younger students. She finished eating and excused herself. For once, she was glad Reg, Jen and Barny were busy elsewhere at the moment so she didn't have to let them know what was going on.

She carefully made her way to the girls' bathroom. "Kairi?" she called quietly. "Are you in here?"

Maya circled overhead, he flew over and started to circle the main bath. Slowly the bird landed at one edge of the main bath; there was a girl with what would usually be deep brown hair but had all manner of coloured streaks through it and her brush was not much better. She had sunk down in the water as much as she could. Kairi wasn't feeling quite as confident as she usually was in her own body. Things had changed over the holidays and if the boys noticed they might make fun of her. At least the older girls knew what was going on and could support her. Maya warbled at her side, singing it try to cheer Kairi up and to let the other girl know just where she was. As Fiona got closer she would be able to see a small stone with a Feather carved on it next to the bath. That was when she would be able to hear the conversation.

"Did she get the note?"

"Yes, dropped it straight to her."

"Then she shouldn't be far away..." That was when Kairi heard the voice. "Over here..." she softly called. Maya flew up doing his best to call attention to her location.

"Here......Sad Kairi is over here..."

Fiona walked further into the bathroom towards the sound of the voice. She found the girl in the large bathtub.

"Thanks for coming." Kairi said, her eyes a bit red from the tears.

"It will be okay, Kairi. Maya is sure she can fix your long 'feathers' so they are just like new."

Kairi scratched at Maya for a moment, rising out of the bath ever so slightly. Enough for anyone else to see the small 'crop top' that she was using to try and hide her changing figure. "At least you and Fiona care about me, Maya. So, what do we do about this? I can't be running around with all this in my hair, the Snakes would have a field day!" Kairi said, pointing to her hair and the brush. "Don't mind Maya, he's very protective of me."

"That's an impressive prank," Fiona said as Kairi emerged from under the water. "What happened?"

I just came back to my room to tidy up, brushed my hair and it turned out like this!" Kairi was about to cry again. "As if things changing wasn't bad enough. I don't think I can handle this 'blossoming' thing with rainbow hair! First one in my dorm room that the boys would use a spell on to play with the straps and such if they found out......they'd think I'd done my hair like this to distract from it all..." she sighed "It can be fixed, right?!"

Fiona looked over her hair and nodded. "I think so. At least there's a spell that should work." She pulled out her wand. "Hold still."

Fiona flicked her wand and muttered a few words and Kairi's hair returned to its normal color. "Good. It wasn't enchanted ink. That might have required a visit to the nurse."

"It wasn't enchanted, just my good colour change ink from my aunt. We had better get it off my brush as well or I'll have the same problem all over again." Kairi replied as she rubbed at her shoulders and back. Thanks again for all your help, Fiona."

"You're welcome," Fiona said, smiling at the younger girl.

"See, your 'feathers' are back to their normal colour!" Maya warbled happily. "Does that mean Kairi will smile again?"

(To be continued...)

Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod
Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh


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