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One 'Hairy' Predicament (part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of January, 2015 @ 8:11pm by Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Timeline: Post 'Wind Under Our Wings?'



"See, your 'feathers' are back to their normal colour!" Maya warbled happily. "Does that mean Kairi will smile again?"


"Oh Maya...." Kairi ruffled the Kingfisher's feathers. "Best friend I could hope for around here. He may not understand everything but at least Maya doesn't judge me on how I look."

"You look like other Lady Kingfishers. The pretty ones too." Maya sang in reply.

"Did I mention he is a bit biased, how do you manage growing up around a bunch of boys when things are changing? There's really only one person I would like to notice least I don't have bubblegum coloured hair any more..."

Fiona chuckled. "If he's worth his salt he won't care if your hair is pink," Fiona assured her. "Not all boys are that cruel."

"I don't even know if that Robin notices me at all. Ugh! We have the Halloween Dance coming up! I'd have to dress as something really awful to hide all this! I don't want to have the Slytherin boys pestering me all night just because I look pretty or look more 'grown up'. The one I think is nice probably hasn't even noticed that my robes are not quite the same as they used to be. All I feel is sore and miserable, I just want to feel happy... I'm in second year now. I've made it this far." She twirled her brush around for a moment. "This is when I wish my parents were still here." Kairi played with her Heart Keeper for a moment or two as she thought about the day her parents were taken from her.

"What happened to your parents?" Fiona asked.

"Car accident. One minute they were here the next my Aunt was telling me they were gone and I would be living with her from now on. She was the one who had to introduce me to magic and prepared me to come here when the letter came."

"I'm so sorry!" Fiona said. "At least you had family to take you in." She wanted to give the younger girl a hug, but didn't think she'd appreciate it from a stranger. "Won't your aunt send you new robes for the year?"

"Once she can afford them, she sells a few things here and there and it has been a bit slow. So I just have to make do for the moment. She saved up to get me this beautiful dress for the Dance, suggested I go as a Fairy; wings and all....just don't feel confident enough to do that yet." Kairi pulled herself out of the bath and wrapped up in a towel before putting on a bath robe. You have been very kind, at least it will be nice to have a friend in the higher years. Aunt 'Rini' says that my family has a special line, a lot of animagi in the generations. She reckons I may have a good chance of being an Animagus if I make it that far."

"Why don't you feel confident enough to go to the dance?" Fiona asked, still not ready to let the subject drop. From what she could tell, there was no reason for the girl not to go. "You'll have fun. Besides, you never know, you might get asked to dance by that special boy?"

"It'd be the Slytherins whistling at me and begging for a dance that would bother me. If he saw me in that dress, his jaw would drop but he'd be polite about it. The Snakes on the other hand will look, whistle and want to touch. I'm not in the mood to be keeping hands off me all night long." She rubbed at her crop top under the robe for a moment, having EVERYTHING ache for a moment. "I hope this pain and such won't last long, I'm starting to have trouble sleeping. My aunt never warned about that."

"Talk to the nurse, she can give you something to help," Fiona said. "As for the boys, if you hang out with Robin they should leave you alone." She shrugged. "Most of them will be more interested in the Slytherin girls."

"I may not have a choice but to speak to the nurse. I only hope you are right or this will be a LONG year for me. Thanks for everything, it's nice to know one of the higher years. Most of the people in my year think the real higher years are a bit scary. Nice to know it's not exactly true."

"I was a new student once myself. It's really not that bad if you focus on your studies," Fiona assured her. "Now, I'll let you finish your bath in peace. Feel free to ask for help if you ever need it."

"I'll remember that, Fiona. I do like to read a lot of the higher level books. 'Muggle' schools were one thing but this is still very new to me, I didn't think there was this much to magic." She stood up to see Fiona out giving her a quick hug. "One day I hope to learn that spell for myself. Thanks for everything."

"You will," Fiona assured her, returning the hug. "I think it's a third-year spell. You can learn about it in the library."

With a wave, Fiona left.

Kairi slipped back into the water, leaving the robe to the side and ruffled Maya's feathers for a bit. "Did you want a wash too?" she asked.

"Wash when I want to, I'm fine...." Maya warbled, backing away slightly.

Kairi just enjoyed the bath and washed her hair, which felt a lot better with it not looking like a rainbow explosion.

Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod
Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh
Maya - Belted Kingfisher, Familiar - Kairi


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