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Assembling the Staff or The Price is Right (part 2)

Posted on Saturday, 11th of July, 2015 @ 6:13pm by Professor Penelope Fortescue & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Madam Margarita Lopez

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



The Minister again, tapped his cane gently on the ground and cleared his throat, not in the mood to continue to hear Artimus brown nose his was to good standing. "That's quite enough, Artimus. I am pretty sure the current administration is well aware of your sons accomplishments. However, we feel that as a parent, and expert, his methods will keep these students focused and safe. This is also why, effective immediately, the Ministry has also chosen to place Mister Price as Head of Slytherin House."

Victor's eyes widened upon hearing the words. He was Head of Slytherin. How could they take it away from him without just cause? He clenched his fists and stared at Price, who only returned the look with a smile.


"We feel, that the Head of House should be held by a man who has remarkable backing from the magical community and an expert in a field far more suited to the position. With no offense intended to your current Head of House who is, from what I understand, an Astrology Professor?" The Minister looked around innocently, stopping at Victor who looked like he was ready to pop.

"Victor and I have been good friends, Minister. With a long history. I can assure you he will respect your's, and the Ministries, wishes." Artimus added, smile toward the others and nodding his head a bit. "Isn't that right, Goldrick?"

No, you pompous snake. It's not alright. Far from it. Is what Victor thought as he stared toward Artimus. He wanted to tell him what he thought, he wanted to tell them all, but it would only bring him far more trouble and he knew what Price was capable of. With that in mind, a small smile appeared on Goldrick's face as he nodded in response and spoke softly aloud. "Of course, Minister. I have no issues stepping down from my position as Head of Slythern for my dear friend, Artimus. It would be an honor."

"With all due respect, Minister," Maggie said, "Head of House is not decided by the ministry. It is a position only the Headmaster can decide. And, while Mr. Price may have the backing of the minister, he does not as yet have the correct academic credentials to be Head of House."

The Ministry nodded again, looked over to Maggie as he spoke. "Yes. Too True, Madam. Head of House is selected by Headmaster and not the Ministry, however you are negating the fact that only a day or so ago, there was no head master. This decision was made, by the Ministry, prior to the new headmaster being appointed, who was also a member of the Ministry and selected by us." He cleared his throat slightly and looked around at each of the Professors before continuing. "If your analysis is to be held to all Professors, then I must remind you that your current Headmaster served as a Supreme Obliviator, a position that also has no academic credentials by your standards, but you would be wrong, Madam. Both Price and Fortescue are well versed in their practices, which was taught to them by this school. This very school, who placed them in a position to strive for the best and allowed them to give back to it to help pave the way for its current generation. Their academic credentials speak for themselves because if it wasn't for what they learned here, they would not be great at their jobs out there. They are the very best, because the Ministry only hires the very best. Which is what we are giving you your students, Madam. The very best."

"I agree with you that Headmistress Fortescue has a similar academic background as that of Mr. Price," Maggie countered. "However, she is not in line to be Head of House but Headmistress. Two very different positions. My argument stands."

The Minster nodded his head slightly and tapped the bottom of his cane on the floor. "That is perfectly understandable, Madam, and I respect your decision. However, my decision still stands. Victor Goldric has already stepped down as Head of Slytherin, had you not been paying attention moments ago instead of thinking up ways to under mind a decision that has already been made."

"Just because he stepped down doesn't make your decision any less asinine," Maggie huffed. But she knew there was nothing she could do at this point, so she folded her arms and decided to let Penelope deal with the man.

"And that, Madam, does not negate the fact that what's done is done. My apologize if this causes any trouble for you, but I assure you that our best interest is still in this school and its students." The Minister replied, looking around the room before focusing on Maggie.

Maggie remained quiet. She'd said her piece and even though she disagreed with the Minister and disliked Price, there was nothing she could do at the present time.

"It would be much better Minister, if you focused your best interests with the magical community in the UK and you left the running of hogwarts to it's very capable administration. As you will find the road to hell is paved in good intentions." Penelope said, "However as you are already here, Artimus, we are happy to have your skills, My deputy will advise you as to the expectations of the teachers here at Hogwarts. Our school runs very different than law enforcement you will find we have very different expectations."

"I'll be happy to instruct Professor Price on school policy, Headmistress, but you are the one who has to instruct him on his role as Head of House," Maggie replied, clearly willing to share the unfortunate task of instructing Professor Price on anything.

"If I must, but we must first make him a competent teacher." Penelope said, "Victor if you would stay on as co-head of house until Artimus is up to speed."

"I disagree," Maggie said. "Nothing against Professor Goldric, but wouldn't it be better to start the school year with a new Head of House?"

"Perhaps you are right, I don't like it one bit, but ok. " Penelope said "Fresh start, Let us get this school ready for student habitation. Minister would you excuse us? That is if you have nothing else? We have quite a lot to be done."

Headmistress Penelope Fortescue
Professor Victor Goldric
Professor Margaret MacAulay
Nurse Margarita Lopz
Minister of Magic Artimus Gauloton IV
Professor Artemis Price


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