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What Happened When the Lights Went Out? (part 2)

Posted on Friday, 10th of April, 2015 @ 9:17pm by Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Edited on on Friday, 10th of April, 2015 @ 9:30pm

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...


Maxwell moved forward and took out a pocket knife. "Back home we have a door that is not framed right; it bowed over time and the door is used so rarely we never got it fixed." He put the knife in the lower corner of the portrait opposite the usual hinges and bowed the corner of it out and got his fingers under it to hear the scraping of wood on rock as Maxwell tried to get it open. "A little help... people... not a one guy job..." HE grunted as he held it slightly bowed frame but starting to open it.

Quickly moving to help, Satele grabbed hold of one side of the frame and started to pull. The frame bowed a little more, but not enough to open.

"Aaaaa!" the Fat Lady screamed. "What are you doing to me! You're scratching my frame! I've been violated!"


Evan made his way up behind the throng of people trying to get into gryffindor common room. "Too bad the painting is an antique or we could just cut through the canvas." Evan remarked. "Does anyone have a crowbar?"

"ANTIQUE!" the Fat Lady screeched. "I'm PRICELESS! You evil, evil child. I'll report you to the Headmistress for this! I always suspected you belonged in Slytherin!"

"I think it is just the Subject matter I find underwhelming." Evan retorted. "I'm sure the artist had a vision, not sure what it was, are you sure he did not need glasses?"

"You repugnant cretin! You wouldn't know art if it snacked you in the face. And I will, as soon as I get my magic back!" the Fat Lady bellowed. "So will all hte other paintings as soon as they hear about this! I am a mainstay of this establishment. You, child, will be gone at the end of this year."

"Enough, both of you!!!" Satele yelled as she let go of the painting for a moment, "this isn't helping anyone. We need to get into the dorms and insulting the painting we're trying to open without destroying her is only going to make a bad situation worse. Now, if you have any useful ideas than speak up, otherwise shut up and lend a hand" she said, before turning back to the corner of the painting and grabbing hold

"My mother always told me to be gentle with a lady..." Maxwell said as he edged his knife a blade width down and gave a gentle twist to get that much more free and then again and again until he was making good progress while Satele held the frame. "Gentle pull to maintain the distance I am creating." Maxwell said calmly. "Time and patience is often better than a crowbar or magic for some problems." He glanced at the Lady in the portrait. "I am using the upper edgerather than the blade so not to cut your frame ma'am." He informed her. "Of course getting her upset is not making this *EASIER* on me." Maxwell scolded. "I am making some progress if someone would help keep the progression might get us to our dorms fater than jabbering like elementray school children."

"Bless you, my boy," the Fat Lady said, relieved that Evan was no longer trying to do her permanent damage.

Stepping out from the crowd, Jacen moved to get a grip on the painting's frame. He could see what they were doing and figured a stronger pair of hands could help, "just tell us when to pull kid"

Looking up at Jacen, Satele smiled. She was happy he'd stayed behind after the others from his school had returned to America.


Fiona headed for the stairs to go to Ravenclaw tower with the other Ravenclaws, but stopped, consternated. The stairs were in the wrong place. "We can't get there," she said. "Not this way, anyway. There's another set of stairs, but it will take us a lot longer to get there. Com eon."

She led them through the back way and up a less-used set of stairs -- or, rather, several of them -- until they at last came to the knocker for Ravenclaw. Fiona spoke the password, but nothing happened. She reached up to manually knock on the door. The sound echoed down the hall. Then she tried physically opening the doorway. Still, nothing.


Keesha followed the Prefects to the opening to Huffelpuff, but the entrance was gone. "Now what?" she asked, looking around. "I don't want to sleep in the Great Hall again. Where else can we go?"

Her stomach rumbled and she giggled. "Maybe we can get into the kitchens? Don't the House Elves have their own magic?"

"I believe they do, but what if all magic in the castle is out of whack, what could affect us could be a pain to them too." Kairi said as she turned her Feather stone over in her hands. It's enchantment was not working, that was the first sign to Kairi that something was wrong, she didn't even dare to touch her heart Keeper. If the enchantment on that was not working or broken then she would lose everything inside it as soon as it was opened. "If we cannot get into the rooms we may have to just wait this out, I'm sure a lot of people will be crowding the Great Hall for sleeping space soon, so we may need to find another spot. I'm happy to sleep under the stars but the Kitchens may need to be a choice here. At least I know how to do some 'muggle' style cooking, if all else fails I can make a 'midnight snack'?"

"The House Elves will feed us," Keisha assured her. "And I'd rather stay where we have the chance of food than sleeping outside. At least for the moment."

[To be continued]


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