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What Happened When the Lights Went Out? (part 3)

Posted on Sunday, 17th of May, 2015 @ 8:23pm by Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Evil Minion Tiger Lily
Edited on on Sunday, 17th of May, 2015 @ 8:24pm

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



To Lotus Blossom's amazement she had cleared the steps and as she was coming into the ground she realized her wings were not flaring as they should and she was not getting the resistance to this gravity thing; she tried to back pedal as her legs hit the ground and she felt the pop; or crack, of her left ankle as she could do nothing but roughly fold into the hard surface of the ground, Pain shot through her legs as they scraped along the first tumble that was like being thrown like a rock skipping not upon water but stone walkway. Her arms instinctively reached out for something to grab to stop her tumble only to catch air with her left hand and the right palmed the ground as she pivot over the writs that hyper extended and another pop or something and the tip of her wing seemed to fold rather than stay straight in the second rotation . SHe was slowing down in the third tumble that scraped her left side and she felt the thing called road rash forming when the soft cloth of her dress was not proper protection for her speed and sliding in between tumbles. Her forehead hit the ground and she saw stars and mercifully the tumble was an open body not resisting gravity anymore.


The world was encased in bright flashs and pain rippled through her as the breath was no longer easy to bring in with the slap of her stopping with her back into the side of the wall and then her face planted on the stone floor, her arms had moved to protect her head as it hurt just before she fell finally to the ground.

She was not able to get her eyes to focus, she felt pain and warmth all over her body it seemed, so she lay there hoping it would go away.

Maya saw the poor little friend slam into what Kairi called a 'wall' and it did not look all that soft. Maya came over and lifted his wings over her to shield the poor little Blossom. He looked back and warbled trying to get Kairi's attention. "The blossom of the Lotus is hurt!"

"Maya? what's the matter?" Kairi called out.

Maya's head turned. "I don't know what she's whistling about? Why isn't she whistling like usual?" Maya called out more and more trying to show enough urgency that Kairi would come over to look at the little Blossom.

"T-t-tag...? " She could see better with her right eye than her left before her struggle to rise failed with her arms stinging and then giving out.

Kairi scooted over, Maya was going nuts and without the stone to help her she was at a loss other than reading the bird's actions.

"Y-you - win-Maya... I.. sleepy." She rested her head on her good arm.

"Little blossom...." Maya warbled sadly, looking up to Kairi and hopping about as though her was resting on hot coals. Kairi knelt down beside her Kingfisher friend, a gentle hand to his back told the bird that he could fold his wings away. There underneath the 'shielding was the little chocolate loving fairy. "Oh! Lotus Blossom....what happened to you..."

Lotus Blossom could not open her eyes fully, she wanted to cry as something loomed over her; the growly thing must have her, she covered her face with her arms in an attempt to protect herself. Her wing hurt; her body ached and her left eye was not opening. She cried out for someone to help her and not for the growly thing to eat her. She felt her body tremble as she looked; trying to be brave, into the brown eyes looking back at her and the long hair of a ... Maya's Person? She strained to get a look and when the not fully focused face was not a growly she smiled and closed her eyes as she might be safe; this is the one who actually gave her chocolate, she was able to sleep for a bit and not be eaten.

Maya stayed close, almost hovering over his little friend. Kairi scooped up the poor fairy, getting a better look at her. "One bad wing, looks like a bad foot as well. Wow have you ever been through the wars! you can stay with me for a bit, I just hope we can get into the dormitories, otherwise I know one other person that can help." Kairi placed Lotus in the inside pocket of her robes, on top of her clean handkerchief. "You can sleep there. you're safe." She said quietly, offering up her hand to Maya. "I hope this magic problem can be fixed soon, I miss being able to talk to you."

Lotus Blossom hardly moved as she was placed in the pocket.

Maya took up the shoulder over the pocket that Lotus was in, almost as though guarding it. "I'm going to go to Gryffindor Tower, see if it is just us that is locked out, maybe get some help?" Kairi said quietly before she moved off.

(To be continued...)

Lotus Blossom

Belted Kingfisher (Kairi Scorchleigh)

Kairi Scorchleigh


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