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What Happened When the Lights Went Out? (part 4)

Posted on Sunday, 17th of May, 2015 @ 8:46pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Fourth Year (R) Allison "Allie" Summers & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Craig Hamilton & Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...


[Ravenclaw Tower]

Millie stood at the top of Ravenclaw tower looking down. Her, Craig and a few other Ravenclaws had finished dinner Early and had got back to the tower before the loss of magic happened.
"Erm, this could be a little bit of a problem" Millie said as she leant over the edge looking down. The magical staircase to Ravenclaw Tower had disappeared, at least they had managed to get the common room doors open (Thanks to Millie, as usual). As the oldest there she looked down a little confused. "If only I had my broomstick..." she said.

"Maybe you should let down your blonde hair rapunzel" Craig said with a cheeky grin.
"Oh shush. We can't get out of the tower, that means no one can get up here. We've got no magic now. Something is very wrong" Millie replied. A few of the younger Ravenclaws began to sniffle and become upset. Millie grinded her teeth, she had no idea what to do.
"Everyone back in the common room. As the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain I'm taking temporary position as head of house".

Allie knocked on the door, but the eagle knocker remained silent. She frowned and tried again. Nothing. "Hello?" she called. "Is anyone in there?" She looked to Fiona for help.

"Not much we can do," Fiona replied. "We can't get in. They might be able to make a rope of bedsheets and get out the window, or they can wait until morning like the rest of us."

[Gryffindor Common Room]

Finally after some 'persuasion', they'd managed to pry open the portrait and get into Gryffindor tower.

Feeling their way over to the fireplace, Satele and Jacen started trying to get a fire going with what the had on hand.

Maxwell looked at the problem from his knowledge base, he looked to the people working the fireplace. "Can you wad up some unused paper and place it under the wood for kindling?" Maxwell suggested "and let me go for a second?" HE nod to the two students before rushing off

Satele and Jacen both looked at each other before shrugging and getting to work on the fire. After a few moments, they had created a small wooden cone with small twigs and pieces of paper inside of the larger logs

Moments later Maxwell came back with a little metallic box he popped it open to expose some matches. "Muggle magic should work here." Maxwell said as he struck a match to light the kindling and ignite the wood in the fireplace.

Watching as the kindling began to burn, a dim light began to spread out through the commons.

Sitting back, Satele closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

Maxwell was quite satisfied that the fire was going and he could relax to a degree. "Just like home, warm fire in the living room , all I need is a good book." He remarked.

Satele smiled, "well maybe you can read a story or two to the first years"

[Great Hall]

When all the students had filed out of the Great Hall, Jennifer and Reg began to search the main floor to see if they could find any clues to what could have caused the magical brownout. Every so often, Jennifer raised her wand and said "Lumos," just in case. Nothing happened. She was grateful that she'd memorized every room and corridor in the castle during her third year as she relied on that to find her way around. Every room was checked in the chance that one of them might have some working magic and thus lead them to the solution. They even checked behind every tapestry and in as many closets as they could open -- which was probably not a good idea as they found some rather -- interesting -- items in some of the professor's closets, but they found nothing that would lead them to the cause of the magical outage. After what seemed like hours, they returned to the Great Hall without success.

A number of professors had gone to look outside and the prefects were in charge of the students, so Jen found the most comfortable spot she could (which happened to be Reg's lap) and curled up to catch a few hours' sleep.

As the first rays of morning light filtered into the Great Hall, the lights came on. The formerly broken candles reformed and glowed as if nothing had gone wrong. Jen sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Reg, I think everything is back to normal."

Professor MacAulay came hurrying into the Great Hall. "It's over. Whatever it was, it's over." Although none of the Professors had a clue as to what happened, which was disturbing; but they wouldn't let the students know just yet that the problem still existed.

"Morning classes are canceled," she announced. Everyone, go back to your dorms and get some proper sleep. Professors, stay here."

Jennifer would much prefer staying where she was, but knowing it wasn't going to happen, she got up and headed to her room.

Millie Anderson
Craig Hamilton
Fiona MacLeod
Robin Maxwell
Satele Dragomir
Jennifer Collins
Allie Summers
Jacen Targaryen

Professor Margaret MacAulay
Deputy Headmistress


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