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Transfer Students! (part 2)

Posted on Thursday, 25th of June, 2015 @ 3:38am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Professor Artimus Price & Third Year (S) Violet Price & Pet Rasputin
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



Reg shook his head and sighed, placing his palm to his face, finding his sister's vanity had increased a little since last he saw her.


"Then the young lady will be put in Slytherin," Maggie decided. "Because putting on the sorting hat will definitely muss up your hair." It wasn't just because of her father, either. Her student records and the notes from the teachers all indicated that Slytherin would be the best house for the young Miss Price.

"Now," she said, turning to Connor, "If you will please take a seat, we'll use the Sorting Hat on you. The American system is quite different from ours."

Violet giggled in content, walked over to her father Artimus and stopped in front of him. "I did well, didn't I papa?" She smiled brightly as she held out her arm. Her fathers white raven, hopped and glided softly to Violet, landing on the arm and letting out a soft cooing sound.

"Of course you did, Sweetie. Where else would you have gone?" Artimus answered, leaning back in the chair as he placed his arms on the rests and brought his hands together in an almost praying gesture. "My little hell fire has yet to disappoint her father."

"Madam Bonbon can't wait to see our room. She had a long journey from Beauxbaton and would surely like to rest." The young girl said, smiling as she stroked the back of the white raven Aramis.

"All in due time, Violet, my dear. For now, just do as the Headmistress asked and accompany your brother around the grounds." Artimus said softly as he leaned forward and whispered to her.

Violet looked over to Jen and than back to her father, leaning forward as she whispered softly between the two. "Is that her, Papa? Is the the dirty mud-"

"Violet. While you're in these walls, you will not use that word or any other word in reference to that. She is a Head girl and Prefect." Artimus said sternly, and softly before pausing for a moment and smiling slightly. "And yes. That is her."

The young Price took one more look at Jen before looking back to her father and replying. "She looks like a filthy mud-" Violet stopped in mid sentence and remembered her fathers harsh words. "Half blood. What does he see in her?"

"I don't know, Violet. Just please. Do try to behave yourself. He is still your brother." Artimus said softly, a slight sigh in his voice.

"I make no promises, Papa." Violet replied softly, a slight evil smirk on her face.

Artimus smiled back, leaning against the cushion of his chair as he nodded slightly. "That's all I ask, Precious."

Jennifer couldn't miss the glances her way and had no doubt Professor Price and his precious daughter were talking about her. She didn't care so much for herself, but she was concerned about what it would do to Reg. Or, more importantly, what THEY would do to Reg. She had to concentrate on what Professor MacAulay was saying to not turn and smile at both of them.

Rasputin slithered into the office, Tribble on his back, having finally found the pipe that led into the Headmasters office. His overwhelming curiosity had overwhelmed him as he couldn't help but go and see what was taking them so long. "Trib'sss. They better have a good excussse for bailing out on usss. You know I have to find out what happensss to that guy in the life jacket and the doctor with the crazy hair. If I don't find out it'sss gonna drive me-" The snake stopped in mid sentence and froze in place. "Great Ssscott!"

The reptile was shocked to see Violet and her cat on Hogwarts's grounds. He was even more surprised to see they hadn't taken precautions by tying her hands, mouth, feet, and throwing her into the deepest part of the lake. Tribble let out a few quick squeaks, curious as to what had her slithering friend so terrified.

"It'sss the Pretty Pretty Match Ssstick and Fuzzface!" Rasputin said, looking quickly over to Tribble. "Not you, Fuzzface the other Fuzzface. The Mirror Fuzzface. The first Fuzzface." The snake looked back in Violet and Bonbon's direction and narrowed his eyes and spoke in a very low and dramatic fashion. "It wasss a different time, Trib'sss. I wasss a different sssnake back then. I didn't know any better. Giving into peer-presssssure like thossse kidsss in thosse After Ssschool Ssspecialsss about sssmoking, drugsss, and bad mojo. Back when I wasss a rebel without a cause. A lone wolf/sssnake. A rouge. A-"

Rasputin was cut off by Tribble letting out a loud and aggravated sounding screech.

Jennifer immediately recognized her pygmy puff and wondered what Tribble was doing here. She didn't dare look, or even acknowledge that she heard her, but she was fairly certain her pet had not come her on her own. She would have a talk with Rasputin later.

"Sssorry. Sssorry. I got lossst in metaphorsss." The snake replied, looking over to the fluffy Pigmy and soon back to the new arrivals. "Where wasss I?" Tribble let out a quick squeak as Rasputin nodded in appreciations. "Thanksss. I was a rogue. Brought over to the darkssside of the force. With no Jedi to sssave me by throwing my wrinkly massster over a catwalk while he ssshootsss lightening from in fingersss. In a galaxy far far away." The reptile paused for dramatic effect and raised a brow as his voice got deeper. "Ssshe wasss the one who brought me to the darkity darkssside where there was no cookiesss. Or cake for that matter. You sssee, Tribb's. The cake wasss indeed a lie?"

Rasputin slithered into a circle, coiling up a bit as he now faced Tribble and began to speak softly, and still dramatically. "You sssee, Tribb's. That darn cat is my nemiss-. Nemissississ. Nemi-" The snake grunted in frustration as his reptile hissing prevented him from saying the word he wanted to say. "My nemiss-. Ssshe'sss my archenemy! My Joker! My Lex Luther! My... my..." Rasputin looked up quickly and closed his eyes, shaking his tail slightly as he screamed. "KHHHHAAAANNNNN!" He than repeated it again, this time in a softer tone, adding a slight echo. "Khhaann. Khan."

(To be continued...)

Professor Margaret MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Professor Artimus Price, DADA teacher
Jennifer Collins, Head Girl
Reginald Price, Head Boy
Violet Price, transfer student
Rasputin, pet
Tribble, pet


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