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Transfer Students! (part 3)

Posted on Saturday, 11th of July, 2015 @ 6:14pm by Professor Penelope Fortescue & Third Year (S) Aemrialis Nerion & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay
Edited on on Sunday, 30th of August, 2015 @ 7:34pm

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



Rasputin slithered into a circle, coiling up a bit as he now faced Tribble and began to speak softly, and still dramatically. "You sssee, Tribb's. That darn cat is my nemiss-. Nemissississ. Nemi-" The snake grunted in frustration as his reptile hissing prevented him from saying the word he wanted to say. "My nemiss-. Ssshe'sss my archenemy! My Joker! My Lex Luther! My... my..." Rasputin looked up quickly and closed his eyes, shaking his tail slightly as he screamed. "KHHHHAAAANNNNN!" He than repeated it again, this time in a softer tone, adding a slight echo. "Khhaann. Khan."


Jennifer laughed once and quickly turned it into a cough. "Sorry, Professors. I'm getting a bit of a cold."

Professor MacAulay had also heard the sounds of something in the room with them. Pets? She glanced at Jennifer and then at Reg. "Perhaps you shoudl visit the nurse."

"Yes, ma'am. After the tour," Jen promised.

Tribble let out another loud screech, bringing her slithering compaion back to reality.

"Huh? Oh... Sssorry. Got losst again for a sssecond." Rasputin looked back down toward the Pygmy and shook his head. "Where wass-" The pygmy replied quickly, this time sounding more frustrated. "Okay. Okay. Sssheessh." The snake took a few moments to compose himself before continuing, this time avoiding the dramatic tone and soft voice. "Long ssstory ssshort. Thatsss one bad kitty and the girl isss more like the father than our boy, The Reginator. Ssshe is Veela and if ssshe doesssn't get her way ssshe goesss all Hulk Sssmasssh on everything. Minusss the cool looking green. And the blue ssshortsss. And the looking like Lou Ferrari." Tribble squeaked again, correcting the snake's error. "Ferrigno? What kind of a lassst name isss... nevermind. Anyway. There isss fire and ssscreaming and ssscalesss and than Daddy Not-Ssso-Dearessst comesss and sssweepsss everything under the rug like it wasss all ssstill a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Look, my friendly neighborhood pygmy puff, it'sss our job, ssshould we choossse to accept it, to watch thossse two carefully and make sssure that Jen and Reg know when they are sssleeping and awake. Naughty and nice. Ssso is this messssage gonna ssself dessstruct and blow up in my face or are we gonna be good for goodnessss sssake?"

Tribble looked at him oddly, replying in a slightly confused coo not understanding what he meant.

"Look. It'sss time for usss to go covert. Ssstealthy. I'm Batman and you're Robin." Rasputin pausssed for a moment, looking away as he suddenly went deep in thought. "Wait. That doesssn't work. The Tenth Doctor and Rossse? No. Martha? No.. wrong color fur. Donna? No... you're too young." The snake stopped again before a large smile appeared on his face. "I got it. I'm Han Sssolo and you're Chewbacca?" The Pygmy replied with a soft, and sad sounding coo. "Fuzz. You can't be Han. Han isn't furry. And he ssspeaksss englisssh not Chewbacca-essse." Tribble squeaked, frustrated as Rasputin was taken back a bit. "What? I don't know what Wookie'sss ssspeak. I'm jussst a sssnake who watchesss too much TV. I know, I sssaid I wasss gonna quit, but I jussst can't ssstop it. Wow. I really am like thossse kidsss from the after ssschool ssspecialsss. Look, Tribble. We need to do thisss. Come on, what do you sssay? Help me Tribbie Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

Tribble let out a frustrated groan and then cooed softly, nodding her body up and down. Cautiously agreeing to the snakes plan.

MacAulay plopped the Sorting Hat on Connor's head to cover the squeaks and hisses coming from the corner of the room.

"Hmm," the Sorting Hat began. "You've been in a bit of mischief. Could fit well in Slytherin. Yes, you would go far in Slytherin..."

While he talked, Jen hissed to Rasputin, "You're Holmes and Watson, now hush."

"No, not Slytherin," the hat continued. "Must be...Gryffindor!" it pronounced loudly.

Maggie whisked off the hat and smiled. "Gryffindor it is."

Connor smiled, as much as he like the other houses of Hogwarts he was truly happy he was put into Gryiffindor. Standing up he nodded to the hat." Thank you." He said to everyone and then moved over to stand where he was previously.

Maggie gave Connor a smile and nodded.

A knock at the door sounded and Aemrialis Nerion was certain everyone probably whipped around to look at it with a range of emotions. Lis glanced down at Scales coiled up his arm to his shoulder where the Pygmy Sea Serpent's head sat looking up at him and shrugged, "Well we are late and yes I am aware I made us lost." He shifted his arm in his shoulder socket a bit so the two could see each other better. "Sorry you were right and I promise to listen to you more after this."

Scales' slit eyes narrowed slightly and he knew exactly the implied statement there.

Lis rolled his eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry, but..." That's when the door opened, he wasn't sure if he did it or someone else. Probably someone else inside, kinda obvious with the individual at the door looking at him expectantly.

"Come in," Maggie said to the two. "I was about to send a rescue party to find you. Please, have a seat." She indicated the chair that Connor just vacated. "We might as well sort you now so you can get settled."

Lis smiled. "I would have needed one soon if I hadn't listened to Scales here." He gestured to the Pygmy Sea Serpent wrapped around his arm then glanced over at the chair the Professor indicated. Aemrialis was about half way when he finally observed Connor and stopped him cold. That butterfly feeling and heat rose from his core outward and his breath caught in his throat.

He had to regain control or his body could dry out so he took a deep breath fighting the imaginary lump and continued to the unused chair. Lis sat down, looking away from Connor, and it was all he could do not to look back at him.

Suddenly Scales slowly slithered further up Lis' arm and looked up at him. The sound that came from the Serpent's mouth was a series of sharp screeches of different tones and duration. It however made perfect sense to Aemrialis. "You need to focus Aemrialis," the Serpent told him in that language of the Merpeople. Though it was less ear-piercing then full blooded Merpeople would be using.

"Okay," Lis replied in the screeches though sounded different, as he took a few more calming breaths and turned to Maggie. "Ready when you are, Professor." He said with a smile.

Maggie put the hat on the young half merman and stepped back.

"Hmm," the sorting had mused. "Cunning, a touch of intellect, a dash of heart, a smidgen of courage... A little bit of everything, but mostly, cunning." In a loud voice he announced, "Slytherin!"

Well this was a little of a surprise to Aemrialis as, he wasn't actually sure of which house he'd be placed in. Though his mother had explained about most things about Hogwarts that she remembered and he honestly didn't know which he would belong to.

Lis could see now that his cunning had been a powerful tool so far coupled with his intellect, though not as great as many other smart wizards or witches but enough, often let him have his way on many things.

Thankfully he knew when to not push and morality often barged in leaving him to do the right thing when it counted. Lis was content with the announcement and would make the most of it but knew that his new house could not be trusted. He'd have to be very careful. "Thank you," Lis said to the hat and the Professor.

He waited to be told what to do now as he had only just entered the room and been sorted but nothing else. Lis glanced over at Reg Price since the student wore the Slytherin's robes and gave a nod of respect. Though he did find the older boy rather attractive as well but killed those thoughts quickly before Scales picked them up.

Rasputin's head popped up as he looked around, his tongue jotting in and out of his mouth as he raised a brow quickly un curiosity. "Doesss anyone elssse here sssmell fisssh, or isss it jussst me?"

Tribble just chirped back.

Scales moved his head over to look around at Rasputin, though he didn't quite pick up on what was said. He could get the gesture of the tongue smelling the air, Scales immediately glared at the other legless creature.

"Now that you've got your houses, Mr. Reginald Price and Miss Jennifer Collins will give you a tour of the castle and then take you to your house," Maggie said. "Classes start promptly at 9 in the morning. Please do not be late."


Professor Margaret MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Professor Artimus Price, DADA teacher
Jennifer Collins, Head Girl
Reginald Price, Head Boy
Connor Franta, transfer student
Aemrialis Nerion, transfer student
Violet Price, transfer student
Rasputin, pet
Tribble, pet
Scales, pet


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