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Charming, just simple charming

Posted on Tuesday, 30th of June, 2015 @ 4:23am by Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Outside Charms Class
Timeline: concurrent.


Okay things were going a bit to the right for Maxwell; he came out of Charms class with his head ready to explode it seemed as he had been actually paying attention so he could say that he found a slight problem with the style of English; also known as Western, magic. The Eastern style was something to behold, it was a simple yet in many ways powerful magic; what caught Robin in his time over seas was the art of Calligraphy. It was a mixing of his art and his writing skills, the form of charms were on paper and with the words that activate the spell it is easy to have them with Maxwell and the did not take up a lot of space. What he also found amazing about the Japanese charms were the more simple the spell the quicker it would activate.

HE decided it was time to put more of what he had learned into practice, he had the special paper and it was in the strip form that best suit his newly found 'form' of magic. It was a charm style spell after all, he pressed the small pouch that he had fashioned to carry the 'spells' in and hung from his belt. The simplicity with which he was starting his practice might seem infantile and of little use compared to the skills he had seen his 'Master' teach him.

He took out his study notebook; it would be foolish to out a not yet perfected spell upon the Spell Book in the event he failed to ...he reconsidered. A small sketchbook was more able to be 'sacrifice' should the need arise as it was only his own creative drawings and not the notes or spells that he practiced. The piece of paper e held had simple symbols upon it in Japanese. Holding the sketchbook in his left hand he put the paper between his index and middle finger as he said the words to activate the spell; his Japanese was learned enough to get the spell to work according to what he put the Symbol with Japanese pronunciation and English translation. The wording is simple and he felt the slight glow to the paper as he slapped it around the closed pad opposite the binding of the sketch book.

He smiled as the paper wrapped the front around the pages at the bottom and adhered to the back of the sketchbook. He went to open it and treat it like a paper seal but the pad remained closed, he pulled at the pages and tugged hard enough to where it should have started to rip the pages slightly and found they held together./ he tried holding i by a corner and it was not coming off as well. He tug a little harder and the pagers at the edge of the seal began to tear but the charm sealing it did not despite being only made of paper.

"A hard bound book would of course hold up better." Maxwell said to himself. HE then said the words to end the spell and the paper charm fell away without the wording upon it and the paper curled at the edges. "Paper is only used once." He repeat the words of his master.

Tearing out a paper from his sketchbook he folded the single page in half ; brought out another of his 'Charm papers' in the black calligraphy and began to recite the words to activate it, the first words were like the other spell but a few more incantations had the charm seal the paper like the first charm in effect. Where it changed was the lettering was red instead of black, he had a grin on his face as he gently pulled the paper apart as though opening it. His hands drew back as a flash not unlike striking a match ignited the paper and it engulfed the paper.

"aqua extinguetur ignis..." The wand sprayed water to put out the fire before it could burn. "That could be fun if anyone wants to read a secret note." He chuckled.

Quite proud of himself Maxwell had a few more spells he wanted to try before his next class.


Robin Maxwell
2nd Year Gryffindor.


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