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Ravenclaw Quidditch Tryouts

Posted on Friday, 4th of March, 2016 @ 5:37am by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Second Year (R) Jason Davis & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Quidditch Pitch

Millie Anderson, now a seventh year walked out into the cool Saturday air of the Quidditch Pitch. This was her last year at Hogwarts and her last chance of leading the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team to victory for the Quidditch House Cup. Ravenclaw were so close last year, if it wasn't for Millie's downfall they would have won. But she had had all summer to get better and practice. It was time to change it.

Her Quidditch Robes were fresh as she walked out onto the pitch to see a bunch of new people all dressed in Ravenclaw robes ready to try out. She glanced over at Fiona who was trying to organise the mob of people here for tryouts. It was coming up to Halloween and the Quidditch Season was coming around. The first match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was due to start next week, shortly followed by Ravenclaw against Hufflepuff. Luckily Millie had managed to book the pitch for the weekend to give the Ravenclaw team (And any new members) an intensive run down on Quidditch and some new tactics she wanted to try out.

She walked over to the mass of people. Out of her robes she pulled her wand and pointed it to her neck.
"SHUT UP!" her voice bellowed through the pitch. Now she had everyones attention.

Fiona shook her head and chuckled. Leave it to Millie to show tact and leadership.

Jason Davis, a young second year who had admired the work of his brother who was the Slytherin keeper and the leadership of Millie Anderson was nervous. He was ready to show what he could do on his Firebolt broomstick. Jason wanted to be a chaser just like his father was for Ravenclaw. Jason thought to himself "I can do this, if I am to make the USA national Quidditch team I have to give it my all here and back at my home town junior club back home in Pittsburgh". Jason stood there anxious to prove himself to Millie.

"Right then" Millie said. She looked over at Fiona. "We need two more Chasers this year. Who's here to try for a Chaser position?" she asked.

Millie walked over to the Quidditch box and pulled out the Quaffle. "As you all know this is the Quaffle. If you didn't know that, then you have no business being here on this pitch. I'm not here to teach you the rules, you should already know them all" she explained. She threw it over to Jason without warning. "Teams of two. The team to score the most against Fiona in five minutes makes the team" she said.

Jason flew up with his broom and found a partner whom he didn't know well but knew that he was skilled at aiming and riding on what looked to be his Nimbus 2001. Jason and his partner made a plan on how they were going to score the most. Jason flew around Fiona on his Firebolt broomstick which was at the time one of the fastest broomsticks ever made. After Confusing Fiona Jason passed it to his partner who managed to score. Jason attempted the same tactic but this time his partner passed the Quaffle back and Jason was able to jump from his broom and bicycle kick it into the goal.

Fiona allowed the kids to get one goal, simply to see what they would do. But they were too cocky, too quick to take foolish chances, too quick to show off. A good Bludger would have them on the ground in an instant. Although the boys were impressively fast, they were too predictable to get past her and failed to score again.

It was safe to say that Millie was impressed by their speed. "Ok" she said thinking to herself. She pointed her wand over to the Quidditch ball's. The bludgers immediately shot into the air.
"Beaters, lets take this up a notch!" she said as she kicked off to get a better look from above. "Beaters, team up in teams of two. You're task is to use the Bludgers to defend the goal. Prepare yourself chasers!" Millie shouted so that everyone could hear.

Two beaters kicked off from the ground, their bats ready. They immediately smacked the bludgers towards the opposing chasers. Millie smiled as she circled high above, this was how a Quidditch tryout should be. She had seen other houses just have their players do tricks and movements, but if you didn't get to grips with the game there was no point being on the team. One beater hit the bludger towards Jason.
"Remember, the better defending you are with those bludgers then the better chance you have to make it onto the team".

Jason reacted fast. he jumped up and managed to do a flip over the oncoming bludger. Jason then noticed a second one from the corner of his eye. This time he did a barrel roll to avoid it. Jason was really happy that his broomstick was quick and agile or he wouldn't have been able to avoid them as easily. A third bludger was also coming at Jason, this time he took the risk. Jason swung his broom around and hit the bludger back in the opposite direction. To Jason's surprise it didn't damage his broom.

Sam McCall, a third year, wanted to go easy for a bit, but now this Jason kid was getting a little full of himself. With an evil grin, he sent a bludger straight towards Jason, grazing his arm. Sam frowned, hoping to get more than that out of it.

Jason noticed a slight pain where it grazed him. When he had time Jason flew down and washed his cut. He then flew back up and readied himself for the next test.

"Hey!" Millie said as she flew over to Jason and grabbed his broom stopping him in mid air. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she asked. "That bludger just hit you, land right now and get yourself sorted out" she ordered.

Jason flew down as Millie had told him to do. He washed his cut a little bit more then readied himself for whatever happened next. Jason Had asked Millie "why did I have to land when i just washed my cut no less than a minute ago, Im not saying I won't listen I will wash it off again and put ointment on it, im just curious because it didn't really hurt the first time".

As the tryouts went on Jason was very nervous that he would not make the team. As he was flying by he noticed a quaffle had been passed to him. It was then Jason decided to take a risk. From 40 yards away from the goal Jason managed a bicycle kick and somehow scored a goal. With that his confidence had risen.

Unfortunately, bicycle kicks were extremely dangerous stunts to pull on a broom and Jason fell off, landing hard on the ground. It meant that he didn't notice that Fiona easily caught the quaffle and landed, running over to Jason to make sure he was okay. ""Call the nurse!" Fiona called.

She didn't know what Millie thought of this new kid, but if it were up to her, he would be banned from Quidditch while at Hogwarts because he was a hotshot. He didn't care abo0ut being part of a team and he took too many chances to show off. As a second year, he was far too cocky for his own good.

Millie touched down a few yards from Fiona and rushed over to her and Jason. She put her hands on her hips and bent over looking down at Jason. "You're a right flight risk kid!" she said. "You need to learn a few rules before you get into ANY Quiddict team. First of all, you need to learn how to fly. PROPERLY!" Millie said empasising the properly. "That wasn't playing Quidditch, that was flying broom tricks. You do that in any match and those Bludgers will take your head off your shoulders idiot!"

Jason got up from the ground. "Im sorry it will not happen again I just got a little excited and im ok I do not need the nurse, the truth is I used to be bullied because when I was younger I was never good at quidditch, im really sorry I just want to prove myself. My goal is to play for the USA national team, again im sorry it will not happen again that a promise."

"Yes, but proving yourself a good Quidditch player is being a good team player and NOT a hot shot," Fiona said.

Jason Looked at Millie, He knew that he had to stop showing off and do better. Jason then flew up to get ready, He then flew with the quaffle toward the goal. As he got close he quickly threw the quaffle to a team mate to his left. By doing so this tricked the keeper and Jason's teammate managed to score a goal. Jason then tried the same thing but passed it backward to a teammate behind him and threw it to the far end of the goal and scored.

Jason was actually nervous because one wrong move could mean the end of his goal to play quidditch.

Fiona had let one of the new kids try their hand at keeper. She couldn't believe anyone would be fooled by a simple pass. But she was pleased to see that the hot shot was trying to show he could be a team player. She wasn't sure if it was too little, too late or not. That would be up to Millie.

Sam saw Jason trying to be better, but he didn't like the kid, or his tendency to show off. He hit a bludger right towards Jason's shoulder, and hit him squarely on the joint.

For the first time in years, Finola was actually glad when the trials were over. She went over to Millie so she could talk to her about the kids who tried out. At least they had a day or two before Millie had to post the new Quidditch team.


Millie Anderson
Fiona MacLeod
Jason Davis
Sam McCall


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