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meeting for the first time

Posted on Monday, 23rd of November, 2015 @ 9:56am by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Hogwarts Cathedral

Aramis was in an older section of the Castle that was seldom used playing his flute as he found it to be relaxing and allowed him to best reflect on many things and to also put things into perspective.

walking through the castle, Satele was in the middle of reading through a letter from home when she started to hear what sounded like a reed pipe coming from an older part of the castle. Following the sound, she eventually found her way to where the music was coming from, but she couldn’t see the performer.

Aramis continued to play and changed his tune as he heard the footsteps and figured he would see if whomever it was would be enticed to follow the sound of the music back to its source. he held some of the notes longer than others but kept repeating the same rhythm of notes.

taking out her wand, Satele launched a small ball of light straight up in the air, hoping to reveal where the music was coming from. Watching it closely, she saw it flicker slightly about half way up, “”hello?”

“Hello. Come on up. Don’t be shy… I promise not to bite.” Aramis replied as he used his own wand to ignite all the torches in the place to give proper light. He looked down at the girl and wondered who she was as this was the first time he had ever had someone come to visit him while he was playing his flute.

looking around for a way up, Satele put her wand in her back pocket and started to climb. It took her a little while to reach where Aramis was sitting.”so, how did you find this place?”

“A lot of searching during my first and second years to find the most acoustically pleasing area that is off the beaten path.” Aramis replied with a pause as his cheeks flushed a bit. “You’re the first person to ever actually come visit me while i’ve been playing my flute.” He added.

“oh i’m you want me to leave?” Satele asked, not wanting to disturb him if he wanted to be alone

“No you can stay… It’s kind of nice having someone other than my little sister or myself to play for.” Aramis paused for a moment. “By the way, my name is Aramis.” he said as he held out one of his hands.

“Satele” she said simply, taking the offered hand

“Pleasure to meet you too.” he said before raising his flute back up and starting to play something a little more gentle and one could even say slightly romantic, putting lots of emotion into what he was playing.

listening to the music he was now playing, Satele smiled, “geeze, we’ve only just met and you're already trying to seduce me? don’t you think you're getting ahead of yourself?”

Aramis turned 4 different shades of red as he realized what he was playing and abruptly changed to something that was simply serene and relaxing.

“no, please don't stop. it was beautiful” Satele said, stepping a little closer, “what kind of instrument is that”

“It’s called a Shakuhachi Flute.” Aramis said as he stopped for a moment, still fairly flushed from her earlier comment. “It was handed down through my dad’s side of the family and i am the newest link in that chain.” Aramis went on to explain as he blushed a bit more as he offered it to her to see if she wanted to look at it and possibly even try to play it.

“oh no i can’t, this is…..way too personal an item” Satele said, holding up her hands. noticing that his blushing wasn't going away, she looked him over, “are you ok? you look a little hot”

Aramis had a classic old japanese anime reaction as his face went super deep red while frantically waving his hands and saying “no, no no…. i am ok… really.”

“you sure? I mean, you don’t look that ok. You’re blushing like everywhere” satele said, motioning with a finger to his face, “I know i’m beautiful, but i’m not that good looking”

“Promise not to laugh…” he asked as he took a deep breath.

Satele nodded

“I’ve never really had a girl pay much attention to me unless you count my little sister which i don’t really count her for obvious reasons.” Aramis said as he looked down at his flute for a moment.

Satele smiled as she held back a giggle. She thought it was cute that he was telling her this. licking her lips a little, she looked at him curiously, “so, I’m making you nervous?”

“No not really… at least not in the conventional sense…” he trailed off trying not to blush anymore then what he already was. “having a girl that isn’t related to me pay attention to me is…” he paused as he searched to find the right words. “is new to me.” he finished saying.

Satele laughed. She didn’t expect anything like this from a boy in the same year as her. all of the others were just rude and always trying to prove themselves the best “Sorry, i didn’t expect you to say that. It's actually kinda fun to see that i can intimidate a boy”

“i am not scared of you but I was never really the object of a girl's attention before and most of the time I am either studying, practicing spells, alchemy, Martial Arts or i am Playing my flute and that’s usually in between the times when i am not having to stop people from bullying my sister.” Aramis stated occasionally glancing at Satele while trying not to turn 50 shades of red in the process or make himself look completely stupid.

“what’s your sister’s name?”

“Ayano Aoi… she’s a first year. this year.” Aramis replied.

Satele thought for a moment, “well, i could help with that if you want. well, me and my friend”

“Arigatō. Watashi wa anata no shakkin ni narudearou….” he paused for a moment and blushed profusely…” Thank you… i would really appreciate the help… i am in your debt.” he said, this time in english.

“don’t mention it” satele said, turning around to face the long drop, “oh, and i collect on my debts” she said with a sly smile before pulling out her wand and leaping off the edge. as she fell, she cast a spongify spell on the floor, creating a soft patch for her to fall on.

“Hai!” Aramis said as he bowed and watched her go.


4th year (G) Satele Dragomir

4th year (R) Aramis Aoi


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