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Meeting the sister Part 1 of 2

Posted on Saturday, 12th of December, 2015 @ 7:17pm by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & First Year (R) Ayano Aoi & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: after meeting for the first time

Aramis was walking towards the lunch room and as he got closer he could hear his sister so he picked his pace up as he drew his wand, his eyes narrowing as he walked into the room full of other students as he was almost certain that she was being picked on again as that was normally when he heard her so clearly.

Standing with her back to the entrance, Satele was talking with Aramis’s sister. After their last little talk, Satele tracked down his sister and watch her for a few days, or rather she watched how the kids were picking picking on her. it reminded her of her first year and how hard it was being the ‘kid from down under’. her accent caused her cop a fair amount of flack from the other kids, some with accents worse than hers.

“Why are you looking out for me?” Ayano asked curiously as she looked up at the older girl.

“because you remind me of me at your age and i just don’t want you to go through the same thing” Satele answered, leaning down a little so she wasn't standing over her, “and besides, you’re brother is kinds cute”

“So you like Oni-sama?” Ayano asked before she noticed her brother standing at the entrance.

“Aniki! Anata wa kanojo ga watashi no nochi ni sagashi hajimeruta nodesu ka?” She said.

Aramis’s face lightened up as he put his wand away and shook his head ‘No’ in response to her question.

“sorry? who’s Oni sam?” Satele asked

Ayano giggled and pointed to the guy behind Satele.

looking behind her, Satele was surprised to see Aramis standing there. after stuttering for a moment, she finally found her tongue, “how long have you been standing there?”

“About 5 minutes. I heard my little sister talking really loud and thought she was being picked on again so i rushed in but i am glad i was wrong.” Aramis responded.

“She likes you big brother.” Ayano giggled out.

blushing a little, Satele hoped that Aramis didn’t hear what she’d said to Ayano, “oh, ignore her. you know how children can be”

“Yea, they usually tell the truth” another voice said from behind Aramis. stepping into view, Bre gave a smile, “Satele, aren't you going to introduce me?””

“oh, yes of course. Aramis, this is my friend, Gabrielle” Satele said,

“Hello.” Aramis said as he turned to face the new girl and bowed slightly.

“Ani! Anata wa sore o okonau hitsuyō wa arimasen.” Ayano giggled out at how her brother was acting.

“English Ayano… it’s rude to always talk in our native tongue around those that would be our friends.” Aramis scolded his sister.

“I am sorry….” Ayano said before tugging on Satele’s robes a bit. “hey, hey… you should be my big sister. Big Brother likes you to… told me himself yesterday when he was helping me study.” She giggled out.

Aramis turned 100 shades of red almost instantly.

“well this is news” Bre said, a little surprised

“no it’s not, i told you about this the other day didn’t i?” Satele asked, feeling a little more flushed herself

“wait, this is that cute guy you were telling me about? I thought you were talking about a sixth year of something” Bre said, looking Aramis over, “well, i guess he is kinda cute in a way” she commented, before turning to Ayano, “how does two big sisters sound?”

“Mā kami” Aramis muttered, completely embarrassed at what was being said and the fact that his sister didn’t seem to care that she was teasing him.

Ayano’s grin grew even bigger. “You mean Oni-Sama would get to play with 2 people instead of just one???? Oh my, I am not sure Oni-Sama can handle that… then again….” She commented as she gave it some serious thought.

“no little one, your brother only gets to play with one of us. but maybe i can do all of the other big sister things while Satele keeps Oni-Sama busy”

“Oh………. You mean you want to be Onesan while she gets to be Oni-Chan????” Ayano said quizzically. “Hai... “

“I have no idea what that means, but ok sure” Bre said

“Means you be sister and she be big sister who stays with Oni-sama all the time.” Ayano explained with a huge fat grin on her face and a ton of giggling.

“perhaps we should talk” Satele said to Aramis

Aramis’s left eyebrow twitched like mad before nodding his head faintly as all the color seemed to momentarily drain from his face.

nodding towards one side of the room, Satele lead Aramis away from Bre and Ayano

“Hey, hey… no kissy kissy!!!!!” Ayano giggled out to Satele and her brother.

“I-I-I’m so, so sorry for my sister… she’s never been like this before..” Aramis profusely apologized while bowing deeply out of both shame and embarrassment over how his sister was acting.

“Don’t worry about it. i know she’s just excited to have an older sister” Satele said, smiling, “and as i’m sure you heard, yes i think you’re cute but we don’t have to do anything about it”

“Well as my sister so bluntly put it. I do find you very attractive…” he trailed off as he went extremely red for a moment. “I-I-I wouldn’t mind you know….” he trailed off again as he started to fidget.

Blushing a little herself, Satele smiled, “we should start off slow. just friends. Let your sister get used to the idea before we start anything more”

“Yeah but i think we should go slow more for us than anything. My sister is one of those zero to ‘you should totally do it.’ types.” he explained still blushing.

As if on cue Ayano giggled and yelled out. “Satele and Aramis sitting in a tree….”

Aramis’s left eye started twitching again as he turned deep, deep red.

whipping out her wand, Satele pointed it at Ayano, “Silencio” she cast, muting her.

Ayano started to freak out and panic while tugging on bre’s robes begging her with her eyes to undo the spell.

Bre smiled and shook her head, “not this time little one”

“Migi no yō ni fukaidearu tame ni anata o teikyō shite imasu” Aramis stated very coldly to his sister.

“hay, what did you say?”

“I told her it serves her right for being so obnoxious.” Aramis replied before undoing the spell.

Satele smiled, “isn’t it nice to have a mute button? usually i only use it on bullies or Bre so i can win an argument”

“Yeah it’s nice having a mute button for Ayano.” Aramis said before he did something that he never expected himself to do and kissed Satele on the cheek then turned 100 shades of red again.

Ayano screeched in joy at seeing that show of affection from her brother.

“hey there little sis, don’t make me mute you again” Satele jested

“and she’ll do it too” Bre said, rubbing Ayano’s head.

turning to Aramis, Satele sighed, “although that was nice of you, try not to do that again”

“Sorry… didn’t exactly plan on doing that.” Aramis said as his face became more serious and all the blushing stopped.

Ayano just pouted at seeing her brother go back to the way he usually looked and acted. “Can you show me around bre??? i think big brother needs time alone with her.”

Bre nodded, “sure” she said, taking Ayano’s hand and leading her out of the room.

seeing Bre take Ayano out of the room, Satele sighed, “Maybe we shouldn't let Bre be alone with your sister too often. she might end up teaching her something…….different””

“perhaps but at least we have a chance to talk more privately now and that means we can get to know each other without 2 people trying to drive us insane.” Aramis replied as he sat down. “I suppose the old fashioned method of asking questions and answering them would probably work the best.”

“That sounds like a good plan. So, where should we start?”

To Be Continued...

4th year (G) Satele Dragomir

4th Year (G) Gabrielle 'Bre' Belikov

4th Year (R) Aramis Aoi

1st Year (R) Ayano Aoi


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