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Meeting the sister Part 2 of 2

Posted on Saturday, 12th of December, 2015 @ 7:17pm by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & First Year (R) Ayano Aoi

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Great Hall/Library/Cathedral

Previously on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

Ayano just pouted at seeing her brother go back to the way he usually looked and acted. “Can you show me around bre??? i think big brother needs time alone with her.”

Bre nodded, “sure” she said, taking Ayano’s hand and leading her out of the room.

seeing Bre take Ayano out of the room, Satele sighed, “Maybe we shouldn't let Bre be alone with your sister too often. she might end up teaching her something…….different””

“perhaps but at least we have a chance to talk more privately now and that means we can get to know each other without 2 people trying to drive us insane.” Aramis replied as he sat down. “I suppose the old fashioned method of asking questions and answering them would probably work the best.”

“That sounds like a good plan. So, where should we start?”

And Now The Continuation...

“well suppose we should start with the basics…” Aramis trailed off as he thought for a moment. “I am Aramis kazuma Aoi.. I am the oldest of my siblings, Ayano is the middle kid and our kid brother Ezra, is only 2 years old.” He began to say with a pause to take a breath. “I was born in Kyoto Japan but just before my sister was born my dad’s company transferred him to London so we moved there and have been living there ever since then.” He finished then motioned to the empty seat next to him and waited.

moving to the empty seat, Satele sighed, “well, it sounds like a familiar story. My full name is Satele Dragomir. I was born in Sydney Australia. my family moved to london on my 10th birthday. I don't have any brothers or sisters and i only found out last year that my mother is a pureblood.”

“both of my parents are half-blood’s like me. my grandfather on my dad’s side and grandmother on my mom’s side are the purebloods in my family.” Aramis replied.

“than we’re probably related somewhere along the line. that’s how purebloods work isn’t it?”

“I was always taught that all life on the planet is related to one another at some point or another… we just have to look far enough back to see the bonds.” Aramis stated with a slight smile on his face.

“that’s true i guess. I've always tried to stay away from the whole pureblood thing. Bre has always been my sorta sister””

“I see…” Aramis paused for a moment. “I guess it must feel odd having Ayano practically adopt you as her sister.” he said with a slight chuckle.

“more than a little, yea” Satele responded

“I do apologize for that. She’s never really been the type to do that… at least not that i am aware of.” Aramis stated as he looked at Satele for a moment. “I usually only let family call me this as i don’t exactly have many friends that i would consider to be close enough for it but if you want you can call me Kazu or kazuma.” he said hoping that didn’t come out the wrong way.

“but why? we’ve only just met. I don't think that we're that close, at least not yet”

“Call it a gut feeling. besides I don’t think that after this we’re really going to be just simple friends because i’ve already told you more then i’ve ever told others.” Aramis responded. “And I honestly don’t see my sister letting us simply drift apart that easily. She can be pretty stubborn and persistent like all Aoi’s tend to be.” He added not exactly proud of the fact that his family is well known back home for being insanely stubborn and persistent in everything they do.

“well i’m sure that stubbornness should help with the classes”

“Yeah it helps. it also helps in dealing with our wands as well.” Aramis jested a bit as he held out his wand. “Do you know much about wandlore?” he asked as he presented his wand to her to let her see it and hold it.

“Not much, no” Satele said, comparing her wand to his, “I know mine is a rare wood”

“Hornbeam and the core is Dragon heartstring.” Aramis said as he motioned to his.

“Eucalyptus and hippogriff feather” Satele said, nodding to hers “I'm still getting used to it, I ex only had it for about six months.

“Nice.” Aramis commented. “Ummm rapid fire…. Favorite Color, music, drink, food, movie and book?” He asked her

Satele had to think for a moment, “OK, colour: red, music: pop, food: chicken, movie: Star Wars. All of them, and book: any textbook on spells or charms”

“Blue, pop and classical, chicken and Italian, Sci-Fi in general, books wise it would be spells, alchemy and history.” Aramis stated.

“I want to become an Aura”” Satele said, trying to think of things to say.

“A noble cause.” Aramis replied with a slight smile.

“Are you aiming for a specific job after you graduate?”

“I’ll probably go freelance or be an Aura.” Aramis paused. “Would you like to hear me play my flute some more?” he asked.

“Sure, why not. So, back to the chapel?”

“Yeah.” Aramis replied as he used his wand to summon his flute to him before offering his arm to Satele out of being a simple gentleman.

Taking the offered arm, Satele thought she should play the part as it were for now. Although they both now knew they were attracted to each other, Satele wasn't sure if she was ready to commit to such a big step just yet.


Ayano walked with bre and giggled. “how come big brother and what’s her name were blushing so much?” she asked

Bre smiled, “that’s something you should ask your parents when you get a little older”

“Is it Because they like each other the way my mom and dad like each other?” Ayano asked curiously.

“like i said, something to ask your parents”

“Ok but do you think they’ll get kissy kissy face soon cause it’d be nice to see brother happy for once.” Ayano commented sheepishly as she pulled bre with her to the library and then grabbed a book of musical instruments and pointed to the one that her brother has. “that’s what he plays.”

“That's nice. Have you heard him play?”

“Yeah he always plays for me if i ask him to… you want me to ask him to play for you?” Ayano giggled.

Bre shook her head, “no, that’s alright. Thanks anyway. Do you play an instrument?”

“I play the cello.” Ayano said as he cheeks turned a bit red.

Bre looked impressed, “wow, the cello? That’s a big instrument for you isn't it?”

“Yeah it’s big but i can do alright on it.” Ayano replied. “You really should hear my brother play his flute. it’s good.. always calms me down when i am upset.”

“maybe i will one day, but what about you? can i hear you play? or maybe you can play together?””

“yeah I can play for you and if i ask i am sure brother would play too.” Ayano replied.

“Do you have a favourite place to practice?” Bre asked, trying to think of where Ayano could be practicing other than her dorm room.

“Yeah there’s a place in the castle that brother found… has really good acoustics.” She said as she pulled out her wand. “Accio Cello” she said and waited with a smile as her Cello came floating to her a few minutes later. “Ok let’s go.” She said as she took bre’s hand and picked up her cello case in the other and started to walk to where her and her brother usually go to play.


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