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What happened?

Posted on Thursday, 25th of February, 2016 @ 1:14am by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

Walking through the halls, Bre was searching for Aramis.she had a few questions to ask him. For the past few weeks, Satele had seemed to be avoiding him and she wasn't answering questions as to why, so Bre figured she'd get answers from the other side of this odd situation.

"Hello Bre." Aramis said as he came up behind the girl. "Ayano mentioned you were looking for me." He said as he looked at her.

Quickly turning around, Bre smiled, "yes, I was looking for you. I've got something I want to ask you about" she said, pulling him to one side of the hallway. After a quick breath, her deminor changed to a more serious one, "what's going on with the two of you? Satele won't speek about it, no matter how hard I push the issue. All she tells me is 'it's nothing' and it's clearly not so what have you done?"

The look on Aramis' face went from happy to instant anger. "First of all, I didn't do a damn thing. Secondly, I've simply been trying to get to know her and she's been pushing me away so what the hell am i suppose to do huh? Keep pushing her and drive her away or do exactly what I have done which is give her space to deal with whatever the hell it is she's dealing with." He fired off with a serious deep and almost demonic tone of voice that conveyed a great amount of anger behind it. the fire in his eyes raging very brightly and very intensively to boot. "you women are all the same... one of you acts up and the rest of you automatically assume it's the guy's fault, well news flash lady... It's not always the guys fault and instead of going off half cocked like you just did maybe, just maybe you should pull your head out of your butt and think to ask instead of accuse right off the bat." He fired off again before turning and heading towards the court yard, books in one hand and his other hand clenched in a very tight fist that almost seemed to be vibrating with how angry he was at that moment.

Bre quickly grabbed his shoulder and spun him back around, "hay, hold on a second. I'm not blaming you for anything, I'm just trying to figure out what happened that turned Satele from a go getter to a completely closed off lump. Now you may have feelings for her, but she's practically my sister, so I need to know exactly what happened after your sister took me to the ravenclaw dorms"

Aramis glared at Bre, anger still very present in his eyes. "I lowered the concealment barrier, she was about to kiss me of her own free will then she backed away and walked off. I told her that she doesn't have to run away everytime we get close to each other like she did. she said she just wasn't sure what to do and needed time to figure it out so i have chosen to honor her request and give her the space and time she said she needed." He explained, still seething very much. "I get she's new to the whole relationship thing... so am i but I at least allow myself to live in the moment and I don't go hot and cold faster then my sister use to be able to rip her diaper off when she was young which fyi was pretty freaking fast." he went on to say.

Taking in what Aramis was saying, Bre was just getting more and more confused. Ususally it was Satele who had all the answers, perhaps she just needed the right push. Holding out her hand, Bre had an idea, "come on, I think I know how to fix this"

"I am not going to regret this am I????" Aramis asked as he hesitantly took Bre's hand.

"You might, but you'll thank me for it later" Bre said before pulling him towards the Gryffindor dorms.

Arriving at the doorway to the dorms, Bre let go of Aramis, "wait here" she said before opening the doors and walking in. A few minuets later, Bre returned with Satele in tow, "now stop being such a little girl and spit it out" she said, pushing Satele forward.

"Bre...." Satele said, before ending up face to face with Aramis, "well, um.....hi"

"Hello" Aramis responded politely but a little on the more formal side of things instead of in his previous soft and tender tone of voice. ((Think an annoyed Byakuya Kuchki from Bleach in terms of Aramis' current temperament. and Byakuya's voice in general))

Feeling really nervous and just wanting to get out of this convosation, Satele was just going to stand there and smile until she felt Bre jab her in the back with her wand, "so....the weather has been nice lately" she said, unsure really how to start.

"Yes it has been... wish i had someone to enjoy it with." Aramis replied.

Face palming behind Satele's back, Bre stepped between the two of them, "OK, this is getting ridiculous. You two know you like each other, so what's the problem?"

"Do we have to talk about this out here?" Satele asked, getting embarrassed

"Yes we do. Now talk" Bre said, nodding towards Aramis.

"I really do like you a lot Satele and having you advance only to immediately withdraw from me seconds later really hurts." Aramis stated Stoically.

Giving a sigh, Satele turned back to Aramis, "you know I like you, I'm just not sure if I'm ready for something so.......serious. I didn't mean to offend you, I just felt overwhelmed"

"Honestly... I really don't have much experience with the whole process of being in a relationship either and it scares the hell out of me, but i do know that I am willing to venture into that territory with you, regardless of the outcome." Aramis responded in a softer tone of voice.

Satele stood there for a moment thinking over her responce. She was about to take a step back when Bre put a hand in the middle of her back between her shoulders.

"Not this time" Bre said, applying a slight bit of force

Giving a grunt, Satele bit her lip, "this is going to be a big step for me. I might not take to it like a fish to water, but I'm sure that my concience here will be there to knock some sence into me"

"I know it's a big step. I know you're scared because i am also scared but at the same time i keep being reminded of the fact that the only thing to fear is fear itself." Aramis paused for a moment. "I also know that anything worth while is worth the risk and I honestly hope that our friend doesn't need to act as your conscience." He went on to say.

"I don't think there's a power in the universe that could stop her" Satele finally cracking a smiling.

"There is one thing that can stop her but it's a word i dare not use just yet." Aramis replied with a more soft look on his face and a softer tone of voice. "Bre I assume you are aware of the word i have mentioned as well." He said looking to his new friend.

"Only word I want to hear from you is thanks" Bre said

Satele smirked, "well, we'll just have to see about that won't we" she said, turning back to Aramis, "so that flute of yours, how long did it take you to learn?"

"About 1 year to learn then another year to master so a grand total of 2 years." Aramis replied.

Getting the feeling that things had started to warm up between them, Bre quietly slipped back into the Gryffindor dorms and dissappeared

Aramis had noticed Bre leave but didn't draw attention to it. "Would you like to listen to more flute music?" he asked with a pause as something came to mind. "Or if you know how to play an instrument perhaps we can play some music together." he added.

Satele shrugged before reaching into her pocket, "it's not really an instrument, but it's something" she said, pulling out a small blue ocarina

"It's still an instrument if it can make music." Aramis said as he used his wand to summon his flute to him. A few minutes later he held out his left hand and smiled as the flute came ripping around the corner and flew right into his hand. "Shall we?" he asked with a smile while holding out his other hand as he was going to take her to the old cathedral.

Satele smiled as she took his hand, "why not" she said as they headed off down the grand staircase

Watching the two of them depart, Bre smiled, "see, I knew that's all you needed sister" she said in a half whisper before heading up to her dorm

Aramis smiled and walked with her while interlocking his fingers with hers. "so umm i suppose while we walk there we should figure out how we're going to do the whole relationship thing." he said softly. "I mean we can be really obvious about it by holding hands and occasionally snogging (kissing), or we can play it more subtly if you like; though personally, i am all for making it clear that we're both off the market." He explained.

Satele shrugged, "I think that hand holding is enough for now. I mean we are only 14"

Aramis shrugged. "Ok, works for me but i won't ever turn down snogging from you." he said to let her know that he was ok with what she had chosen while at the same time letting her know what his level of comfort was.

"Oh, you dog" Satele said, giving him a punch on the arm, "you're just a softy at heart aren't you?" In truth, Satele had thought about how serious she was about Aramis. He was the first boy she'd met who didn't seem completely self centred, and she liked that about him. But, was that all it was, just a passing fascination with this boy that was different.

"Yep i am a softy but I can also be very protective of those that i love and care for. just as I am sure you are as well." Aramis responded as he raised their joined hands up and kissed the back of her hand after making sure that there was no one around to see.

To Be Continued...

Aramis Aoi
4th year, Ravenclaw

Satele Dragomir
4th year, Gryfindor

Gabrielle 'Bre' Belikov
4th year, Gryfindor


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