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The Visitor (part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, 22nd of December, 2015 @ 5:15am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Third Year (G) Connor Franta & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (R) Jason Davis & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



Connor didn't have enough time to find a date for the ball and was not at all happy that he would be going, but being the only member of his family to attended Hogwarts in the last half century or more he was required by his family standing and the fact that he wanted to be a prefect he had to attend and make a good impression on the others.


[Great Hall
"It's called breaking the rules," Professor MacAulay said, coming up behind the two boys. "That, young man, is forbidden at Hogwarts. Now, hand me your wand." She held out her hand. "You can have it back in the morning when you explain yourself to the Head Mistress."

Richard Looks at Professor MacAulay, "Forgive me I just having fun, you don't need to take my brothers wand he didn't do anything". Richard hands over his wand and Jason goes to find some of his friends from Quidditch to talk to.

Suddenly Jason felt a great bit of pain from his ear as a hand darted out of the shadows and dragged Jason back to Richard and Professor Macaulay. The hand was attached to Professor Heartseed, head of Ravenclaw. "There are rules for a reason. Apperation within the castle is not allowed, and is dangerous, your wand, to Macaulay, Jason, now, and you both earned grounding from the night's festivities for disobeying the orders of a PROFESSOR. You're lucky she didn't assess points against your house? "

Kelly gave a wide berth to that altercation, but the word Apperation gave her pause, there were wards here to prevent Apperation that only the headmaster could release, and if they weren't working... That was a really bad sign. She filed that tidbit away for now, she was going to have fun tonight, if only by playing her pipes during the music and ruining the evening for some of the other girls tonight.

Barney didn't want to be here, but he'd skipped out on Hogsmeade and even though he'd been the one to break it off with Fiona, that didn't help him from feeling alone and betrayed in a way. She loved her books more than him in the end. He wasn't the type to curl up and sulk for long, and would at least make a showing tonight.

Jason was upset by what had happened. "It wasn't Jason's fault, he didn't know that I was gonna do what I did he should not be punished, and honestly I didn't even know that a teleportation spell was illegal but I will still take the punishment, Jason should not get punished for my actions" said Richard. Just then Jason said "We are brothers so we take it together". Jason and Richard then made their ways to the Slytherin and Ravenclaw common rooms. Jason honestly didn't mind in the end cause he knew this gave him a chance to catch up on the recent USA vs Russia Quidditch game.

"You attend class, don't you?" Professor MacAulay said to Richard. "You know apparating is only allowed for older students, AFTER they learn the proper and safe way to do it -- and NEVER at Hogwarts.. Your parents should know better. A letter will be sent to them about this incident. Having fun is no excuse for breaking the rules. What would have happened if you'd apparated into a wall? Now, you will both get your wands back tomorrow we you meet with the Headmistress. Fifty points from each of your houses. Next time, I expect you to behave."


Staircase coming down from his room was always a fun thing in Robin opinion, he had a good costume this year, the black trousers, high boots with white shirt and blue tuxedo type coat with a sash of red, the over the shoulder leather Frog that attached to his sheath of the fencing rapier. Hew even went so far as to have a small royal seal over the breast pocket of the jacket denoting one of royal blood. His hair ; thought not disheveled was not as neat as many; it was a failing of his, he could never get the hair to be quite 'perfect.' Sliding down the banister out of habit, the ascot and pin neatly fluttering a bit as he made his way down to the floor, hopping neatly off the banister before the end and just cleaning the last step.

Here is where he had been told to meet Kairi; she had hinted she would like to meet a prince for the Ball, he decided if a girl would go with him he would give her what she asked of him. Just having a real date like thing made his standing among the other second years a bit higher. He was ready to draw his wand or sword to defend her as needed.

Kairi felt very different tonight. The was no real chance to hide any more. Being a Second Year that kind of looked like most Thirds didn't really feel good for her. At least Robin treated her normally.
She came down the stairs towards the Great Hall; hoping to see Robin before the Sytherins started to pick on her. Her dress was a pearl white, shimmering in the light, she had a sash that matched Hufflepuff colors and finished with a pair of soft ballet flats that matched the dress. The real special part was the enchanted wings. It was Aunt Rini's idea to go as a Fairy. Her hair was half pinned up and the rest was left to flow over her shoulders. She had 'Prince Robin'in her sights when a bunch of Slytherin Second Years she didn't recognize started to hound her as they came down behind her.

"Maybe we should pluck her wings one at a time?" called one.

"Maybe she should keep us company, so pretty...for a Second Year." said another admiring her dress.

Kairi suddenly wanted to sink through the floor.

Maxwell save Kairi and the enchanted wings had his gaze; he moved quickly towards the boys and intercepted his 'Fairy Princess; interposing himself in between them. He put her behind him and his hand did not reach for the wand but a rapier. "The Magic has been funny of late, don't make me break out Muggle Magic on you all."

(To be continued...)

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