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The Visitor (part 3)

Posted on Monday, 11th of January, 2016 @ 3:43am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (R) Jason Davis & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Professor Euphemias Joseph & Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Fifth Year Prefect (S) Richard Davis
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



Maxwell save Kairi and the enchanted wings had his gaze; he moved quickly towards the boys and intercepted his 'Fairy Princess; interposing himself in between them. He put her behind him and his hand did not reach for the wand but a rapier. "The Magic has been funny of late, don't make me break out Muggle Magic on you all."


As Richard was making his way back to the Slytherin house common rooms he had noticed what was happening with the Slytherin second years and Maxwell and made his way over. Richard had said to them "Don't think about starting anything here, as a prefect I will not hesitate to report you. You 4 second years in Slytherin move along before you join me back in the common room, This is your only warning". With that Richard began to make his way back the the Slytherin common room but walked slowly so he could see if anything happened as he was leaving. He knew he had been punished but Richard also felt that it was still his job as a prefect to make sure other students were following the rules.He also hoped that his delay to the common room would not make the professors even more mad at him but he did what he felt was necessary.

Robin had one hand under the Prince's cloak and he gently took Kairi by the hand and and quietly urged her to follow. Not much to his surprise the Prefect had the attention and Maxwell managed to get a few steps from the four with the main hall not that far away, at the moment she is the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but a damsel in distress does take over being tongue tied about a pretty face and a much more 'girly' form for sure.

"Time to fly..." He whispered just before he wanted to quicken their pace and get those few steps to the Main Hall and away from trouble.

Kairi smiled, happy to get away from the bunch; thank goodness for Prefects. Robin was treating her so nicely. her wings fluttered behind her, about as natural as she had seen Lotus Blossom's. "Thank you, kind sir." she said softly, with a curtsey. "Nice to see you Robin." Kairi held her hands in front, her wand decorated to look like the ones she had seen in 'muggle' movies. "I had a feeling they would notice me dressed like this. It hasn't been easy since the school break, still you have been very nice." She smiled, offering her arm to head into the hall.

Robin had been taught manners and taking the offered arm was what gentlemen do, he had seen to her escape and figured that inside the great hall he would be better off watching out for her as she was more of a 'Lady' than he remembered. She had a very attractive costume, how he had gotten such a pretty girl to attend this with him arm in arm was someting of a mystery he did not want to solve.

"My Lady." He said as he opened the door for them to enter.


Jason was enjoying himself for sometimes he enjoyed being isolated. He had thought long and hard about how he will improve as a student. Jason was determined to not get into anymore trouble but as of now after watching the USA beat Russia 440 to 130 in Quidditch he wanted to be on the USA national so badly. Jason turned out the light and began to sleep. He was excited for the next day because he didn't know what could happen and he also was going to apologize to the Head Mistress about what had happened.

Richard made his way to the Head Mistresses chamber t formally apologize for what had happened. "Head Mistress I would Like to apologize for my little trick I didn't with the teleportation spell, I was unaware that they were illegal to use and I thought I was ok to use it as I have had much practice with these spells. I shall accept any punishment but please My little brother Jason has done nothing wrong and should not have had his wand taken from him".

"You should not even consider these spells until you're a seventh year and PASS the apparition class," MacAulay said. "And as a Fifth Year, you cannot possibly say that you didn't know better. You will be confined to Hogwarts for the duration of the school year. All Hogsmede privileges have been revoked."

[Great Hall]

Joseph had taken a page from the classics, he wore the sporting attire of a pirate; the long red coat over black jerkins, white hose and the buckled black shoes. A white shirt with huge ascot and a saber in an over the shoulder scabbard. He had the black hat with a white plume but no patch over his eye; that would have been annoying. He had offered his arm to escort his date, she wsas five and a half feet tall, her flowing black hair and youthful face showed she had to be a younger woman by decades compared to Joseph. Her dark piercing eyes moved all about as she walk with a grace. Her deep purple dress had a modest collar to just hint at the fact she is very desireable as a lady and one not afraid to let it be known. Her flat soled ankle boots must have been dyed to match the dress that was form fitting and pleated so to allow her to move with only a slight ruffle of the hem as she glide across the floor. It was the wings of a fairy that were most striking and real as they remain alightly together so not to be tickled by the uniform of Joseph as a pirate.

"Come Lily." Joseph beamed while walking with her, obviously smitten by her.

"Of course, this is your night." Tiger Lily replied with a sultry grin. "I am here only for you and what you would have me for." She cooed.
urroundings and of course keeping a loose eye on his little sister.

(To be continued...)

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