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The Visitor (part 4)

Posted on Monday, 11th of January, 2016 @ 3:58am by Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Third Year (G) Connor Franta & Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & Professor Euphemias Joseph & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov & First Year (R) Ayano Aoi
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

[CONTINUED from Part 3]

Aramis and Ayano reached the entrance to the Great Hall where Aramis took a few minutes to kneel down and double check his little sister's kimono. "Ok, still nice and snug... Now Ayano, I want you to have a good time but remember not to over do it ok?" he said to her as he gently patted her on the head before giving her a hug and standing back up to let her pass him and go into the Great Hall. Aramis watched her run in and took the time to adjust his Hakama a bit before confidently walking into the Hall, being very mindful of his s

"Yes Oni-sama... I promise to not over do it." Ayano said as she flushed a bit from him patting her on the head and hugging her. As soon as he stood up Ayano bolted into the Great Hall and B-lined for the punch table to get something to drink.

Seeing Ayano bolt in, Satele figured Aramis wasn't far behind. Leaving Bre to mingle, she turned towards the entrance and saw him in his Hakama. Facinated by it, Satele made her way over towards him, "what kind of dress robes are those?" She asked

Aramis turned to see Satele standing in front of him, not dressed up and was curious to as why but decided not to ask. "it is the traditional Samurai formal Hakama." he answered with a pause. "It is suppose to be accompanied by either a Tachi sword or Katana; however, I chose not to equip either and instead have hidden my wand on me as I feel more comfortable with the wand." He finished explained as he glanced to the side to make sure that his little sister was still behaving herself for the most part.

Satele was confused, "samurai? Isn't that some sort of old warrior?" She asked, never really having heard about them before.

"yes. my family has direct links to an old Samurai from the Feudal era of Japan and the Hakama has been passed down to the eldest son of each generation of the family." Aramis replied. "How come you aren't dressed up?" he finally asked as he could no longer ignore the urge to satisfy his curiosity.

Satele shrugged, "it's not really my thing. Getting all prettied up for these guys usually seems pointless"

"would you mind doing so just for me and no one else?" Aramis asked just barely above a whisper as his cheeks flushed a bit.

Satele wasn't sure how to respond. She'd never had anyone other than family ask to get dressed up for them. Swallowing, she tried to think of something to say, "" she said, feeling her face get warmer

Ayano spotted Bre and ran up to her. "you look pretty." She giggled out as she gently tugged on Bre's hand to get her attention.

Turning from the convocation she was listening to, Bre smiled, "Thankyou, so do you. That is a very unique dress" she commented

Ayano giggled. "It's a kimono... Oni-Sama is wearing one too but his is like super old compared to mine." She said as she turned to look for her brother and upon spotting him pointed towards him so Bre could see.

Bre smile grew a little, "well it's a very nice Kimono all the same. Where is your brother?"

Ayano giggled and took Bre's hand before pulling her towards her brother not even thinking to apologize from having interrupted Bre's conversation with her friends.

letting the little girl lead her where she willed, Bre soon saw Satele and Aramis and was a little surprised to see Satele turning reder by the moment. "So, what are you two love birds talking about" she asked

"Gabrielle!" Satele exclaimed. She rarely used Bre's full name except when she felt embarrassed by something that she was pointing out

Bre gave an evil smile, "what? It's true isn't it?"

"Well, yea but..." Satele said, trailing off as she looked over at Aramis, her whole face almost scarlet

Ayano looked at her brother's flushed cheeks then looked at Satele's face before noticing the lack of fancy clothing. "AWE! why no dressed up?" She asked Satele before looking back to her brother. "Oni-sama, why you blush?" She asked him.

"It's not my thing" Satele said quietly, starting to feel like she really should've dressed up at least a little

Aramis deliberately ignored his sister. "You look really good Bre." he complimented her.

Bre smiled, "thanks, you too. It's so....oriental"

Ayano frowned when her brother ignored her question. "Oh so that's why...." She commented to no one in particular as she finally clued in to why her brother was blushing a bit.

Aramis remained close to Satele yet still maintained a comfortable distance between them so as not to add fuel to the fire that had clearly been sparked.

Satele and Bre looked at each other and, as if having a psychic convosation, they both nodded, "Um, hold on a sec, we'll be back" Satele said before heading off out of the hall with Bre.

Ayano giggled as she noticed what her brother was doing. she had not seen him act in such a manner before and it was both funny and cute to her.

Aramis was confused a bit and simply blinked a few times before turning his attention back to ayano as she bolted towards one of the tables of food.


It was the height of the ball when the first 'pop' was heard; followed by a succession of pops sounding like balloons and expending the multicolored glittering confetti from teh ceiling. The traditional spcticle of the glitter slowly falling from the sky as an added effect of the celebration. It would seem that every inch of the ceiling has been hiding the magical ballons and now the blanket of reflective glitter fluttered to the ground as the music played.

Tiger Lily was standing beside Joseph as the fine mist ike cloud gently covered the attendees lke fairy dust from a popular story. If one were so inclines to have a happy thought it might have even lead to flight by the look of the 'Pixie Dust' that gettly fell upon all those attending. Tiger Lily extended her arms and with a smile slowly spun as the dust fell all about her. Her grin was even more beautiful to Joseph.

"A year not wasted for this beautiful moment." Tiger Lily said smiling as tough the whole world were for her enjoyment.

Decorations in the Great Hall began to fall from the ceiling, crashing onto tables and students with reckless abandon.

Keesha pulled out her wand and cast a spell, but nothing happened. It wasn't that she cast it wrong, it was that nothing happened. She dived for the nearest table, wondering if it was another magical blackout.

Outside, Jennifer Collins heard crashes and screams and ran inside. By then, everything that could fall on the ground was scattered in broken pieces across the floor. "Everyone," she called. "Remain calm and go back to your dormitories."

She raised her wand and silently cast a cleaning spell, but nothing happened. With a sigh she put her wand away. Tomorrow, then, when the magic returned, she would come back and help the professors clean up.


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