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Muggle Reborn

Posted on Monday, 18th of April, 2016 @ 2:05am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Madam Margarita Lopez & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir & Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Location: Great Hall
Timeline: The morning after "The Visitor"


Maggie spent most of the night in the Headmistress' office dealing with students who thought Halloween was a night for pranks at Hogwarts.

So it wasn't until early the next morning that she got to the Great Hall to assess the damage. "Oh, mercy me," she whispered. "Whatever brought this on?"

"I think it was another magical blackout, Professor," Jennifer said, coming into the room. "Everything fell and none of our magic worked."

Maggie turned to Jennifer. "But, Miss Collins, if the magic failed, the decorations would disappear, not crash to the ground."

Jennifer looked around. "You're right." It didn't make a lot of sense that magically-created decorations would break and magic not work. She raised her wand and again cast a clean-up spell. Again, nothing happened. "Still not working," she told the Professor.

Maggie raised an eyebrow, then her wand. With a flick of the wand, all the decorations collected into a pile and disappeared. "Mine is working." She looked Jennifer over carefully, then raised her wand again and cast a spell on the girl.

Maggie walked around the seventh-year, carefully assessing her. "Oh, dear."

"What?" Jen asked, growing concerned.

"It's not the magic in Hogwarts that's gone. It's YOUR magic. You're completely Muggle, my dear."

"I'm what?" Jen turned to stare at the Professor. "I can't be."

"The spell doesn't lie. Go to see Nurse Lopez and see if she can find otu what's wrong. In the meantime, I need to talk to the other professors. Everyone who attended the ball will need to be tested."

Jennifer nodded and headed to see the nurse, praying that the problem was easily curable.

Maggie watched her go, then headed back to the Headmistress's office to talk to Penelope.

Standing outside the hospital wing, Satele was pacing back and forward waiting to hear news about her friend Bre who's magical abilities seemed to have completely vanished. Hearing someone coming down the hall, she looked over to see Jennifer walking towards her, "Hay Jennifer, what's up?" She asked, kinda curious as to why she'd be coming to the hospital wing.

"Hi!" Jennifer said. "My magic's not working right. Why are you here?"

Satele was surprised, "my friend Bre is having the same problems, I brought her down here to get checked out. Mine seems fine for now. What could be causing this? First the magic blackout and now this?"

"I wish I knew," the Head Girl replied.

Aramis came firing around the corner, his little sister in his arms and blew past Satele and into the medical room. He had been moving with extreme purpose and the gust of air he was creating from his movement was intense because he was running flat out. "Doctor!!!!!!!!" He called out as he put his sister on an empty bed.

Margarita came out of a side room where she'd been treating Gabrielle and hurried over to the boy. "What happened?"

"It's... my... sister, she's... not feeling... well and... before she.... passed out... she said... something... about... no... magic." Aramis stated while breathing heavily to catch his breath. "I was... using mine... earlier so... I apparently... wasn't affected." He added.

Margarita took the girl and laid her on an empty bed. "She's not the only one affected. Something happened during the Ball last night that took away their magic."

She waved her wand over the girl and nodded. "Yes. She's been cursed, too." Maggie turned to the boy. "She'll be fine -- except for the loss of magic. We're doing what we can to break the curse, but it may take time."

Aramis nodded. "I have faith that you will prevail. if there's anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to ask." He said as he looked at his sister as a ball of intense anger swelled up inside him.

Walking into sickbay, Satele walked over to Aramis and put a hand on his arm, "are you alright?" She asked quietly

"Physically yes... emotionally... far from it... i want to find the person that did this and make them reverse it before ending them." Aramis replied quietly but with clear anger in his voice. "I am guessing Bre was also affected."

Satele nodded, "it looks that way. I knew I should've gone down with her. Maybe I could've done......something"

"if either of us had been there until the very end we'd be joining them in beds of our own." Aramis said as he gave Satele a warm yet gentle hug.

Satele shook her head, "I've never heard of a spell that can do this. Sure you can remove memories easily enough, but this is like removing someone's personality"

"Neither have I, but it is quite apparent that you have been cursed," Margarita said. "The problem now is finding out what the curse is and reversing it. That, I'm afraid, will take time. Until then, all students should stay in the castle where you're safe and be careful!"


Professor Margaret MacAulay
Deputy Headmistress

Jennifer Collins
Head Girl

Satele Dragomir

Aramis Aoi


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