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Matters of the Heart

Posted on Saturday, 27th of February, 2016 @ 8:54am by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi & Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir
Edited on on Saturday, 27th of February, 2016 @ 8:54am

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

Aramis had received a letter from his father and upon reading it turned ghost white. it was written in japanese calligraphy but Aramis knew exactly what it was saying and definitely was no liking it. he immediately pulled his wand out and incinerated the letter, got up from the table and left.

Ayano watched and was now wondering what was going on and what the letter said that would make her big brother react the way he was.

Sitting at the Gryffindor table with Bre, Satele glanced up just at the right time to see Aramis quickly stand up and start to walk out. Excusing herself from the conversation she was in, she hurried after Aramis, hoping to catch him before he got too far ahead

“Hay, Aramis!!” Satele called once she left the hall

Aramis cursed under his breath. “Hi Satele, what’s up?” he asked as cheerfully as he could while smiling.

“Maybe that's what I should be asking you. What did you receive in mail today? You seem quite disturbed by it and that worries me”

“My Father wishes me to do something that i’d rather not do.” Aramis replied.

“Oh come on, surely it can't be that bad” Satele said, that this was just like some visit to an annoying relative.

Before Aramis could answer, a crow flew up and landed on Satele’s shoulder. Giving the crow a scratch under its beak, she took the letter from it in exchange for a little bit of food. Noticing the letter was from her father, she decided to put it away for later, “so what is it that your father wants you to do?”

“I can’t tell you because you’ll get mad.” Aramis responded “And the last thing i want to do is make you angry at something that i have no intentions of doing because it would be going against every fiber of my being.” he added as a tear dropped down his cheek. He really hated that he was being placed in such a position. his heart was breaking because he was being forced to choose between family honor and love.

Satele just became more confused, “what are you talking about? What aren't you going to do. You know that I'm always willing to help if it's something difficult” she said, moving closer to him and taking hold of his hand.

“I know that but this time you can’t help because if you do then something tragic will happen and I don't’ want to be the cause for it… I can’t be the cause for it.” he said, his voice becoming very shaky.

Gripping his hand tightly, Satele tried to make him give her a straight answer, “the cause of what? What do you mean something tragic will happen? You’re not making any sense”

Aramis resigned to his fate in the situation sighed heavily. “Your death.” he said as he looked away shamefully.

Satele was shocked speechless. From all of the choices she could think of for him to say that wasn't one of them. Letting go of his hand, Satele took a step back from him, “wait, what are you saying?” She asked with a pause, “why did your father ask you to kill…..” She said, trailing off as a thought occurred to her. Quickly taking out the letter she'd just received, she practically ripped open the envelope and started reading.

“My father already made his first move.” he said as he turned to walk away. he paused long enough to give satele a chance to strike him down if she so felt like it; he wouldn’t have blamed her damned her for it either.

After almost ten minutes of silence between them, Satele dropped her hands, revealing the look of shock on her face, which was as pale as it could get. “No. No. This has to be a joke” she said, looking up at Aramis hoping that it was a joke and he was in on it, but all she saw was his look of shame. “How……” She said, scrunching up the letter in her hand, “so, you were told to kill me while your father killed my mother. Was it one of the other pure blood families? I guess it doesn't matter now” she said, shoving the letter into her pocket before deciding what to do.

“I don’t know but I refuse to do as my father commands…” he trailed off for a moment. “I can’t do it. so you might as well strike me down now.” Aramis said as he dropped to his knees and waited to hear the words of the spell that would end his life.

Not believing him, Satele decided to follow his suggestion, but instead of using magic like she assumed Aramis’ father did, she chose to give him a very forceful punch to the face, “no, I'm not going to kill you. You won't get off that easily” she said, starting to walk towards the staircase.

“My life is already forfeit whether at your hands, another assassin’s, or my father’s. i am already marked for death because i have refused to comply by incinerating his letter.” Aramis got up and summoned his sword to him and started to walk away. “At least promise me that you’ll take care of Ayano and raise her to be different. That is all I ask of you.” he said as he neared the outside doors.

“You can do that yourself” Satele said, quickly turning around and drawing her wand, “Stupify” she said, knocking him out. It was fortunate that no one else was around as Satele’s cheeks and eyes were completely bloodshot from the tears rolling down her face. Looking at her wand, she threw it so it landed beside Aramis, “this is a matter of honour. Something I assumed you would understand” she said finally before almost running up the stairs towards the Gryffindor dorms.

Aramis got up a few minutes later, saw the wand. “Stupid girl. you really don’t understand. I destroyed my honor by refusing the commands of my father and the only way to get it back is to fight him to the death and either die a warrior or end him.” he cursed under his breath. he pulled 2 pieces of parchment and wrote letters to both Bre and Ayano. to Bre he wrote ‘Dear Bre, Please forgive me for asking this of you, but please take good care of my sister and raise her like she was your own. Also it has been a pleasure and honor to know you and call you my friend.’ To his sister he wrote. ‘My dearest little sister, I have to ask you not to come after me and to do everything that Bre asks of you as very soon you will probably be all that is left of our clan. I have shamed myself and our clan by refusing our father’s command in the name of love and now i must either kill him and our mother or die trying in order to regain my honor and the honor of our clan. I am sorry’ He signed both letters with his name and placed them down next to Satele’s wand and left the castle using non magic means to travel and fend for himself.

To Be Continued.

A JP by:

Aramis Aoi
4th Year, Ravenclaw.


Satele Dragomir
4th Year, Gryfindor


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