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Dealing with Disaster (part 1)

Posted on Friday, 15th of July, 2016 @ 4:07am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Lotus Blossom

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

[Great Hall]

Maxwell wanted to get to the Great Hall for breakfast, his book bag slung over a shoulder and wand in place, he had done his exercises, and fed Tripod; who seemed to be in a more foul mood today as he wanted to go for a ride on the bicycle. "You know that I have Herpetology soon and maybe at Lunch we can take a quick ride?" He had been gathering his books when Tripod tilt the head and looked at him. "No... I mean it." Maxwell cut the cat off in mid sentence it seemed. "I am not going to skip the study group because you want to feel a faster breeze on your whiskers." HE told the cat and darted out the door.

Sliding down the banister he was not going to miss breakfast either.

After the situation with Ayano and Bre, Jennifer was eager to have breakfast and then try to find out what caused her to lose her magic. She walked into the great hall and was pleased to see that there was food on the table, so the curse didn't affect the house elves or the castle proper, and from what she saw this morning, it didn't affect the eachers, either. More information she could use when she went to the library. Going to class was pretty much useless as she couldn't actually DO anything, so the library was her best option.

[Rafters of Great Hall]

Tiger Lily lay on her stomach; feel kicked up behind her and crossed at the ankles, her black hair in a ponytail and she felt quite the relaxed feeling in her. The fact there were all sorts of problems just filled her wiht glee; she watched teh 'Brat HUmans' trying to deal with a long coming process. There was no magic flying about; the place was like a dead zone. Tiger Lily smiled and laughed as she looked down at the kids; those spoiled ones of 'breeding' trying to act like those who are not with magic. The sheer terror in having to do things with their hands and those wands not working just nearly caused a belly laugh to Tiger Lily.

"They should be pulling out their hair by now." SHe commented. "Maybe I should go watch that?" The slight movement closer to the tables caught Tiger Lily's eyes; she turned her head and perked up, her head comong off her hands and she nearly rose off the rafter, she blinked several times in astionishment. "No, no, no, no..." Tiger Lily said in her Voice. "This 'CANNOT BE HAPPENING!" She said very loudly for a Faire just before diving off the rafter taking flight.

Closer to the kitchen doors Lotus Blossom was moving with quiet stealth, fluttering up to the buffet type table and using the large serving bowls for cover. How she ended up in the kitchen she did nto know; well at least in the kitchen of the "Adults under construction' kitchen, she had just been in the KItched of another Inn just seconds ago.

Moving with care so not to bring attention to herself; she did not smell the really good stuff but there were some of the foods that had sweetness to them and she could just get to them. The slight movement of aircurrents, the hair in the back of her neck stood up and she felt something was not right so she ducked below the level of the thing flashing past her; the games of tag with teh bird taught Lotus Blossom reflexes from being attacked from above.

"What are you doing here?" Tiger Lily demanded as she arced around as Lotus Blossom gazed up in horror at the Dark haired faire coming around for another attack. "You cannot be here... you are physically not suppose to be here?"

Lotus Blossom put her hands up and shrugged her soulders, the sound of bells from her movements were being heard. Glancing about there were defineetly being noticed as the voice of Tiger Lily hada slight echo. Looking back in just enough time to see Tiger Lily Grab Lotus Blossom by the shoulders and the momentium knocked over the bowl that was behind Lotus onto the ground to shatter.

"Now I can really show you what I think of you!" Tiger Lily bellowed in her faire voice.

In a very unfeminine move; but one of survival, Lotus blossome used her lege and Tiger's proximity straddling her and while it would expose her bloomers as she flipped the dark haired faire over Lotus to land flat on her back with surprise. Not letting a good oppurtunity Lotus Blossom rolled off the table and taking low level flight right now, gaining some speed as she started her ascent and right down the center table slowly gaining alittude so not to lose too much speed.

"Come back her you Cutsie Thing!" Tiger Lily growled and ran a few steps and dove into flight to give chase to Lotus she was buzzing the children's heads as she took all her speed she could muster. "I am going to break you down for the magical thing you are!" SHe vowed as she started to gain on Lotus.

Lotus knew she was not the fastest flyer in the Faire world, at 11inches tall she was much larger than most, but Tiger Lily should not be able to give chase; or even touch her yet it was a race and of Lotus lost she knew what Tiger would do to her. SHe was slowing alightly to give Tiger Lily a chance to get closer and start to reach for her. Taking her arms down then bringing them back up she tucked like a backward tumble ; let her wings hurt a bit but really retard her speed and drop like a rock out of Tiger Lily's grasp. There was something to said about playing tag with really fast bird; Lotus learned some maneuvers that were strange but able to get away from Tiger Lily with fancy flying.

Lotus Blossom peeled off in a roll and headed for the Kitchen; she knew her way around there and could lose Tiger Lily...

(To be continued...)

Robin Maxwell
Jennifer Collins
Tiger Lily
Lotus Blossom


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