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Journey home.

Posted on Monday, 23rd of May, 2016 @ 11:22pm by Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

As aramis made his way out of the castle he stopped as 2 assassin’s came out of the shadows and confronted him. “So you’ve finally chosen to leave the safety of the school… foolish of you. Very foolish.” Said one of the assassins as he and his partner both drew their swords.

“Actually it’s the other way around. It was very foolish of you to come after me. You’re only making it easier for me to wipe the clan out.” Aramis countered as he drew his katana and without warning lunged forward catching the first assassin completely off guard and taking his head off with little resistance however the second one had managed to react and was now engaging Aramis in combat.

“You’ll pay for that one.” The woman stated as she swung wildly with her sword. Aramis smirked as he parried each blow. “Not with that kind of sloppy swordsmanship.” He stated matter of factly as he switched from defense and went on the offensive. The woman was now wide eyed as she was being pushed back and with each strike she parried she was getting fatigued as each strike from Aramis came with more strength behind it then the last until finally he had cut through her sword and slashed her across the chest before spinning around and ending her with a well placed strike that became apparent as his sword made a ‘click’ sound as it seated firmly back inside it’s scabbard.

Aramis gave a few moments of time to remember the fight and remember those that he had just slain in honorable combat before continuing on his way. ”If that’s the best you can send father you’re screwed.” Aramis thought to himself as he took to the shadows to mask his movements as he had been taught to do.

After a few hours of constant travelling Aramis set up a makeshift camp for himself to sleep for the night. He did make a fire as he knew that would only serve to draw attention to himself during the night. As he slept the sound of a snapping branch woke him up and alerted him to the presence of someone lurking in the shadows. He grabbed his sword as he stood up and he very slowly and quietly drew the sword and got ready. A few moments later a little rabbit had come bounding out of the nearby shrubs and disappeared. Aramis sighed in relief as he sheathed his sword and went back to sleep.

[Next day]

Aramis had woken up early and set out to continue his travel towards the mountain based home of the Aoi Clan. As he travelled he did his best to keep himself hidden but at the half day mark as he had stopped for a rest and some food he made a temporary camp to rest. He was just finishing his soup and had heard a twig snap which alerted him to the fact that someone was approaching. He grabbed his sword and waited. A moment later as the leaves rustled from behind him he spun around while drawing his sword and making 6 different slash moves.. The first was done as he had drawn the sword which lead to a shinobi coming into plain view while falling forward, first onto his knees and then completely flat as his head separated from the rest of his body. The other 5 shinobi while falling shortly after that had managed to capitalize on the momentary opening from the first strike and landed a slash of their own.

Aramis roared in pain from the shallow cuts and staggered a bit but remained on his feet as he sheathed his sword only to reach inside his clothing and pull out a special alchemic ointment that was designed to seal wounds and heal them. He immediately began treating his wounds before grabbing his gear and vanishing into the distance as he continued on his way.

[3 Days later- London England]

Aramis had been traveling for 4 days now and had met with a lot of resistance from both the Hawke and Aoi Clan’s Shinobi and Samurai and he had sustained more minor cuts and slashes to his body but had ultimately won each engagement and left a trail of dead bodies in his wake. ”May the deities forgive me for the amount of blood I am spilling. But I must continue doing so in order to reclaim my honor and correct a grievous transgression that was perpetrated against the family of the woman I love.” Aramis thought to himself as he continued on his way towards his family’s home in the Hakkoda mountains. Aramis looked around a bit as he purchased a first class ticket to Tokyo Japan before heading through security. He had checked his luggage and paid the necessary duties and declarations for his sword so that it could transit with him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that someone had been following him the whole time but who it was he was not sure as whoever it was made no attempt to attack him or get close enough for him to smell or see the person.

Aramis boarded the plane and began his 18hr flight towards Japan, towards the lair of the beast that was his family.

[19 hours later]

Aramis had touched down in Tokyo Japan and was now making his way towards the outskirts of the city where he would set up a temporary camp for the night. “I hope Ayano is behaving herself back at Hogwarts.” Aramis commented out loud as he found the perfect place to make camp for the night.

[5 Days since Leaving Hogwarts]

Aramis had been granted a full day's reprieve from attacks from his family’s assassin’s, Shinobi, and protectors, Samurai, and he had been grateful for it despite knowing that it was only because they had temporarily lost track of him. True to form as he started his 5th day of his journey he had encountered the forces of his family and was very slowly craving them up and making his way towards the Hakkoda Mountains which was nearly 6 days away on foot as by travelling on foot would allow him to better mask his presence and additionally allow him to kill more of his family’s forces before finally taking out his family.

Around noon he had come across the 12th contingent of forces from his family and had managed to dispatch them while keeping his own injuries to a minimum but this time instead of immediately continuing on his way he took out a piece of parchment and writing pen with ink and left a message for his father stabbed into the dead beheaded body of one of the Shinobi with his tanto.


Chichi wa, watashi wa anata no atama no tame ni kite imasu. Shi no tame ni anata jishin o junbi shimasu. Anata no imawashī musuko, aramisu Aoi kōki mata, shi no junbi o suru haha to ezura o oshietekudasai.

Translation= Father, I am coming for your head. Prepare yourself for death.

Your loathsome son,

Aramis Aoi

P.S. Tell Mother and Ezra to also prepare for death.

Aramis continued travelling towards his family home for another 2 hours, zigzagging the whole time to throw off the hounds. Finally after having been walking and fighting for 18 hours Aramis set up camp for the night

[10 Days]

It had been a very hard and painful 5 day journey to the base of Hakkoda Mountain for Aramis and it was now the 5th and final day of his journey he now only had to spend three quarters of his day ascending the mountain path that lead to his family’s compound. He knew that by now his father had received the message he had left and knew that his father would have spent the past 4 days and now three quarters of this 5th day wondering when the reaper that was his own eldest son would arrive to claim the lives of his family.

“Watashi wa sukauto tōjisha ga baizō shitai to watashi wa subete no shinobu to samurai wa, kagōbutsu no karera no patorōru o baizō kaishi shimasu. Watashi no fuwatari no musuko wa kyō, ikutsu ka no pointo ni tōchaku shimasu.” Ryuuichi stated to his captain of the guards.

Translation: “I want scouting parties doubled and i want all shinobi and samurai to start doubling up their patrols of the compound. My dishonored son will arrive at some point today.”

“Hai watashi no denka.” The captain said with a quick bow before turning and leaving the room.

Translation: Yes my lord

Mere moments later the ringing of a large bronze bell and the beating of 2 large taiko drums could be heard across the compound which echoed throughout the mountains. Which was the call to arms for all Shinobi and Samurai. This call to arms also represented the call to ‘battle stations.’ as well and was only used when threat of attack to the compound was perceived or witnessed by the guards.

[High noon]

Aramis was now only 4 hours away from his family home and could hear the bell and rapid beats of the drums as they echoed off the cliff faces of the mountain. “So he’s definitely got the message and is clearly scared shitless and preparing a very warm reception of fresh troops for me to send to the afterlife.” He chuckled out as he spotted another scouting party and charged them head on, killing them all in short succession. Aramis took a deep breath and yelled out “Otōsan! Tamashī no shinigami ga chikadzukimasu. Anata no shi no jikan wa chikaku seichō shimasu.”

Translation: FATHER! The Reaper of souls approaches. the hour of your death grows near.

Ryuuichi heard those echoing words and growled as sent for his sword.

[Late afternoon- Aoi Clan compound]

Aramis had finally reached the gates to his clan’s compound and with a deafening roar charged forward attacking the guards at the gate before starting his indiscriminate slaughtering of the troops that belonged to his family.

END- or is it??????

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