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Good Intentions (part 2)

Posted on Sunday, 8th of May, 2016 @ 9:12pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov & First Year (R) Ayano Aoi
Edited on on Sunday, 8th of May, 2016 @ 9:19pm

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...

[CONTINUED from Part 1]


Taking a deep breath, Bre started to explain, "well, for some reason, Aramis' father has killed Satele's mother and Aramis was instructed to kill Satele, but he chose not to and some how that stripped him of his honour so in order to regain it he is going to kill his father. Now Satele has left on some foolish revenge quest."


Ayano eventually stopped crying and mustered up some courage and strength. "M-my family dates back to feudal Japan, we are a blend between Ninja's and Samurai. we heavily believe in the Bushido way of living." She explained as she knew that most people wouldn't really understand how her family operated unless it was explained to them.

"we have a very strict code of honor that we must follow and by disobeying our father's command my brother disgraced himself and the family. the only options he has are to either carry out our fathers command or kill my father and anyone that stands in the way." Ayano continued to explain.

"F-fo-for whatever stupid reason my brother refused out of his love for Satele so now my brother has to kill our father and anyone else that stands in his way in order to regain his honor and the honor of the family." She stuttered a bit.

Bre shrugged, "I know it's not a very Brittish idea, but this is an unusual situation. I imagine Aramis will already be too far from hogwarts to stop, but you might be able to talk some sence into Satele before she does something stupid that can't be undone"

"I-I- I can track my brother. I know how he moves, know the best way to get home without drawing attention and I know what I am looking for when it comes to tracking his exact path." Ayano carefully offered up.

"No Ayano, we can't leave the castle" Bre said, wrapping her arm around her shoulders, "besides, even if we do, I don't think we could do much to change the situation"

Ayano wanted to object but she knew that doing so would mean disobeying both her Onii-sama and Bre.

"At the same time, if you don't tell the headmistress, you could all be expelled," Jennifer said quietly. "She needs to know what's going on, if for no other reason than to protect all of you."

"My brother told me not to follow him and to do as Bre told me and then asked bre to take care of me. Besides our family's assassins will be going after my brother, not me since it was onii that disobeyed father." Ayano said grimly. "We are trained to use alchemy and things such as swords, bows and arrows, darts and a blow gun, and throwing stars to assassinate people." she paused for a moment.

"Onii has only been teaching me evasion, tracking, and self defense skills which includes use of a sword and bows and arrows. He has also been teaching me alchemy a little bit too." she stopped to blow her nose... "Onii said he wants a different life for me so he has been disobeying father's wishes for me to be trained exactly the same way as onii is trained." Ayano finished explaining before starting to realize what that meant and starting to shake in fear as her eyes started welling up again.

"Did you not realize that Hogwarts is a safe place? The protections on the castle would protect you, as would the professors, if you'd turned to them," Jennifer said. At the same time, she also understood why they wanted to keep this from anyone else.

"Y-You don't get it... I they want to get in they will. Shinobi of our family are very ski...." Ayano started to explain but trailed off as quickly ducked in behind Bre and started to shake like a leaf and whimper.

Looking around at Ayano, Bre looked around for what she could be hiding from, "what is it?" She said, putting a hand inside her robe, reaching for her wand.

A few moments later a Shadow in the corner seemed to fluctuate as a woman dressed from head to toe in black cloth with a red headband that had an 2 japanese characters made of iron on it. "I have come for the girl... hand her over." the woman coldly said as she reached back and placed a hand on the hilt of her sword. "There are 3 others already in the Castle. We already know the traitor Aramis is gone so he cannot protect her."

Drawing her wand, Bre pointed it at the woman, "Ayano had plenty of protection right here" she said, remembering her sparing sessions with Satele. Moving to the duelling posture Satele had taught her, Bre prepared herself.

Ayano clung to Bre's backside. "B-Be Careful. She might not be as well trained as Onii-sama but she's still dangerous." She said softly.

The shinobi drew her sword and readied herself. "You know you're never going to win because even if you take me down you're going to have to deal with the other 3." She stated coldly.

"Petrificus Totalis" a voice shouted from the doorway. The Shinobi fell to the ground, unable to move.

Professor MacAulay walked into the dorm room. "Someone let them into the Castle," she said. "The paintings warned us. The others have been immobilized."

The Professor turned to the girls. "Now, who is going to explain?"

"They weren't let in... They infiltrated the castle. They're after me because my Onii-sama has been disobeying my fathers commands to train me in the family trade and now because he's also disobeyed fathers kill order for Onii-chans girlfriend." Ayano said as she continued to kling to Bre's backside out of fear

"Dumb move lady... You have just interfered in the matters of the Aoi clan. They will send more of us to both capture the girl and eliminate you or they may just go after the rest of your family first." the immobilized shinobi stated before breaking something in her mouth and immediately started to not only froth at the mouth but going into full cardiac arrest only to die a moment later.

(To be continued...)

Gabrielle Belikova, Fourth Year
Ayano Aoi, First Year
Jennifer Collins, Seventh Year
Shinobi, NPC
Professor Margaret MacAulay


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