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Bonds of Friendship (part 2)

Posted on Friday, 15th of July, 2016 @ 4:39am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & First Year (R) Ayano Aoi
Edited on on Friday, 15th of July, 2016 @ 4:40am

Mission: Another School Year, Another ...
Timeline: During "Dealing with Disaster (part 2)"



"But we're in Britain," Jen said. "And you're a witch. That does change things -- for you and your brother, anyway."


"Big brother and I are only here because father wants us to learn this type of magic so that the clan will get stronger through Brother and I." Ayano said fairly quietly. "father is obsessed with power and is stuck in the old ways." She giggled suddenly while donning a devious smile.

"You'd probably be a really good match for Aramis, probably better than the girl he's chasing right now." She started giggling even more.

Jen shook her head vehemently. "No, thank you. I have a boyfriend, and we have plans for after we graduate. Besides, his family is much like yours. They wanted him to marry a pure-blood and are quite displeased with his decision to choose me." Then she grinned. "Perhaps Satelle will be good for your brother?"

"she has much to learn about how to handle life with a clan like ours and that's not even counting the fact that while brother is trained to the same degree father is he's still very kind and can be pretty protective." Ayano giggled. "Brother is very honor driven." she commented. "you should still get to know brother too. he's not bad once you get past that standoffish side of him. never hurts having someone like him as a friend either. But i claim first dibs on that friendship." She giggled again. "here give it a spin." She said as she drew her sword completely out of its sheath before safely presenting it to Jen to take hold of. "wield it a bit and get a feel for it as you examine all of it's deadly beauty." She offered with a kind smile on her face.

Jen thought Ayano had much to learn about the world outside her clan, but she wasn't going to say anything about that. She took the sword carefully by the hilt and hefted it. She'd read about how traditional Japanese swords were made and found it fascinating. She was surprised at how well-balanced it was. "I'm a scholar first and foremost," she admitted. "I'm far more comfortable doing research than fighting, although I do appreciate a good blade. I have a knife in my room that often comes in handy."

"Ah you mean tanto." Ayano said as she rummaged around in her trunk a big more before pulling out a sheathed tanto. "she paused for a moment. "this would probably be more to your taste." She said as she handed it to Jen with one hand while using the other to safely retrieve her sword. a few seconds later she had done the trademark flick of the blade as if she was clearing it of blood before placing it back into its sheath and setting it back in her trunk. "when's your birthday?" She asked curiously.

"January," Jen replied, looking over the blade carefully. "Yes, this is definitely more my style. It's beautiful. Doesn't it take years to learn how to make a Samurai sword?"

"Yes but Brother is much older than me and we do have a sword smith and blacksmith that work in our family's compound." Ayano giggled. "you know you can ask me anything you like. not like i have any ground shaking secrets to hide."

"Can you explain to me again why your brother had to leave Hogwarts?" Jen asked.

"H-he said he had to go and restore his honor after refusing to comply with father. S-said that i might end up becoming an orphan in the process." Ayano replied with sadness in her voice. "He even asked Bre to take care of me as though i were her little sister in his absence. He also told me to obey Bre but it's not always easy."

"You don't restore honor by killing your family," Jen said. "You restore your honor by doing something honorable. Murdering family is not honor."

"nor does being ordered by your father to kill the person you love. or being ordered to teach your sister to be an assassin." Ayano countered. "my brother refused to teach me to be like he was taught to be. he refused to kill the girl he loves and so far he's done everything he can to protect me and her from father." Ayano continued to say as she reflected on some of her own feelings. "you know before now i was actually mad at my brother for not doing as father ordered him to do where Satele was concerned because..." She trailed off and started to bite her lower lip with trepidation.

"Because I love my brother dearly and i thought that Satele was trying to take him away from me." She finally said knowing how others might view what she had just said. "But i know now that it was foolish of me to think like that and i hope that brother comes back with Satele so I can apologise to both of them for being so mean to Satele." she added with a bit of a smile on her face now.

"I hope so, too," Jen said. "And I hope he doesn't get thrown in Azkaban for what he's doing."

"Brother was at the party like me which means he doesn't have magic to use right now and even if he did, in something like he's doing now he would never use it anyways." Ayano explained. "i also know my brother well enough to know that if he survives he'll come back and face whatever punishment he must. As for the dead ninja that were missing heads... that's got my brother's signature written all over it though i know he would only strike like that if he was attacked first." She continued with a pause as looked at her stuff.

"For as long as i can remember brother has never attacked first... only acted in self defense. he's not like father and i would imagine father has been trying to get rid of him for a long time but i can't really say because i don't know and every time i try to ask brother about why he and father don't see eye to eye brother changes the subject." Ayano finished as she started to put her stuff away.

That wasn't quite what Jen remembered Ayano saying when Professor MacAulay was here, but she wasn't going to bring that up. "I hope everything works out for you and your brother," she said.

Jen gave Ayano back the history she'd been perusing. "Much as I've enjoyed this talk, and getting to know you better, I need to head back to the Great Hall. I didn't see Reg last night and I need to find him." She gave the young girl a hug. "We'll talk later. I promise."

Then Jen hurried downstairs to see if she culd find Reg and talk to him before he went to class.


Jennifer Collins
Ayano Aoi



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