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Dealing with Disaster (part 4)

Posted on Tuesday, 2nd of August, 2016 @ 10:36pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Fourth Year (G) Gabrielle "Bre" Belikov & Third Year (S) Violet Price & Evil Minion Tiger Lily & Lotus Blossom
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Mission: Another School Year, Another ...



"That's against the rules at Hogwarts," Jennifer replied soberly. Even though the girl was new, she should know that there were some things that were strictly forbidden in and around the castle. From what she'd heard from other students, that sort of thing did happen a lot at Hogsmede. "I want to talk to him about what's been going on and if there's anything we as Head Boy and Girl can do to help." And maybe do a little cuddling. She missed cuddling with Reg and watching old TV shows.


"Uh. Jen? This is my step sister Violet." Reg said as he took a step back and cleared his throat softly. "Vi? This is Jennifer Collins. My girlfriend."

Violet smiled as she placed her hands on her skirt and lifted it slightly as she curtsied. She politely powered her head, as if participating in one of her many pageants before standing back up straight and placing her hands back in front of her. "Charmed."

"Hi," Jen said politely. "Nice to meet you." She had learned a fair amount about Violet from overhearing the Professors talk. The fact that Reg hadn't mentioned her before now didn't help change her opinion. But Jen hoped that being at Hogwarts would help the girl mellow out, as it had her brother.


Ayano came rushing down the stairs like a super-charged hyper 5 year old, giggling the whole time as she started searching for Bre.

Slowly making her way down the stairs, Bre felt a little off today, as if she had a cold or something. Hearing someone come bouncing down the stairs behind her, she stepped to one side to let the pass before continuing.

Ayano came to a screeching halt, turned around and once she saw that it was Bre she had blown past ran right at her. "Bre, Bre, Bre!" she giggled.


[Main Halls]

Lotus Blossom was fast, she knew that if that ohter creature of a Faire caught her it is all over; her wings wer flapping vigerously; she came to a curve near the base of a tower; the fact she had kept ahead of Tiger Lily was a feat in itself. Lotus had maneuverability as well as speed; little subtle leans put her body into a diffrent course slightly when needed.

"You cannot fly forever and I will catch you." Tiger Lily vowed as she pushed her wings and herself like never before; oppurtunities like this are not supposed to present themselves so Tiger was not gng to lose her chance.

Coming into the turn Tiger Lily had gained a small distance; reaching out just abit she could almost touch the shoe of Lotus Blossom, just a little more pain in her wings and she would grab that foot and then pull that little cute thing back and make her not so pretty in short order. The altitude was in the center of the corridor; watching Lotus was an advantage the subtle moving of her body, shifting of weight and hint of direction. Being the one chasing did have al Tiger Lily needed to finally have her vengence for Lotus Blossom and her creation as a whole. This would stop just after this turn...

Tiger suddenly felt pressure around her torso as her course dropped down and away from Lotus Blossom; the hand around her pinned her left arm but her right was still free to move as she stopped all motion of her own in the adjacent stairwell. SHe had to admit her head was light and her wings partly crumbled but not really harmed just very firmly remaining motionless.

"Who do you think you are!" Tiger Lily Screamed.

"You do not have time to chase other fairies," he almost growl of a baritone voice warned as she was turned to face the face that had snatched her out of flight.

"It was Lotus Blossom..." Tiger Lily told him. "Let me go..."

"SIlence..." THE voice told her.

Just as the Student Robin Maxwell went racing by chasing Lotus Blossom. "Lotus.. it is me." Maxwell called after her without stopping.

"What is 'HE' doing chasing us...." Tiger seethed.

"Obviously a tracking spell." The Man replied with an air of couriosity. "Seems you missed one."

"I did not miss any of my targets." Tiger gave a growl in her throat with her words. "That Damn pretty one protected him."

"That seems hard to believe."

"Well she did, made it so I could not get to him." Tiger admit begrudgingly.

"Well the purebloods will see a Muggle with powers..." THe Voice chuckled. "They will deal with him." He started up the steps. "COme along My Tiger Lily, we should see how Lotus Blossom got here, this will be interesting.

Kelly had heard the news, moreso because of the cats. Those who had been at the ball had lost their power, but magic was being spotty even for those who hadn't gone. Kelly had lived with magic her whole life, and wasn't about to go around defenseless. She entered the quidditch storehouse and walked to where the equiptment was stored. A quick lift and she had what she wanted, her beater bat. Even if she lost her magic she wouldn't be completely helpless. She fastened it to her belt-no pretty skirts today, no, trousers were the order of the day. She wrapped her robe around her against the chill in the air and headed back to the dorms and breakfast. She didn't think classes would be held, but there would be more news of that at breakfast...


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