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As the blinders come off

Posted on Friday, 2nd of December, 2016 @ 5:14am by Madam Margarita Lopez & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (H) James Lowell III

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Hogwarts

Barney was out for his morning run, and as usual he was skirting the edge of the forest. He'd learned of the loss of his magic early on, but hadn't given serious thought to what it might mean and all its implications. He'd never really faced danger on his runs, so long as he didn't wander into the forest, there was usually nothing more dangerous than a turned ankle or a bruised shin.

This wasn't the case today, though, and Barney was now quite literally running for his life. He'd never seen a spider that big in his life, had never wanted to see a spider that big. He sure as heck didn't expect to be chased by one, but as magic surely was breaking down, so were the wards that surrounded the castle, including the ones that kept the creatures of the forest in the forest.

Barney sprang to the top of a stone wall, flinging himself over the top and rolling as he hit bottom. He didn't turn, but heard the scrabbling as the spider was surely gaining on him. He was heading now down towards the lake, unsure if the spider could swim or not, but damn sure he wasn't going to lead the spider back towards the school. He wasn't going to risk other students to save his own skin.

James heard Barney coming towards him, the heavy booted feet, and turned. His eyes shot wide open at the sight before him, the huge spider bearing down on Barney. James swallowed and pulled out his wand, "Stupefy!" but all that happened was some pretty sparks flew out of his wand. James planted his feet and tried again, "Stupefy!" and this time, a lightning bolt flew out of the wand, striking the spider squarely and setting it on fire.

Barney heard the crack of the thunder as it passed him, then all was a dazzling white, and then with a suddenness everything was black. Soon he became aware of something hitting his face and raised his arms to protect himself. Everything hurt, everything was buzzing, as if it was vibrating inside his skin. His vision slowly cleared and he finally could make out the face of the boy crying above him, repeating over and over, "I'm sorry, i'm sorry."

Barney managed to put his arm on the boy's shoulder, "'s alrigh... Can you hel me back to hogwards..." His tongue felt thick, and his muscles weren't responding well. As the boy helped him up, others were coming down the path to investigate the sound and flash of the lightning strike. Many hands helped half walk - half carry Barney back to the castle.

When the two boys walked into the hospital wing, Margarita hurried out to meet them. "Oh my! What happened?"

"Lightning, though it was supposed to be stupefy on the giant spider that was attacking him, he ended up too close when the lightning hit." said James. "I didn't mean to hit him with it."

Chauncey said, "I saw it, it was so cool! Do you think you could teach me that spell? I'd love to be able to fry things like that!"

"No," Margarita said to Chauncy. "I'm surprised it worked at all. Most students have lost their magic." She walked over to an empty bed and indicated that the boys should put Barny down. She pulled out her wand and began to look him over.

"He'll be fine," she said a few minutes later. "I'll whip up a nice potion for him. He should stay here for today, but tomorrow he'll be able to go back to his dorm."

James breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm so glad, I just wanted to help him get away from the spider. but that wasn't what I cast. Why are the creatures coming out of the forest and why is everyone losing their magic? Is it going to come back? and why did my spell mess up? if is affecting the adults as well?"

"The students are losing their magic because of a curse," Margarita said. "We don't know who cast it, or why. So far, it's only affecting students." She shook her head. "There seems to be something else going on as well that's affecting the castle and its creatures. We don't know what that is, either. So you'd best stay inside where it's safe."

"But if everyone stays inside, who's gonna figure out who or what is causing this?" asked James. "Not to be rude, but the teachers have enough on their hands with the students without having 2 separate crisises on their plates. Hogwarts is at its strongest when we all work together."

"And what good would you be without your magic?" Margarita asked.

"Perhaps we should be using this as a learning opportunity" Satele commented, walking up to the group, "magic is all well and good, but perhaps we shouldn't be relying on it so heavily. We should be using it as a tool, not a walking frame" she said, holding up an Athame, "we should learn how to get by without it. I know not everyone thinks very highly of muggles, but sometimes their strange ways have their uses"

"As long as you don't take on magical creatures, that will be fine and good," Margarita replied.

"Right, there is that, but likely the cause of the curse is a wizard, and still has their magic intact. I think that the first step is to find out if any of the students haven't been affected, because if any of them aren't being affected, they are likely at fault." said James grumpily.

Chauncey piped up, "But what if it's a teacher?"

James sighed, "We'll cross that bridge if we come to it."

Margarita nodded. "Sí, we will."


Barnabus Collins, Griffindor 7th Year
James Lowell, 3rd Year Hufflepuff
Margarita Lopez, Nurse
Satele Dragomir, 4th Year Griffindor


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