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Hopes of the new moon Part 1

Posted on Saturday, 28th of January, 2017 @ 2:55pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Edited on on Saturday, 28th of January, 2017 @ 2:56pm

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?

"THis is not good." Joseph murmured to himself as his attention was caught, torn in a direction far from him but too close to be avoided.

Joseph had to pick up his strides , the tweed coat and his wool scarf would have to do as things are not going anywhere near what could be called a standard school year starting. His footfalls echo as he rushed towards the front Doors. The look of concern upon his face as he went through the group of students rather than his usually polite walking around them. It was obvious that he did not have the time to waste. The feeling of foreboding added to the danger that went through his mind as the tragic possibilities were scenarios he wished he had not thought of. The ebbing in the magic warned him of things that might come, but they just hint at the danger and more likely called to him to tend the problem.

The Magic around the School and the problems in the unsteady nature of these 'Outages' added to the effect he felt away from the school; close to the creatures in the forests with the Muggle realm not far beyond.

That is what scared him the most.

"Excuse me... Pardon me..." He gave as he weaved about with his attention somewhere outside those front doors.

"Professor Joseph?" Maxwell tried to ask as the Professor passed him quickly.

The professor did not seem to notice;his attention was not on his classroom; which lie in another direction, but out the main doors. Joseph kept moving with great haste, while not running his hurried pace is not walking at the same time.

Professor MacAulay caught up with Joseph. "What is going on?" she asked.

A lone figure watched from the rafters; in a white dress she look down at the 'Growing ones' and the Elder that seemed so content on exploring the same thing she felt; her magic was still running correctly , she could fly and remained here so she decided to keep an eye on things. Wings fluttering she took flight and out a higher window out into the courtyard and high enough not to be seen heading down the path towards the tree line from which the feeling came. She wanted to be there ahead of the people so no one might blame her for what is going on?

She was scared; the sensation of the uneasy magic further along seemed to plant her feet solidly on eh tree branch, the knowing what is happening and fear of what it meant kept her feet and body from moving. She knew the danger; the plan , and mostly she knew what had gone into it. Looking around she did not see the Evil Tiger Lily; presuming she might be arounjd looking at the handiwork of things put in motion. Tiger Lily enjoyed the hurt and misery of the Growing Ones while Lotus Blossom just wanted to peek in on them and maybe play with the Kings Fisher Bird more games of tag.

Kelly moved to the golem that guarded the entry to the headmistresses office. She took hold of the knocker ring that was strung through its nose and made it knock loudly against its lower jaw.

Rosalie pushed open the doors to her school and home. Hogworts was under her care now; once she walked through these doors and into it's hallowed halls like any other first year, all nervous and wide eyed. She smiled as she looked around the entrance hall; Eclipse snuggled in at her shoulder, the white owl hooting lightly.

"We are home, Eclipse. Nice to be back, isn't it?" The owl fluffed and 'chatted' to her. Her hair, almost the colour of a Phoenix flame flowed out from underneath her hat. Her deep blue robes were neat and warm with a deep velvety red over-cloak. Rosalie's eyes seemed like the colour of the sky, a strong and deep blue. Some would have called her 'soft' but she showed an inner strength especially when challenged. Ravenclaw had been her 'family' once now she was overseeing the whole of the Hogworts family and that now included the Faculty. It felt almost a little strange to be back in a teaching capacity to a school that she had learnt so much from. There were so many fond memories in these walls and she wanted that tradition to continue for the newer generations.

She patiently waited for a fellow professor to come past. She wanted to get started right away. The school and greater magical community was in crisis and could not stay that way much longer.

Professor Heartseed noticed the stranger at the entrance and approached, "May I help you?"

Maggie MacAulay was doing the rounds and heard people at the main door. She arrived shortly after Heartseed. As Professor HEartseed had already asked if she needed help, Maggie simply nodded.

Joseph was just brushing dust off his hands; the whole thing of adding extra sugar to the outside of pancakes was silly. He had heard of it and thought to try it out to no avail. Manual cooking was a change all right. He looked up at the comotion at the entrance. Two of Professors had found a woman at the entrance,

"Ah, good. Professors, it is nice to see you and that the school is still standing. I am Professor Rosalie Lundrago. I am to be your new Headmistress."

Maggie raised an eyebrow. "Why would the school not be standing?" she asked. Penelope had been gone for several days, but there had been no indication of a change at the school. "And we've heard no word of a new Headmistress."

"It is not just 'our little corner' that is having a headache. A good percentage of the magical community are thinking the sky will fall on their heads tomorrow if given half a chance. The panic is palpable, some normal functione are not normal any more. The fact that the school seems intact is an outsider's view of a dire situation. It is for that very reason that the news of a change in leadership had not come through yet. People have enchanted quills writing one minute and chasing them the next. As you can imagine, the ministry and Gringotts have their fair share of headaches right now. They do sincerely apologise for this." Rosalie rummaged in a satchel for a bundle of letters.

[To be continued...]


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