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Hopes of the new moon Part 2

Posted on Saturday, 28th of January, 2017 @ 3:05pm by Professor Johnathan Heartseed & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins
Edited on on Saturday, 28th of January, 2017 @ 3:06pm

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?

"It is not just 'our little corner' that is having a headache. A good percentage of the magical community are thinking the sky will fall on their heads tomorrow if given half a chance. The panic is palpable, some normal functione are not normal any more. The fact that the school seems intact is an outsider's view of a dire situation. It is for that very reason that the news of a change in leadership had not come through yet. People have enchanted quills writing one minute and chasing them the next. As you can imagine, the ministry and Gringotts have their fair share of headaches right now. They do sincerely apologise for this." Rosalie rummaged in a satchel for a bundle of letters.


"My predecessor has formally stepped down, I do not know all the details. All I have are letters from the ministry explaining the transfer. I am as in the dark as you, all I do know is it is up to us to solve this riddle." She replied, ruffling Eclipse's feathers.

"Well that solves that part of things." Joseph said with a sly smile. "I do believe that we should look at these documents and verify; No insult intended of course..." He glanced into the eyes of the woman. "Cannot be too careful these days you know?"

"Of course, if it were me I would do the same." Rosalie said with a smile as she handed over the papers. "Not much use being in my position of nobody trusts me." Amongst the papers were an official copy of Penelope's resignation; Rosalie's 'letter of offer' to take up her new position, A letter from the Minister of magic explaining the change over and reassuring the Staff it was not a hoax and that Rosalie was capable to take over, and about as much information as they could gather of what was happening outside of Hogworts. "I hope they did not leave any papers out, that would be quite embarrassing. Hopefully that explains everything for you all. I was a student here, I really do wish the best for the school and students."

Joseph glanced over all the papers, having worked in another school he knew to look more for initial wording, seals and names in what muggles refer to as a chain letter. Same formatting with names and dates filled in at time of writing.

"Looks like we have a new Headmistress." Joseph offered the papers to the other professors present.

Maggie took the papers and looked through them. This would be the fifth Headmaster at Hogwarts in her tenure. It was almost like the position was cursed. She looked through the papers, wondering why no one bothered to send an owl. Surely that form of communication still worked. Satisfied, she handed them to Professor Heartseed.

Johnathan looked over the papers for signs of forgery, but found none. In a way he was relieved, during his term as Headmaster, he'd been under too close a scrutiny to accomplish any progress on his plans, though he had to wonder why the governors were changing Headmasters more often than their underwear.

"First order of business, I would like you to gather the staff and students in the Great Hall. It is time they meet me and we get to work on fixing things around here. I know this may seem fast, but I feel time is of the essence."

"The students are in class right now," Maggie replied. "We have to keep things as normal as possible. However, it will be lunch shortly. That will be a good time for you to meet everyone."

"In the meantime, Professor MacAulay, I believe you are the Deputy for the School. Would you mind telling me just what has been going on? I know things at the Ministry and elsewhere have been a bit out of sorts."

"The school has had several magical fluctuations, similar to what is going on throughout Britain. Spells don't work for a few hours, then everything goes back to normal," Maggie said. "At the Halloween Ball, however, someone cursed the students. All those who were present have lost their magic, including the Head Girl."

Walking along the rafters of the Great Hall, Tiger Lily wanted an unobstructed view of things; that 'creature' would be about here somewhere? She knew it well as Tiger Lily kept out of sight, these little 'cursed Children' did not know what had happened. "She had to laugh to herself as it was quite funny that it had come to this. She lay down on her front; legs bent up and crossed at the ankles while she rested her head on her hands propped up by her elbows. The Professors had long wind to them and often took too long to say something simple. Her 'Master' wanted to be aware of things and Tiger Lily got the short end of the stick and has to attend this meeting of the whole place just to give her opinion to the Master.

"I could be gathering more components rather than waiting for this drivel." She said very quietly to herself.

Kairi walked in and looked around the Great Hall. Everybody was milling around and all the students were so nervous, tense or just plain upset and angry. Kairi had not had her magic all that long and yet now she felt lost and like she was not whole any more. She looked around for Robin, wondering how he was doing. Was he like her, Kairi almost felt like she was going to cry. Now all the professors had herded everyone into the hall, something must be up. May be they we going to announce that the school was going to close? It was a rumour that was starting to float about. What was the point of being at a magic school to learn if your magic was gone?

James fidgeted nervously as he wondered just what was going on, it hadnt been an hour since he was in the infirmary, and the unpredictability of magic right now was troubling to say the least.

Maxwell was playing around with the 'flash paper he had brought from from home, simple parlor tricks to muggles but where he had a slight catch was it made a flash like normal magic and he was able to ignite it and give the illusion of it. He was noticing that his magic; even the simple things were not quite as 'easy' as they had been before; not that he was that really good a WIzard since he was behind the time of learning curve compared to most students. He felt something and he turned as he touched the chain around his neck to make sure it was still there?

[To be continued...]


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