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Hopes of the New Moon Part 4

Posted on Sunday, 30th of April, 2017 @ 12:29am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Professor Rosalie Lundrago
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Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Great Hall



Fiona didn't look at Barny. Instead, she turned to Jennifer. "What's going on?"

Jen shrugged. "I don't know. Rumors say Professor Fortescue either quit or was fired. Maybe we'll find out tonight?"


The Dinner began smoothly as Rosalie walked into the Great Hall for the first time as a Professor and now Headmistress. Naturally people would look around, heads would turn and whispers would start. She came to a stop at the Staff table, in front of what she remembered as the Headmaster's chair. Her smile shone, maybe a little brighter for the crisis that they faced, her deep blue robes rolled and moved almost like deep blue waves on the sea. She cleared her throat, almost not used to this kind of 'public speaking'.

"If you would be so kind as to take your seats" The light Irish voice floated through the hall. "I believe some explanations and announcements are in order."

Rosalie waited for the rush and noise of everyone shuffling around and the movement of chairs, bench seats, and murmurs to die down.

"There we are. I know some of you would be looking around, wondering where all the familiar faces are. I am not as in the loop as what I would have hoped for, or to truly be able to answer all your questions. Sufficed to say....." Rosalie let a sigh go, this was not going to be easy. "He has moved on from this position. I do not know why, only that I am to try and fill the chair that stands behind me, and all it represents." Rosalie hoped this was going well. "My name is Professor Rosalie Lundrago, I will be the new Headmistress for the school. I have been away teaching overseas, so this is my first time back to this school in a long time. I was once like you, learning in these great walls; had the sorting hat on my head and heard it not so politely yell 'Ravenclaw'."

Rosalie left the table and came around in front of it, looking at each of the houses. "I'm sure a lot of you are scared right now, a lot of people are. Fear can be a very strong thing, but we cannae let it swallow us whole. It is what we do, despite the fear, that makes us strong, magic or no. " She walked to the head of the Slytherin table. "We all have gifts and skills that make us unique, traits that the Sortin' hat saw in us. Some that we sometimes cannae see for ourselves. Like the Slytherins here, one of their best traits is resourcefulness." She moved along to the Hufflepuff table. "Hufflepuffs, they show patience and loyalty in far greater measures that some of us could fathom." Next she moved to the Gryffindor table. "Gryffindors, far braver than I ever thought I could be, daring and chivalrous." Finally it was the Ravenclaws turn. "Last but not least, Ravenclaw. Having intelligence can be a great gift, but also a burden. Having the wit, the ability to apply it can make a magic all it's own." She came back to stand in the middle of the head table.

"What I'm tryin' to say is; though it may seem like there is not much to hope for, the light may seem at it's dimmest but we cannae waver. This school has stood strong for too long to let this seal our fate. I and all the professors will do our best to get to the bottom of this and get this school back to the way it should be. My precious students, there truly would be no school without ye, hold on. Hold that hope ever closer and embrace who ye truly are, magic or no. For it is when we know who we are that we can do wonderful and truly magical things. Now I will not keep ye from ye supper, there will be some 'housekeeping' before we all head off to bed. For now, eat up, enjoy and always feel free to ask. For if we do not ask we will never know."

Rosalie took up her seat and let everyone get to eating. "I hope that went well. Not used to speeches."

"You did fine," Maggie assured her with a smile.

"Thank ye. I'm going to be relyin' on the staff more than I usually would right now. It's not the easiest of times to be pickin' up after someone else has left. I'm plannin' on spending some time with each professor. Finding out what their passion is, what material they are currently teachin'. I don't want the classes to stop right now. I don't care if it will be all theory, those blessed children need to stay occupied."

"They definitely need something to keep busy," Maggie said. "Otherwise who knows what trouble they might get up to."

"Tis better to keep the mind on things they can control and off what they cannae control. It will not be easy, and they may get more theory than they would truly like, but I will not and cannae give up on them and leave them to wallow on what they lost. That would do way more harm than good. Muggle Studies, Herbology, Astrology; would all be perfect subjects right now."

Keisha ran in, late as usual. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed the new Professor in the Headmistress' chair. "Oh, bollocks," she muttered, then hurried to the nearest empty seat at the Hufflepuff table.

When dinner was almost over, Maggie stood. "Students, now that you've had a chance to meet Professor Lundrago and your curiosity is sated on that score, I would like to inform you all that classes will resume on a regular schedule starting tomorrow morning."

There were a number of groans and questions, which stopped when she raised her hand. "Since you can't use your wands, there will be more theory and more writing." More groans. "Until this temporary crisis has passed. So, get plenty of rest and come prepared to learn the old-fashioned way. Professors, the Headmistress would like to meet with you one hour before breakfast in her office." She sat down again, signaling that the students could leave.


Fiona MacLeod, 7th Year Ravenclaw
Jennifer Collins, 7th Year Head Girl
Rosalie Lundrago, Headmistress
Margaret MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Keisha Thomas, 2nd Year Hufflepuff


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