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Turning Things Around (part 1)

Posted on Monday, 25th of September, 2017 @ 10:46pm by Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Various
Timeline: Two days later


[LIBRARY: Special Collections]

It had been two days of classes without magic and Jennifer was thriving. Then again, she had always been one to study in the library. She knew it wouldn't be quite as easy when they got their magic back and had to perform the spells, but at least she knew how they were supposed to work.

She and Fiona spent every afternoon quizzing each other while they looked through the stacks of books in the library in the hopes that there would be something to help them get their magic back.

The professors were working on curing the curse, but they, too, had found nothing.

Keisha tried, but she wasn't doing very well. She barely passed her exams, but now that she couldn't actually TRY her magic, she was finding it harder than ever.

She walked into the library, dejected. "I'm going to be kicked out of the school," she informed Jennifer.

Jen looked up from a book she was perusing. "Why do you say that?"

"Because I can't remember anything," Keisha wailed. "I can't do the spells and I can't remember how I'm supposed to do them."

"Have you tried making a rhyme out of it?" Fiona asked.

"What do you mean?" Keesha asked, her expression hopeful.

"I mean, make a rhyme out of the spells. That'll help you remember them." Fiona pulled out a scroll. "Look at this."

Keesha walked over and read the words carefully inked on the scroll. "That's much easier. Can I borrow this?"

"As long as you copy it here in the library," Fiona said. "I need to use it, too."

Keesha nodded and carefully took the scroll to a desk to begin copying.

Keesha nodded and took the scroll to a nearby table to carefully copy it to a blank scroll.

Reg walked through the doors and into the library. He seemed different, distant almost. His mind raced with thoughts as he let go of the door behind him, allowing it to close on its own.

Quickly Rasputin slithered through, just narrowly escaping being crushed between the door and frame. "Hey. I'm ssslithering here, Reg." The snaked hissed before turning to face the pigmy puff on his back. "I got a bad feeling about thisss, Fuzzy. Reg isssn't acting like himssself. Do you think he'sss been taken over by one of thossse body sssnatchersss we sssaw on TV the lassst time we were at Jen'sss place? He hasssn't talked in a while. If he openss hisss mouth and a weird ssscreeching sssound comesss out, than run like hell." Tribble chirped in response, bouncing up and down slightly on the snakes back.

[Slytherin Common room]

Kelly say fuming, the quidditch matches had been cancelled. Not just because of the possibility that brooms might fail, but because if someone got hurt, the healing magic might just not work, or might work wrong. Quidditch was how Kelly worked off stress, and with the magic gone, she was building up a lot of stress. normally she would use magic for a lot of things, and even though she didnt harbor any ill thoughts to muggleborn, she was starting to gain a lot of respect for regular old muggles right now. She had never given a lot of thought to how the mundanes lived, but now that she was learning how much she depended on magic, it was driving the lesson that muggles had a lot of things they could do without magic, things that she had just taken for granted for way too long. She was almost to the year that they would start being able to take electives and it was looking like she would be adding Muggle studies, not just out of curiousity, but out of... expanding her perspective? She sighed and left the common room, heading towards the kitchens to rustle up a snack.

[Elsewhere in the library]

Maxwell was in the back of the Libary; he had to go more into what his father might call the thoery of Magic and how it works; maybe he could find something about why it is so haywire? SPells were not working for him as they should, slightly off but the majority of the STudent Body had to be affected by having nothing to use. Kairi was worried; that made Robin's stomach kind of tighten, he wanted her not to worry and would figure out some way to make her smile.

Something caught his eye; it was moving along the tops of the book shelves; just a slight movement that seemed there then not. Looking up for a few moments he saw it; more like her, the blonde Faye. The Fairy that had been playing with Kairi's bird, he had taken her in when the whole magic thing went south. She saw Robin and almost ducked away but met his eyes and smiled, giving a reluctant finger wave.

"Hallow Little One, see you are better?" Maxwell said slowly, noticing she was radiating her magic. "You seem really chipper as the magic is down?"

Lotus Blossom shrugged and sat on the edge making sure to have exaggerated movements to be lady like, as though she emphasized it to herself as well as Maxwell.

"You would not happen to know how you are still..." Maxwell began.

Lotus Blossom's little head snapped over to him and began frantically nodding.

"Too bad you cannot talk." Maxwell commented.

Lotus Blossom flew along the top two shelves and seemed to be looking for a certain book SHe puled at it but the volume was pressed in too tight. She turned to Maxwell and pointed at the book with a exuberant nature and nodding as though to say here you go this is the answer.

Maxwell brought out the black tome 'Curses and their nature.'

[Front steps]
Barney sat there, wallowing in the sun and thinking. While many were trying to just study the magic, or figure out a way to bring it back, Barney was sitting there and lounging, the closest to meditating as he ever really came. he wasn't planning out some major scheme to get magic back or anything like that. Instead he was pondering a life without magic. He'd always wanted to be an auror, or the American equivalent before that. Now he was imagining a future where the magic had failed completely, and his place in that. He knew that he'd have to settle for working to afford a GED, and his hopes of mundane college weren't that great. In fact, considering the differences between magical and mundane education, he was pretty sure that he'd be stuck doing manual labor, or maybe security guard work. Maybe he could work up to being an actual police officer.

His thoughts wandered to Fiona. With her bookishness, she could learn well enough to catch up, maybe even becoming a librarian somewhere, or some other job researching. He worried about her still, but whether magic came back or not, he knew he wasn't the right person for her, he still cared for her, but he knew he'd just be a weight around her neck. He'd make her worry.

(To be continued...)

Seventh Year (G) Jennifer Collins, Head Girl
Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod, Ravenclaw
Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas, Hufflepuff
Seventh Year (S) Reginald Price, Head Boy
Rasputin, Reg's pet
Third Year (S) Kelly Smyth
Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell\
Lotus Blossom, fairy
Seventh Year (G) Barny Collins


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