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Turning Things Around (part 2)

Posted on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 1:58am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Pet Rasputin & Lotus Blossom
Edited on on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 2:24am

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Tags: Rosalie, Maya, Kelly


[LIBRARY: Special Collections]

Jennifer heard Rasputin and turned to smile at him and Tribble. Her Pygmy Puff spent more time with the snake than she did with Jen, but then, Jennifer had been a bit preoccupied of late. "Hello, Rasputin," she hissed, practicing her Parceltongue. "Hi, Tribble. You look like you're having fun."

Tribble chirped happily.

"Great Parceltongue, Jen. If I didn't know any better I would ssswear you were asss ssslippery assss the ressst of usss sssnakesss." Rasputin replied with a happy tone.

"I've been working on more than that. I'll have to show you later."

Then she turned to Reg, the smile dying as she saw his face. "What's wrong?" She walked over to him and put a hand on his arm. "Reg?"

Reg's attention was still a bit focused on something else until Jen calling his name began to echo in and brought him back to what was going on. "Jen?" He said softly, looking over to Jen, than smiling. "Hi. What did I miss?"

"That's what I'd like to know," she said quietly. "You're a bit preoccupied. What's up?"

"To be honest." Reg said with a bit of a short chuckle. "I can't remember. One minute I was in my room and the next thing I know I am stepping through those doors."

Jen kissed his forehead to see if he had a fever. No, he felt fine. "Do you need to see the nurse? You've never behaved this way before."

"No." He said softly before kissing her lovingly on the lips. "I love you, Collins. You know that, right?"

She took a moment to savor the kiss. "Yes, I know that. I love you, too. So, why do you sound like something's wrong?" She hugged his arm. "Let me help."

"How do you plan on helping me with something I can't remember?" Reg replied with a smirk.

"Maybe we ssshould ssstart from your room and work our way back? Look for cluesss. Jussst like Sssherlock and Watssson. And sssince the Fuzzball isss my sssidekick, ssshe'sss Watssson." Rasputin looked to Tribble and stuck out his tongue, which wiggled quickly before it popped back into his mouth. "We found him in the hallway on his way here so we didn't get a chance to catch him in his room."

"He has a good idea," she said, smiling down at Rasputin. "You found him in the hallway? Walking or standing there? Where was he?"

Rasputin looked over to Tribble, then back to Jen and replied. "He wasss walking like he was zombiefied. I wasss gonna bite him, I wanted to bite him, but Tribble was againssst it. Ssshe made a good. I might be catch it and get zombiefied too." He looked over to Tribble and added. "Good call by the way, my old fuzzy chum." He than turned back to Jen. "Ssso we followed him here." Tribble soon chirped something, making Rasputin turn to face her and reply. "I'm going to asssk her, sssettle down." Rasputin looked back to Jen and asked. "Can you check the back of hisss neck for an 'X'. We sssaw Invasssion Of The Body Sssnatchersss the lassst time we went to your place and we've been checking for X'sss ever sssince. Ssso can you do that? We're much to low to the ground to get that high. You underssstand."

Normally, Jen would use a spell to see if she could detect any sort of magic, but she had none. "Of course." She turned Reg around and lifted the hair off the back of his neck and looked for an 'X'. "Hmm... There's something here. Let me see." She found a ticklish spot and played with it. "Nope. Not there. Let's see..." She looked around again, then kissed the back of his neck. "Nope. No 'X's' on the back of his neck."

"Thank you for checking.... and leaving that unnecesssssary image in my head." Rasputin replied before looking over Tribble. "Mark another one off the lissst, Watssson."

Tribble chirped so decisively Jen was sure she would have saluted if the little pygmy puff could. She chuckled softly at her friend.

Reg smirked slightly as he turned around to face Jen. "That wasn't necessary, but appreciated."

"Oh, trust me, it was very necessary," she told him. "I had to make sure you hadn't been taken over by the body snatchers." Her smile grew impish. "And I had to make sure you tasted good, too."

"Thank you." Reg replied with a smirk before raising a brow. "What's a body snatcher?"

"It's a movie..." She grinned. "I'll have to show it to you during the next break. You and Rasputin--although I think he's already seen it."

[Elsewhere in the library]

Kairi came in to the library, the books were a kind of solace at the moment. her hair was off to one side and it looked like she had been crying again. Maya snuggled in on her shoulder. The poor Kingfisher had been singing to her for the last few days. It was hard with the 'magic' being so funny at the moment Maya could not be heard by the Feather stone. Kairi didn't even take it out of her pocket anymore. Maya's head tilted, was it like she was scared the stone would break? Maya spotted the 'boy bird' that tended to keep Kairi company. Maya warbled away hoping to catch the attention of both Kairi and the Robin.

"Shhh, Maya. We are supposed to be quiet in here." Kairi said in a whisper. With that Maya took off and landed by Robin, hoping that would get her attention better. Kairi's eyes followed along and there was Robin with some rather big and old looking book. "Hi there, Robin. What have you got there?" Kairi took out a small handful of her Chocolate coated Sultanas.

Maxwell glanced over at Kairi and tilted his head as he scanned the introduction. "I am not sure, Lotus Blossom told me to read it, she seems to be thinking it is important?" He made eye contact with the girl and felt his throat tighten as her expression and there is something not right in her eyes. ."Is there something wrong Kairi, I mean aside from the magic thing, you do not look as pretty as is your usual, did someone hurt you?"

(To be continued...)

Jennifer Collins, Head Girl (7th Year Gryffindor)
Rasputin, Reginald's pet
Reginald Price, Head Boy (7th Year Slytherin)
Tribble, Jennifer's pet
Kairi Scorchleigh, 2nd Year Hufflepuff
Robin Maxwell, 2nd Year Gryffindor
Maya, Kairi's pet
Lotus Blossom, Fairy


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