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Arriving at Hogwarts (part 1)

Posted on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 1:37am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & First Year (R) Tobias Steel & Professor Euphemias Joseph & Professor Rosalie Lundrago

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Office of the Headmistress
Timeline: Early Evening
Tags: Maggie, Joseph


Professor Lundrago was nicely in her armchair in the Headmaster's office. It had been something handed down to every headmaster or mistress before her. It had it's charms and a lot of things had not changed, to her it felt like a piece of home and was happy to welcome her new students there.

She looked into the flames of the open fireplace, contemplating the myriad of classes she had to check in on and the upcoming Quidditch season.

Rosalie's head turned as she could hear the staircase which meant visitors of one sort or another.

"I wonder who this could be. One of my fellow staff or one of my new students could be on time." She got up and walked over to stand in front of her desk to greet whoever came through the door. Sitting on a stand next to her was the sorting hat.

"Some new transfers??"

"It can't be helped, people come and go all the time, me dear Sortin' hat"

"I can still remember being on your head, your house was very clear."

"It dinnae take ye five seconds to shout it either."

"Once I make up my mind..."

"It's made up! I know that!" Rosalie could hear the footsteps. "Come on in, it's open."

"You know that the Hat has been doing this a while." Professor Joseph said as he entered with his hands behind his back, the black slacks and tweed jacket with a scarf around his neck. "I find that having discord something that is rather an old hat of the subject is never advisable."

"There are enough things around here that could be called 'old hat' that we would fill a cloak room to capacity, Euphemias. Good to see you again and I'm glad you could give me a hand. My first time as headmistress and doing the Sortin' ceremony. I thought it wise to have someone else here so I dinnae feel alone up here."

"As proper etiquette would dictate, one should never leave a lady unattended." Joseph bowed slightly. "Though I do believe it is better that you do this than I. I have never really been one to accept the style of hats."

"What's wrong with my style?!"

"Maybe some would think ye would clash with things? I think ye have a style all your own." Roaslie replied, smiling at the old hat.

"I bet you say that to all the hats."

"Witches always look better in your style of hat, gives the witch character you might say." Joseph chuckled.

Professor MacAulay walked into the Headmaster's office and nodded to the other two. "These are strange times. First magic blackouts, then curses on students, and now students showing up in the middle of the year. They'll need tutors assigned to them just to get up to speed."

"I'm quite sure that can be arranged, between the head of house and the prefects they should be able to sort something out." Rosalie replied. "Glad ye could make it. I'm sure we are all up to our ears right now."

Kayla walked into the Headmistress' office.

Joseph was not one; outside his class of course, to be in the center of attention so as the student quietly came into the room he moved to an adjacent wall and leaned upon it while getting comfortable.

Thump Thump

A slight pounding sound begins being heard from the other side of the headmaster's door, although it does not appear to be the sound of some one knocking.

Thump Thump

The sound in the same rhythmic tone appears again though this time much louder and closer sounding. It's very apparent now it is not some one knocking but in fact something of a large size getting ever closer to the door.

Thump Thump. Thud!

Now the sound has come from just the other side of the door this time accompanied by a hard final settling sound. Then there is a long pause which seems to last forever given the hasty approach from the sounds outside the door as they drew nearer. The erie presentation from the other side of the door would almost prompt most wizards to ready their wands in case something unnatural had decided to pay them a visit this evening.

Slowly the heavy door begins to open making a very long and unnerving groaning sound as it creaks on it's ancient hinges. Then with a flash it swings open fully exposing the dimly lit corridor. The silence and stillness of the hall is then broken by an owl's screech and a students groan.

"Don't worry about helping me into this room either you ruddy bird. I'll manage just fine like the other 11 rooms we visited before this one."

A student began entering the room backward dragging behind him a very large oak steam trunk with a snowy white owl riding on top of it. He had an old broomstick slung over his back and was carrying his crumpled coat in the other hand, which at this point was acting more as a sweat rag by it's soaked appearance. With one swift motion the student hurled the trunk around into the room causing the white owl to fly up slightly, only to once again perch itself on top of the massive trunk once it settled. The student then wiped his sweat covered head one final time with his coat, thus confirming it's soaked state before chucking the coat in the direction of the owl but hitting the trunk instead.

"This better be the right place this time Skye. We're dreadfully late as it is because you just had to finish that glass of pumpkin juice you found in the mess downstairs."

The owl let out a loud screech in obvious disagreement with the young student.

"Our tardiness was not my fault because of that pretty blonde girl we saw halfway up. I found her very..... helpful that's all. She seemed very experienced and knowledgeable."

The owl let out another screech in apparent disapproval and moved over to rest upon a corner of the student's coat that lay across the trunk.

"Of course I was speaking about her mental prowess, nothing more. Get your mind out of the gutter and stuff your beak with another tart you overgrown foul-mouthed turkey."

(To be continued...)

Professor Rosalie Lundrago, Headmistress
Professor Euphemias Joseph
Professor Margaret "Maggie" MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Tobias Steele, 1st Year Ravenclaw


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