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Arriving at Hogwarts (part 2)

Posted on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 1:44am by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & First Year (R) Kayla Taaffe T & First Year (R) Tobias Steel & Professor Euphemias Joseph & Professor Rosalie Lundrago
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Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Headmistress' Office



"Of course I was speaking about her mental prowess, nothing more. Get your mind out of the gutter and stuff your beak with another tart you overgrown foul-mouthed turkey."


Skye then began running her claws over and into Tobias' coat, she was sitting on all the while screeching and flapping up a storm. With feathers flying into the air Tobias moved over to try and calm the bird.

"Ok relax you raving twit! You're ruining my best coat. I didn't mean what I said. You know I don't think you're fat. Even if lugging you on top of the trunk up the stairs did seem a bit more cumbersome then usual."

The bird pecked and picked at the coat. Tobias grabbed her up by the sides and quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out some sunflower seeds. After petting Skye a few times to calm her he sat the bird down with the seeds on the trunk.

On a perch by the desk of the Headmaster sat a beautiful Snowy owl. It came flying over to Professor Lundrago and seemed to nestle in at her shoulder. There were some short calls almost like chatter.

"Why yes Eclipse, our other student has arrived. Don't get too bogged down with the baggage Laddie. There are others that will tend to that. Your owl will be able to make it's home in the Owlery where I'm sure Skye will be comfortable and well fed. I am Professor Lundrago, Headmistress of the school and this is Eclipse. If you step up here we can sort you and Miss Taaffe into your house.

"Your house in Hogwarts functions a bit like a family. You live with them, take classes with them and the houses compete against each other for the house cup." Rosalie began. "As transfers, I'm sure this is not unfamiliar to ye. There are four houses in this school and before you ask how you would choose between them when you are coming in like this, I will show ye something." The headmistress moved over to pick up a rather dusty and old, slightly bent looking hat.

"This is the Sortin' Hat." Her light Irish drawl coming through. "This magically enchanted hat has been helping us to make the house placement decisions for a long time now. It looks at your own special traits and then places you where you would fit the best."

She used her wand to bring over a crystal ball and it lit up with an image of each of the house emblems one at a time. "Gryffindors are a very brave lot and chivalrous too. The Hufflepuffs are patient and loyal to a fault. Slytherins are cunning, resourceful but can also be a little mean. Last but not least is my old house of Ravenclaw, they are wondrous and intellect can be one of their finest traits. Smart and always trying to think and plan ahead. Which one you will be in depends on the traits the hat sees as your best or most used."

She stepped over to both children as the ball behind them grew dim. "So, who would like to go first? if I don't get ay volunteers I will go alphabetically."

"Wise men say... only fools rush in..." Joseph mused as he lean against the wall with his arms casually crossed and a grin upon his face, quite proud of his reference.

"The resident songman over there is our Muggle Studies Professor, Euphemias Joseph." She flashed him a wry smile. "He has a habit of finding things we dunnae expect."

Professor Joseph bowed slightly.

Tobias nodded at the headmistress, "Pleasure Professor." He then turned in the direction of Euphemias, "Likewise Professor."

Tobias then pulled his wand out from his pocket and pointed it at his head. Wincing he said, "Abra Kadabra uh Dryus Maximus." Of course nothing happened. Tobias frowned. "I don't suppose the Sorting Hat is bothered or interfered with by sweat soaked heads is he, she, uh, it?"

"Should it not be the other way around Lad" Joseeph asked. "But never fear it is a one time wearing so I do not think it will be of note about any 'nervousness' the studentr may; or may not, have at the time." He assured. "Don the cap and meet your fate."

"We can always dry you up," Maggie said kindly, waving her wand to dry Tobias' hair.

Kayla was wondering why the hat was on the wrong way. No need to be nervous... She was prepared to meet her fate.

"All right then, it's settled. Master Tobias, you're first." Rosalie took a couple of steps forward with the hat, placing it down and giving it a turn so it faced her and waited.

"Hmm.... little bit of a temper... quite the intellect and curious......This one is....a Ravenclaw!" The hat declared, wriggling a little as it worked.

Rosalie gently removed the old hat. "Thank ye, me old friend." The hat gave a kind of small smile.

"Ravenclaw is a fine house, for one of wit and intellect ye will fit in just fine. Now, Miss Kayla's turn."

Kayla stood and waited for the hat to be placed on her head. She was hoping for Hufflepuff.

Rosalie moved over to stand in front of Kayla. "No need to be nervous lass."

Kayla stood up to the hat stool, shaking.

"I don't bite" The sorting hat almost grumbled. "They always seem a bit panicked when they see me."

She tiptoed up to the stool.

"The sortin' is somethin' most are very unsure about. Ti's okay."

Rosalie placed the hat on Kayla's head and waited for the hat to do it's work.

She tremored more.

"Soft one this one, sensitive like a Huffle... very bright too....tough choice.... Still.... Ah I see..... this one ....will be .... A Ravenclaw!" The hat seemed rather happy with it's choice. Almost like it actually liked the challenge.

Kayla jumped off the stool and almost stumbled. Ravenclaw? She patted the hat gently and whispered, "Thank you good Hat." She was excited for magic. Let the magic begin!

"You're welcome, Soft little Kayla." The hat, almost whispered.

Kayla was so pleaseed. Her grandmother and mother and father were Ravies. Now she was one.

Rosalie took the hat back. "Thank ye."

"She's a soft one, caring but very bright. He knows he's bright, both will be ones to watch."

"I will remember that, thank ye me dear hat, go and have a good rest." Rosalie popped the hat back up on the shelf by the desk.

"Sleep sounds good" muttered that hat as he settled down.

"So, Ravenclaw has two new students to call it's own. I was in the same house when I was a wee girl. You will find there will be others just as curious and hungry to learn as you are. Study well, do yourselves proud and I'm sure you will do Ravenclaw proud as well. If ye both have not eaten yet I'm sure we can sort somethin' out. Other than that, it's off to Ravenclaw Tower with ye both. The Prefects of the house will meet ye both out by the Great Hall and will see ye the rest of the way. Do ye have any questions before ye leave?"

(To be continued...)

Professor Rosalie Lundrago, Headmistress
Professor Euphemias Joseph
Professor Margaret "Maggie" MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Tobias Steele, 1st Year Ravenclaw
Kayla Taffee, 1st Year Ravenclaw


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