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Arriving at Hogwarts (part 3)

Posted on Monday, 4th of December, 2017 @ 5:26pm by Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & First Year (R) Kayla Taaffe T & Professor Rosalie Lundrago

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
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"So, Ravenclaw has two new students to call it's own. I was in the same house when I was a wee girl. You will find there will be others just as curious and hungry to learn as you are. Study well, do yourselves proud and I'm sure you will do Ravenclaw proud as well. If ye both have not eaten yet I'm sure we can sort somethin' out. Other than that, it's off to Ravenclaw Tower with ye both. The Prefects of the house will meet ye both out by the Great Hall and will see ye the rest of the way. Do ye have any questions before ye leave?"


"I do Professor," Tobias chirped up as the hat sorting concluded. "I don't suppose the hat's ever wrong? What I mean to say is, both my older brother and my grandfather were sorted into Gryffindor. I just assumed I would be too." He pouted a little after he posed his question.

"That is a reasonable question, Tobias. As I mentioned the Sortin' hat has a habit of goin' by the traits of a person. True, some families seem to always get sorted into the same house..."

"Weasley.... ANOTHER Weasley...." The sorting hat muttered away in it's sleep.

"Aye; there is a fine example, but it is only because those family members exhibited enough of the same traits they were placed in the same house. " Eclipse ruffled her feathers for a moment and so Rosalie paused to let the owl settle.

"That is why the hat goes by the person as we are all unique. In me own family tree we may all be Lundragos but we are all very different. My mother was a Ravenclaw but my father was A Hufflepuff. My sister was a Hufflepuff and my brother was a Gryffindor. On both sides of me Grandparents there was a Slytherin, believe it or not! So, ye see. Because there is variety in people there will be variety in a family too. Not every member of a family needs to be in the same house or blaze the same trail. " Rosalie took a step closer and came a bit more down to Tobias' level.

"I'm sure the hat chose well for ye. I can see ye are very bright and I can see the Chivalry that is in the Gryffindors as well. The hat chose what was the strongest for ye. Sometimes brain wins out over brawn. Sometimes it needs to. I hope that helps ye." Rosalie smiled, hoping to reassure her new student.

Tobias wiped a few beads of sweat from his brow and looked up at the headmistress, "Yeah I suppose it'll be fine." A big smile then broke across his face. "I'm sure the girls are just as pretty in blue too and now I'll get to beat my brother on the Quidditch pitch as opposed to handing him water from the bench."

"That's the spirit Tobias. I am sure you will get your chance with that attitude." Rosalie replied and stood up moving back over to the desk and the other professors.

"Before you both get too close to the door." Joseph pushed off the wall. "Remember one thing about the perfecting of your magic." He looked at them both before speaking again. "As the Muggles say' perfection is a road not a destination. Something to always strive for." He nod to them.

"All right, with that pearl of wisdom, ye both are dismissed to meet up with the Ravenclaw Prefects outside the great hall. May ye studies be fruitful and may ye always have fun. Off ye pop." Rosalie said with a smile, using her hands to almost shoo them out the door.

"One thing first," Maggie said. "There's no need to haul your luggage to Ravenclaw Tower." She waved her wand and both students' luggage disappeared. "You'll find it in the Ravenclaw common room. May I also extend my welcome to both of you. I am sure you'll enjoy your time at Hogwarts."

Tobias held his arm out for Skye to fly onto as he watched with amazement as his trunk flew off to it's destination. He turned back to the headmistress and bowed his head slightly, "Thanks. That spell certainly would have came in handy on my way up here."

He turned to make his way towards the door to leave. Pausing for a moment he looked back at the Professors in the room being sure to make eye contact with each one of them and said, "Thank you everyone. I look forward to my time here."

It was easy with all the business, sorting and new information that he had to take in but just as he was about to go he finally noticed the young lady that was sorted with him. He looked at her and gave Kayla a small warm smile, "Ravenclaw too right? I'm sure I'll be seeing you around then." Tobias left through the door and made his way back down the tower. In the hall, though Skye let out a small screech. "I wasn't making eyes at her bird, I was simply saying hello. I swear sometimes you remind me of my mother with how overprotective you are." Skye clamped down on his arm. "Claws!" he shrieked.

Kayla looked at Tobias. "Yes. Ravenclaw."


Inside the Headmaster's office, Maggie watched the two students depart and turned to the others. "Perhaps this is is a portent of good things to come."

"Aye, let's hope it is a sign of good things t'e come. I am grateful that the school has been in such great hands till I came along. I don't want to be known as the Headmistress who was the end of Hogwarts." Rosalie blushed a little. "I doubt it will happen but everybody secretly has that fear of failure when they take up a new post. I do intend to get to know all of the professors as best as I can. I will be relyin' upon all of ye after all."

Maggie nodded. "If you will excuse me, I have work to do. In spite of the curse, we are still holding classes."

"Aye, that we are. It was good of ye to come by, Maggie. Remind me late that we need to sit down and have ye catch me up on things around here. Been that far out of the loop I feel half in orbit." Rosalie replied. "I really should have a catch up with both of ye about your class and how the students are farin'."

"The most pressing matter right now is that someone has cursed the students and they've lost their magic. Except for three. We're trying to discover why they were overlooked."

"Curses can be funny things, sometimes objects are involved sometimes it's simply a spell that's gotten out of hand. Maybe they were overlooked, maybe they were missed somehow? I think I need to speak te each of the professors and maybe meet these three 'untouched' students. It might give us a startin' point. Thought at least. How about we hop to it after breakfast tomorrow, so long as it doesn't affect ye teachin' schedule?"

"All right," Maggie said.

"Professor Joseph, would you be able to stay for a moment? It would be nice to check in, Muggle Studies has always had me curious." Rosalie asked.

To Kayla, curses were crazy things... maybe would make for a good story... but what was a story?? Kayla wanted to join in the talking... she was one inquisitive Ravie... so she asked Maggie and Joseph if she could be of any help... for certain, she was very curious...

Maggie smiled at Kayla. "As a new student who is still in her first year, you do not know enough magic to do much with the curse itself. However, we can always use information. Talk to your Prefect or Head of House to see if they have anything specific you can do."

Kayla was very disappointed with what Maggie said. Maggie wasn't aware that she was capable of Dark magic... she was ambitious. Did she need to poison her??
Joseph noted the change in her expression; the young girl obviously did not like the answer from the Headmistress.

"A muggle once posed me a question, 'why do children suppose they know more than the adults?" He made eye contact with her. "I have seen that sparkle in a young Girl's eyes before, it might be best to contain it as there, it is unwise to tip the vessel of knowledge..."

Hmm... maybe the poison wasn't a good idea... okay maybe she was an insufferable know-it-all. But maybe it was for the best... maybe she needed more experience...

Joseph gave a friendly grin and leaned against the wall.

Kayla was ready to learn magic... maybe a little Dark magic... she wanted to be an Auror after all... saving people was what she liked.

MacAulay watched the exchange between the Professor and the new student with interest. This was definitely another child to keep an eye on. She bowed to the group and left to go teach her next class.

Kayla wondered what Professor Macaulay was looking at. She was a trouble indeed but didn't see a problem in the matter. Why did she leave then??

"Professors have their own work to do, preparation can be key. As it can be for you. Off to ye dorm now, unless you have anythin' left to ask of us? Just don't let curiosty keep ye from ye sleep. You'll be needin' it." Rosalie said to her young student.

Kayla turned red with rage. "Yeah and so is patience!!" She ran off with the other Ravenclaws and settled into her four-poster. She quickly fell asleep moderately quick. Then she felt a light shake.


Professor Rosalie Lundrago, Headmistress
Professor Euphemias Joseph
Professor Margaret "Maggie" MacAulay, Deputy Headmistress
Tobias Steele, 1st Year Ravenclaw
Kayla Taffee, 1st Year Ravenclaw


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