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Turning Things Around (part 3)

Posted on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 2:07am by Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell & Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh
Edited on on Wednesday, 29th of November, 2017 @ 2:21am

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?



Maxwell glanced over at Kairi and tilted his head as he scanned the introduction. "I am not sure, Lotus Blossom told me to read it, she seems to be thinking it is important?" He made eye contact with the girl and felt his throat tighten as her expression and there is something not right in her eyes. ."Is there something wrong Kairi, I mean aside from the magic thing, you do not look as pretty as is your usual, did someone hurt you?"


Maya hopped over and started tugging at the pocket that held the Feather Stone. Kairi half heartedly shooed him away. "Not much, thanks for asking though Robin." Her tone said more than what her words did. "So far this year has not been my lucky year. I miss not being able to talk to Maya and that whole 'magic on the blink' is just starting to get depressing."

Lotus Blossom was suddenly hovering just out of reach of Kairi; wringing her hands as she looked at the chocolates.

Kairi reached into her enchanted bag, straight to the sweets pocket. She placed a small pile of chocolate drops on the table, well within reach of the sweet fairy. "Go for it, Lotus. Rude not to share." Kairi said with a small sigh, making sure the chocolate coated Sultanas were within reach of Maya and Robin.

Lotus Blossom all but dove towards her portion of the Chocolate and started scooping it up for her to devour and flew up to the top of the Book Shelves where few could take them from her.

"I would thank you but I must decline." He said with respect. "I cannot afford to get my hands anything but ready to read this tome." He blushed. "Sorry but this book is about curses and how they work." Maxwell explained. "There has to be some reason why the magic is failing and if it is a curse ..." Maxwell looked to Kairi. "How would Lotus know?"

"Who knows what could be in that little chocolate loving head? She seems so harmless." Kairi replied.

"I wonder about that harmless if she knows about a tome of curses?" Maxwell shrugged. "That is; of course, supposing this book has any good knowledge in it that is relevant to this mess?"

"Everyone had been saying that the students have been cursed, something tells me that there could be something in there. As to it being helpful, that is the tricky part. She has been nice so far, why turn bad now? Maybe we should trust her and see what we can find in here?" Kairi replied, toying around with a small chocolate sultana, contemplating whether to eat it or not.

Keesha was wandering through the library and overheard some of the conversation. "Why are you messing with a book of curses? Wouldn't that just cause more trouble?" Kairi and Robin were far too young to be messing around with curses. "And why haven't you asked one of the older students about it first?"

Having made more than her share of mistakes, she knew the value of asking advice and help of an older student. "They might actually know how to help you without causing more trouble by adding another curse to the ones we're already dealing with."

Kairi just about jumped. "A friend gave us a pointer to this book, I guess they know something we don't. If I remember right a lot of curses have counter curses. Maybe if we could figure out just what has been done to us we can show the professors and they can undo it? it's not like we were really about to try this ourselves, that would be silly. Right, Robin?"

Robin took a slip of paper from the book that had sat like a book mark and held it up. Not with this Protection spell I learned." SHowing the Japnese spell Tomb. "My Master said if I were to be around the Crazy Western Wizards I should have this tomb mastered for my own safety." Then he placed it back on the book.

"Do you honestly think if it was this easy the Professors wouldn't have figured it out by now?" Keesha asked. "And last I checked, the counter curses aren't always in the same book as the curses." She shrugged. If nothing else, they were going to outdo her in the bad decision department.

"At least we are trying? The professors are probably going crazy and worried about all of us. I haven't even wanted to tell my Aunt what has been going on because she would worry like crazy." Kairi slumped back in the chair, patting at the feathers on her Kingfisher. "At least it's better than waiting or moping around." Kairi replied, trying to hide the tears that were forming.

"It was worth trying to find something close if not the curse characteristics, maybe show that to the Professors and it might be a quicker path to resolution?" Maxwell said calmly. "Besides, what else can we really do other than try to study with everyone else being magicless someone needs to be at least making an attempt as helping." He shook his head. "So maybe I am using Muggle style thinking, but are not the students all Muggle like in that respect at the moment? But you are right, the spell will likely be elsewhere if anywhere." He sighed. "I was just trying to help, Kairi and I were just trying to help." He said as he stood with his Santra spell in hand.

"All any of us want is for this to be over, so what if we just do research. It's at least something." Kairi tried to hide the tears, she didn't want to be seen crying in front of Robin or a higher year. Maya started warbling, trying to cheer her up. He jumped over and did a small warble in front of Robin as well, before tugging at his sleeve in Kairi's direction. A small unspoken way of hopefully getting his attention.

"Is there something you want.. cracker or something?" Robin asked as he had no idea what that bird wanted. He glanced over to Kairi. "Does your friend do this often?" He asked the girl.

Maya tugged a little harder at the sleeve before warbling in a way that almost seemed like it was frustration. Maya turned around , and pecked at Kairi's hair. With enough of a tug she got Kairi's attention and was almost shooed away for the trouble, with that Kairi put the hair behind her ear and the fact that all the chatter and accusations had her rather upset was evident for most people. Tears brimmed at her eyes and were leaving trails down her cheesk.

(To be continued...)

Robin Maxwell, 2nd Year Gryffindor
Kairi Scorchleigh, 2nd Year Hufflepuff
Maya, Kairi's pet
Lotus Blossom, Fairy
Keesha Thomas, 3rd Year Hufflepuff


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