Turning Things Around (part 4)

Posted on Monday, 4th of December, 2017 @ 5:49pm by Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & First Year (R) Kayla Taaffe T

Mission: POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?
Location: Hogwarts Library



Maya tugged a little harder at the sleeve before warbling in a way that almost seemed like it was frustration. Maya turned around , and pecked at Kairi's hair. With enough of a tug she got Kairi's attention and was almost shooed away for the trouble, with that Kairi put the hair behind her ear and the fact that all the chatter and accusations had her rather upset was evident for most people. Tears brimmed at her eyes and were leaving trails down her cheesk.


"Maya, not the hair... that's like pulling feathers! Oh what's the use, I need my stone to work to be able to talk to you anyway!" The tears started to fall a little faster.

"The problem I see is that you two are trying to help, the Prefects are trying to help, the Professors are trying to help, but nobody is working together." Keesha shrugged. "But I'm just a third-year. Most of my spells fail the first time." With that, she turned and headed back to her common room to study. All she could do was pass on information. If they didn't wnat to listen, that was up to them.

"I couldn'ae help but hear a bit of commotion in here." Rosalie began. "Miss Keesha, ye do have a point, it is far better to work together, but I do believe that Miss Scorchleigh and Mister Maxwell here have their hearts in the right place. To do nothin' is in fact to do less than nothin'. If they were readin' up and were plannin' on reportin' to the staff and leavin' it to us then, that is all well and good."

Rosalie looked to the sweet second year with one Kingfisher that seemed to be rather upset. Being a Second year it was hard to just get used to things and have them taken away.

"Why so sad young one? Your Kingfisher here seems rather worried about ye."

"Why stone could help me understand Maya but with this curse and the magic on the blink I can't use my stone or else I might break it."

"I doubt that will be the case, may I see this stone of yours?"

Kairi rummaged around and pulled out a smooth river stone, that appeared to have a feather carved into it.

"Ah, a feather stone! These are quite special and rather lucky. You are lucky to have one."

Maya saw the teacher with a funny accent had the stone and flew over to her, maybe Maya could be heard this way. He warbled away in the teacher's ear, hoping she would understand.

"Well, hi there. I see, Maya is it? " Rosalie paid close attention as though it was another student talking to her and not a bird through a stone. "Kairi's upset, well I have no doubt of that. So why look at this book? A friend pointed it out? Really? Anythin' else I should know? Bad things started after the dance when Kairi was a fairy, and after having her feathers turned to all the colours of the Rainbow."

"Someone put colour change ink on my hairbrush." Kairi replied, almost absent mindedly.

"Now that is just cruel to do to a Second year." Rosalie commented. How did ye fix it""

"A higher year from another house helped me out."

"Well, bless her then. If ye could write the name down I can pop a couple of points discreetly on her house. A private thank ye if ye will."

Kairi pulled out a quill and small square of parchment and began to write the name down.

"So, just what have ye found so far? The fact that there are some students that are untouched by this seems a bit funny. Maybe we can work backwards and figure this out if we just knew who and why? Happy to help me get to the bottom of this, are ye?"

Knowing that he still had some control Maxwell nod rather than said anything.

"Tryin' to look up the curse characteristics? Well, that is a very logical place to start." Rosalie perched on the side of the table and looked to the tome. "I truly do want to see me students get back what is rightfully theirs. All those involved will get the appropriate credit, I could use the help, from ye both and any of the others too. I wasn'ae here when it all happened so I will need a hand in gettin' up t'e speed." Rosalie scratched at her head for a moment.

"As far as I can tell the brownouts were already happening and then all of the students who attended the dance lost their magic, but not every one of the students has. For this curse to affect them all there has to be somethin' in common, somethin' to bind them and then curse them. Curses have used objects or pieces of people for a long time. Rightg down to a piece of their own soul. I doubt this is quite that bad, but maybe somethin' that belongs to each of the cursed students is what binds them in this. Mister Maxwell, could ye look up 'binding' curses in that book for me? I have this funny feeling ...and I just want to be correct before we go jumping the gun."

The curse was definitely something worry about. She continued studying. It was nothing. She sat down beside Kairi and Maya.

Kayla walked over to Kairi and Maya. "Do you mind if I sit here and study??" And then it all went silent.

Kelly wandered in, she was tired of this no magic garbage. It levelled the playing field way too much, especially with her just being a 3rd year and just coming into her own physically. She carried her beater on her back, glaring at anyone who dared to look questioningly at its presence. She spotted the few students huddled together and wandered over to join them. a quick glance showed they were researching curses from the books they were looking at. "Double duty" she thought to herself, I can try to find a way out of the current predicament as well as learn a few things that would be useful later. Then a thought struck her. "It didn't start with us losing our magic, it started with the weaning and waning of the magic unpredictably. Did anyone think of talking to Professor Binns to see if the weaning and waning of Magic has happened before? It might be that when the magic comes back, so will ours."

Kayla walked over to Kelly and introduced herself. Kelly?? A Chaser?? Kayla loved Quidditch!! She gathered with the others to do her homework. Professor Cuthbert Binns?? "Hey Kelly, why wouuld you talk to a ghost??"

"Because, Miss Taaffe; those ghosts have been around for a lot longer than you or I. they have seen much in their lives and in this castle. I hadn't exactly consulted them yet, but I will pop it on the to-do list. From what I have heard so far, this 'brownout' started before the students' unfortunate situation. I think they are related but not directly. I don't think one has caused the other, maybe more like someone has taken advantage of the situation." Professor Lundrago replied. "but I will be lookin' at all options in trying to resolve this."

Then ghosts must be old! Binns was the history professor, Kayla's favorite subject!! She was excited to see what Kelly was gonna ask Binns. What would he say? Now was the waiting game...


Maya, Kairi's pet
Kairi Scorchley, 2nd Year, Hufflepuff
Keesha Thompson, 3rd Year Hufflepuff
Rosalie Lundrago, Headmistress
Robin Maxwell, Second Year Gryffindor
Kelly Smythe, Third Year Slytherin
Kayla Taaffe, First Year Ravenclaw